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Christmas in Connecticut and Some Thoughts on 2015

How crazy is it that a whole year has gone by? I feel like just yesterday it was November 2014 and I was finding out I was pregnant again, now I have a chunky little 5 (almost) month old!  Like I mentioned before we went down to Connecticut for two weeks to visit S’s family.… Continue reading Christmas in Connecticut and Some Thoughts on 2015

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Giggles and Teeth

We’re meeting even more milestones over here! Good ones like rolling and ones that may not be considered bad but definitely aren’t fun, like teething. We have a child who hates tummy time. Do any babies like it or is that just a lie put it there into the world like “you’ll be able to… Continue reading Giggles and Teeth

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3 Months and Some Days

Well here we are at 3 months! There have been some great moments and some bumps. Hopefully though we’ve crossed the biggest bump for now. Baby Butt has always been on the smaller side with his weight but he’s fairly long. So when he wasn’t gaining weight super fast we thought it was because every… Continue reading 3 Months and Some Days

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Leaps and Bounds

I know I promised more updates but mom life is crazy; and I’m not even back to work yet! We’ve come to a point where Baby Butt can entertain himself for small amounts of time so I should be able to post more. I really don’t have an excuse for the last two weeks except… Continue reading Leaps and Bounds

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A Little More Than a Month

Somehow our baby has been sleeping long enough for me to get a quick post in. They are few and far between these days but we are starting to get on a semi-routine so I should be able to start getting more posts in, though they may come a bit late at night. I had… Continue reading A Little More Than a Month

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A Watched Boob Wont Boil

My baby is 3 weeks old today! I’ve been so busy with all the new mom stuff that I can’t seem to find time for myself, let alone this blog. I have a few quick updates though that I’m hoping I can get in while he naps. Breastfeeding I hate breastfeeding and love it both… Continue reading A Watched Boob Wont Boil

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Our New Arrival!

Baby Micah is here! Our little rainbow baby decided to join us early Sunday morning, and mom has been tired every since. No seriously, I think today is the first day I’ve actually felt refreshed but the baby has slept a lot today which means he will probably be up in the next 40 minutes… Continue reading Our New Arrival!