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November Favorites and Shit that Sucked 2016

My list of favorites is pretty small this month as I got more new things closer to the end. Besides that, how can it be a favorite if we change it every month? Perhaps I should start calling this my most used products of the month? Either way I only have a hand full, and… Continue reading November Favorites and Shit that Sucked 2016

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Sephora VIB Haul

This is just going to be a quick post on the items I picked up during the Sephora VIB saw, as well as my first impressions. I will do full review for some of the individual products once I’ve tried them out a bit more. It seems like when it comes to these sales people… Continue reading Sephora VIB Haul


Where I’ve Been

Yes I know, I disappeared. I haven’t been around for what? A number of months now. So before I dive right back into the world of makeup I figured I owed a bit of an explanation.  Life got crazy. Too crazy I suppose. I was working 5 days a week (a normal amount for sure)… Continue reading Where I’ve Been


March 2016 Favorites & Shit That Sucked

I have lots of makeup favorites over here this month, as I spent a little more than I should have at the end of February. I’m thinking about going on a no-buy until May when S and I are both working again but we all know that’s unlikely to happen! For now though let’s talk… Continue reading March 2016 Favorites & Shit That Sucked



No this is not a Bowie memorial article, though his passing is sad. I’m just going to toss this out there right now. What this is though is just a little update on this blog and where I’m thinking about going with it. When I started this it was all about trying to conceive after… Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes

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A Little More Than a Month

Somehow our baby has been sleeping long enough for me to get a quick post in. They are few and far between these days but we are starting to get on a semi-routine so I should be able to start getting more posts in, though they may come a bit late at night. I had… Continue reading A Little More Than a Month

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A Semi-Quick Update

Just a quick update. I had another ultra sound on Wednesday because they decided they did want me to come in earlier than the one scheduled for the 21st, and there are still no changes.  I’m still measuring right around 2cm. While 2cm isn’t good, the fact that things haven’t gotten worse are great! That… Continue reading A Semi-Quick Update