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An Unexpected Surprise

The one thing I’ve been waiting for since I started this blog was for my BFP. I thought there was no way this was the month. We BDed 4 days before I ovulated and two days after. Not prime by any means. Fertility Friend gave me a score of “low”. I’ve been very positive, my… Continue reading An Unexpected Surprise

Trying to Conceive

Just Another Day

I am 7DPO today and really have nothing exciting to note. I’m not symptom spotting for the first time since beginning this journey, but then again I also am pretty sure my likelihood of actually having conceived is pretty low. I’m assuming that is why the symptom spotting is null. However I have obsessively been… Continue reading Just Another Day

Trying to Conceive

Some Days Are Darker

It is O day! Besides that I can’t say there is much to catch up on. I’m just crossing my fingers that the BDing we did over the weekend on our mini-vacation is enough and that he isn’t too tired tonight. I can’t say I’m too worried about it though. I’m still feeling pretty positive… Continue reading Some Days Are Darker

Trying to Conceive

Some Days Are Brighter Than Others

I’m not sure what my deal is but I’m not as crazy about trying to conceive this cycle. I’m not saying I don’t want to conceive, I very much do, I just seem to be less crazy about it this cycle. For example, I’m not obsessing about temping like I usually do. I’ve been doing… Continue reading Some Days Are Brighter Than Others

Trying to Conceive

New Cycles, Election Night, and Keeping My Eggs From Getting Drunk

AF showed up on Sunday, which wasn’t too much of a surprise.¬† It is nice to reset after that crazy cycle and now I have an idea of when I ovulated, CD13. Just like TCOYF said. I guess I should have just listened to them. I’m actually not down about this at all, which is… Continue reading New Cycles, Election Night, and Keeping My Eggs From Getting Drunk

Trying to Conceive

The Wonky Cycle

My cycle continues to be crazy. Fertility Friend never gave me an O date so I hopped on over¬† to the charting group on BabyCenter and those lovely ladies told me CD14. I still think it may be CD13 but close enough right? I manually overrode my chart yesterday so I am now at 10… Continue reading The Wonky Cycle

Trying to Conceive

I’m Irrational

I guess this wedding is keeping me busier than I thought it would. I don’t have much to update on except that my cycle is still crazy. The craziest it has ever been. My chart on TCYOYF is saying I Oed on day 13, my chart on FF isn’t giving me anything but when I… Continue reading I’m Irrational