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November Favorites and Shit that Sucked 2016

My list of favorites is pretty small this month as I got more new things closer to the end. Besides that, how can it be a favorite if we change it every month? Perhaps I should start calling this my most used products of the month? Either way I only have a hand full, and I don’t have any products that sucked. Though I’ve tried a few things recently that may end up on my December shit list. We’ll see. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and I still have all December to that. For now though let’s jump into November! 

Wet ‘N’ Wild Highlighter in Precious Petals

Back in the spring Wet ‘N’ Wild came out with two new limited edition highlighters, Crown of my Canopy and Precious Petals. Everyone knows this though, it’s old news. Back then I was able to score Crown of My Canopy but it was really too dark for my skin tone. I actually rarely reach for it. Of course this was disappointing but what can you do? Then in the fall they announced they were going to make these permanent and at the same time they released the limited edition Holly Goldhead highlighter. So I ran to their website and picked up both that and Precious Petals as fast as I could. I’ve been using it ever since.

The goldbar highlight is amazing too, but for some reason I reach for Precious Petals far more often. It isn’t necessarily lighter but it has a slightly less yellow tone to it that I think works better for me. For a drugstore highlight I am really amazed at what Wet ‘N’ Wild has done. They’ve set a pretty high standard for anyone who may try to compete, especially given the low price point. 

These highlights do kick up, so beware of that. Also the first few times I used them I had a hard time picking up product but once I got through that top layer things were pretty smooth sailing. It packs an intense punch, and is not just your everyday “glow from within” highlight. It is not going to be for someone who likes a more natural look, but if you love an in your face highlighter this will do it! 

Wet ‘N’ Wild Highlight in Precious Petals
Precious Petals without flash on the left and with flash on the right

Precious Petals swatch: top without flash and bottom with flash

Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Double Tap

 I love Colourpop. It’s no surprise at this point. They’ve definitely had some misses (dry eyeliner pots, hard to blend contour sticks) but overall I find their quality to be good, especially for their price range. I love the Ultra Satin Lips. They are so comfortable and long wearing. I get a good 8 hours out of them, though the middle parts of my lips will wear when eating. Honestly, I haven’t found a single lipstick that stays on when you are eating though. If they exist please point me to them! I’ve also been ok the search for a good peachy nude. I love Jeffrey Stars Nude Beach, but I don’t love the formula. I think I would love Kylie’s Dirty Peach but I can’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger on it for some reason. So when Colourpop released some lipsticks in the Peach range I jumped on board. 

Double Tap is a bit more pink than what I’m looking for, though you can see in the swatches without flash it does have a slight orange hue to it. I find in natural light it’s a bit of a cross between the two swatches, not quite as pink but with a bit warmer, orange hue, just not as much as the swatch with no flash. I’ll try to get a picture to share soon. 

When I wear the shade there l is something about it that just completes whatever makeup I have going on. I’ve worn it non-stop since I got it and every time but once my boyfriend has complimented my makeup. It does pool a bit on the edges like all light shades do on me, and it sinks into lines on my lips. However, I’ve just come to terms with the fact that unless I get lip fillers, which I don’t have the desire nor the money for, that’s going to keep happening. So sorry but not sorry about the swatches with my everyday person lips that happen to have some flaws. Other than that though this lipstick could be a contender in my holly grail list, especially considering a shade like this will look nice no matter the season. 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lupstick in Double Tap
Double Tap swatch: Top without flash and bottom with flash
Double Tap lip swatch: top without flash and bottom with flash
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I know, I’m late to the party but I finally picked up some micellar water and I love it! I also had to go big and go with the one that would remove waterproof makeup, not just standard makeup. This takes my makeup off like nothing I’ve ever used! Even better than that though, it doesn’t dry my skin out. When I first put it on I was hesitant. My initial thought was “fuck no to their ‘this won’t leave an oily residue’ I can feel my skin crawling with oil!” Low and behold a minute or two later it sunk in and it was definitely not greasy! I was impressed and took back my initial blasphemous thoughts.

It’s very easy on my sensitive skin and hasn’t caused any breakouts. I would actually go a step further and say it’s done some wonders for my dry skin! I haven’t changed up my routine and my skin has been much more radiant the last couple of weeks. To be fair, it could just be pregnancy hormones ramping up asI get  closer to my due date, but until I know for sure I’m going to give credit to the micellar water. 

Garnier Micellar Water for Waterproof makeup
Tressemme Reverse System Beauty-Full Volume

I received a sample of this shampoo and conditioner in an Influenster Voxbox a few months ago and loved it so much I went out and purchased the full sizes. I’m going to start off with the con to this though. Most people will pick it up because it’s supposed to add volume, that’s one thing I found it didn’t do. So if that’s what your big seller is going to be I say skip it. I personally don’t look for volume anymore because I’ve never found any product (no joke, not a single one) that adds volume to my hair. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, but it definitely doesn’t add any dimensions. 

That being said I feel like this cleans my hair really well. It doesn’t leave any residue behind. I kind of wonder if that has something to do with the reverse system. Since you condition first then shampoo the shampoo should wash out some of that residue that pulls your hair down. On the other hand I am not convinced that reversing the process does anything life altering, but I should try it the traditional way to see if it seems to work just as well. 

I was convinced if I reversed the process I would end up with really dry, tangled hair. Something my hair is notorious for, however it’s quite the opposite. I’ve had no tangles, no tie ups, and my hair has been sooo soft!  

Oh, and the smell!! It smells very good. I can’t quite explain the smell except to say it’s clean. It just smells clean. I’ll definitely be sticking with this for awhile, though I do think I’ll switch the process up to see if it works the same and also maybe reverse the shampoo/conditioner process on one of my other products just to see if it is truely the reversal that makes a difference or simply the shampoo/conditioner ingredients. I have a feeing it’s the latter. Even though I’ve been using them conditioner first I’m not convinced that part has truely made a difference as it does seem a bit gimmicky. However the product itself is nice! 

Tressemme Reverse System
Those are all the favorites I have for this month (last month?). I told you it wasn’t much, but I’ve been testing a lot more this month between receiving my VIB order and participating in the December Makeup Challenge on Instagram (if you want to follow me my handle is baked_in_beauty). So hopefully I’ll have a few more items to talk about, as well as a yearly Favorites for the end of December! 

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