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September Boxycharm Review 

Now that it is the middle of October and I’ve properly been able to try all of the products in my September Boxycharm, it’s probably a good time to review them. Right? Right. For those who don’t know Boxycharm is $21 a month and you get 4-6 full or deluxe sample size products. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can do so here.

This month’s theme was Camp Glam, whatever that means. Do people go camping and wear full faces of makeup? Do people even go camping anymore? Is this a slumber party? Do people go to a special summer camp to learn how to get glam? I don’t have any of the answers to these questions but if someone does please enlighten me!

Camp Glam


Eyeliner in Raven ($13)

First on the list is an eyeliner. It is a pencil liner that is one of the mechanical types so you don’t need a sharpener for it. First off, points for that. I like standard pencil liners but sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the work. It is a standard black pencil and overall it was all right but nothing special. It might be nice for doing a smoked out eye, as you can see below it smudges well enough, but I wouldn’t wear it if you are looking for anything crisp. After about 4 hours of wear it had completely gone from my waterline and it ran on the corners of my eyes. It stayed on my upper lash line ok, but that was also patchy by the end of the day. Overall this is going to get a C- because while I can use it, and will use it up, you can find much better alternatives for less money. I prefer the NYC waterproof pencil myself which can be found at Walmart for about $3.50.

Hikari eyeliner swatches with flash
Hikari eyeliner swatches without flash


Lip Lure in Graceful ($22)

I saw this product in a Boxycharm sneak peek and was excited about it because I heard so many things but I just didn’t love it. First the shade Graceful is a mauvey brown color and isn’t really my shade but that isn’t a deal breaker for me. It is a decent neutral, every day color and a good one for the fall. I love the packaging. It’s sleek and durable.

I thought I would like the felt like tip but I didn’t. I found it was hard to get the right amount of product in it. Either I had way too little and it went on thin, or I  had way too much and it was super thick. The formula itself is thick so when I got too much in the tip things got a little crazy! I also thought the tip hindered really getting the edges of my lips. It was like there was always a thin line of lip uncovered. Obviously a lip liner would fix that but I’m lazy and don’t like the added step, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind lining your lips though then this might not bother you, or even be noticeable with the right liner shade. While the formula itself is a cream or satin finish you would expect it to be comfortable to wear, and at first it seems like it is, but after thirty minutes it feels really drying. Again, this doesn’t bother me like it does most people, but as it dried it made my lips look really dry. It also wore off quickly and in a strange patchy way. I doubt I’ll reach for this often and I will not purchase anymore. I am giving this a D.

PUR Lip Lure

Graceful swatch with flash

Graceful swatch without flash

Graceful lip swatch with flash

Graceful lip swatch without flash

Butter London

Nail Polish in Yummy Mummy ($16)

I used to love painting my nails and was obsessed with all shades, but since becoming a mom I just can’t seem to find the time to do them anymore. When I do get to paint them somehow it always ends up getting fucked up because I have to chase down a baby. Which makes this product disappointing simply because I’m afraid as much as I want to use it, it will just sit with the rest of my collection feeling neglected.

When it comes to the polish it’s self I really liked it. I’ve never used a Butter London polish because I never loved a shade enough to justify the price but I can now see why people do justify it. This went on so smooth!! It only took two coats to make it opaque and it dried really quickly. I keep telling myself because it dried quickly I’ll be more likely to use it but lets be realistic… I won’t. The shade is a nice nude, light brown, taupe with some shimmer in it. It isn’t something I would wear on my fingers often as I prefer brighter, more vibrant colors, but it would be perfect for my toes! Maybe I’ll make it a goal to paint them before we head to Connecticut this weekend. Overall I really enjoyed this and would give it an A-.


Butter London Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy with flash

Yummy Mummy without flash
Project Beauty

Hairgurt Masque in Strawberry Banana ($11)

I was excited to get a full sized hair masque because my thick hair can always use some conditioning. I was even more excited when I smelled this. It smells just like a strawberry banana smoothie. I am not even kidding, it tastes like you could get the masque right out of the tube. I was also really impressed with the performance. It only takes a little bit to saturate my hair, and like I said my hair is fairly thick, and it leaves it really silky and soft. It does weigh my hair down a bit, but most conditioners do. I would definitely think about purchasing this again, especially for $11. I don’t think that is a horrible price for a hair care product. Especially one that you really won’t use every day, but rather a few times a week, so it should last a decent amount of time. For me this gets an A-.

Project Beauty Hairgurt
Studio Makeup

On The Go Eye Palette ($50)

I saw sneak peeks for this palette EVERYWHERE before getting my box. To the point where even if I didn’t want to be spoiled (I don’t worry about being spoiled since I don’t do unboxing/first impressions except on my snapchat) I would have been. When I saw the swatches and everyone raving about it the cynic in me said “yeah, no way.” Which is funny, because I’ve loved most of the Coastal Scents palettes we’ve received and those tend to be 50/50 with people, and I really liked a blush we received by this company in a box a few months (or maybe longer) ago. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this palette.

The packaging is a simple cardboard palette. It doesn’t have a mirror, which is too bad, especially since this is the perfect size for traveling. When I look to which palettes to travel with I like them to have a mirror in them. However, that isn’t a deal breaker for me. It also didn’t have any names for the shadow shades. Again, not a deal breaker but if I fall in love with a shade I like to know the name because it will make it easier to find if the brand sells it in a single pan. I think the packaging is the most disappointing part of this product, and probably why my expectations weren’t high for it. I’m happy I didn’t “judge a book by it’s cover” or a palette for that matter.

I think the colors are nice, neutral shades that anyone can wear, though I find them boring. However I think it would be hard for a company to throw a super bold palette into a box like this because most people aren’t going to reach for that often, I know I’m in the minority when it comes to loving some bold, bright eye looks. They were creamier than I expected, but not necessarily buttery. I’ve definitely felt better but I’ve also felt MUCH MUCH worse. There was some kickup and fall out but I as far as that was concerned I was actually really surprised by how little there was, especially in the shimmery shades. I didn’t have to wipe much off my face, barely any actually. Most of the kick up happened in the palette itself.

The finger swatches were really nice, and fairly close to the brush swatches for most of the shades. The pans are very true to the color you get on your lid, especially when wearing a primer. I found that the shimmery shades did need to be built up a bit, but it only took a little work to do so, nothing too time consuming. I was very happy with the mattes, which didn’t need much as far as building at all. They went on really smooth and blended really easily. Sometimes mattes have that chalky look but these didn’t at all. The wear time is fairly normal, slightly above drug store shadows for me. Without primer they did fade after about 5 hours, but with primer they stay vibrant for up to 8 hours before slight fading started. They didn’t crease with or without the primer, which is an even bigger deal to me than fading, so I was very pleased by that. I’ve found myself reaching for this palette fairly often since receiving it, even if only to deepen a crease or grab a nice neutral, so it will certainly get used. I am going to give this an A and am very happy with it.


Studio Makeup On The Go Eyeshadow full palette with flash

Studio Makeup On The Go Eyeshadow Palette full palette without flash

Top row swatches with flash

Top row swatches without flash

Middle row swatches with flash

Middle row swatches without flash

Bottom row swatches with flash

Bottom row swatches without flash

Overall I would say this month was pretty awesome! I didn’t love the liner or lipstick but they also weren’t the worst thing I’ve ever tried, or even the worst thing I’ve ever received in a box. I love the masque, nail polish, and palette. The thing I like best about this box though is that you can almost create a full makeup look. I think this is one of the first times that I’ve received a box and been like “hells yeah I can use all of these things at once!” I’ve thought about doing a quick full face Boxycharm tutorial using all of these (ok well three of them but still that’s pretty good) and maybe a few other items out of last months box. If that’s something you would be interested in let me know! Also, this box retailed at about $112, which is 5.3 times what you pay for it! If that isn’t a great deal I don’t know what is.

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