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September Favorites and Shit That Sucked

I have some September favorites for you! A few are actually August favorites too but I’ve used them equally as much in September so maybe they’re just favorites in general. I know at least one of them is well on it’s way to being an all time favorite. Lets just jump right in!


Favorite Makeup Products

Beauty for Real Shadow Stix in Midnight Marathon ($19)

We received this eye shadow pencil in our August Boxycharm and I instantly fell in love with it. I swatched it when I got the box and then couldn’t get it off my hand, so my initial thought was of course “awesome this should have great lasting power!” Luckily it does. This stuff sticks on like glue. You do not need a primer with it, even though I always use an eye primer. It doesn’t crease, it lasts all day, and it dries down quickly but not so quickly that you can’t blend it out if you want to use it to smoke out a look. I have mostly used this as a base color but I did also use it on the outer corner of my lid and into the crease for some depth and it worked great. I believe the shade range is fairly limited, which sucks, but I will be looking to see what they do have and possibly adding more to my collection. They’re definitely worth the $20 price range.


Midnight Marathon Shadow Stix with flash
Shadow Stix without flash

Too Faced Sketch Marker in Black ($20)

I got the Too Faced Sketch Marker when I bought the Nikkie Tutorials and Too Faced Collaboration Set. I talked about it a bit in my review on the set but let me just reiterate how much I love this eyeliner! I didn’t think I would love it, I thought I would just like it because I didn’t realize how different pen eyeliners can be even if they do look the same. I just love this! I think the packaging is cute, it actually looks like a pen. I guarantee if I left this on the table S would pick it up and try to write with it. All of the shades have a sassy little quote on the side of it too. As for the liner itself it has a felt tip like most of the pen liners but it isn’t too stiff or too soft. I get the perfect line with it. My swatch photo isn’t great but I can get really nice, thin, fine lines with ease, or thick, sexy lines. It doesn’t tug on my lids like most liners do and I am not sure why but I find creating a wing with this pen to be so much easier than any other pen. Partly because it doesn’t tug, and that tends to be how I fuck up my wings. I am going to pick up a bunch of the other colors but I also know that I will constantly have a black on hand because this is fast becoming my holy grail liquid liner!

Too Faced Sketch Marker in Black with flash
Too Faced Sketch Marker in Black without flash

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow Clear Brow Gel ($24)

I ran out of brow gel (aka I left it at a wedding) about the same time Benefit revamped their brow section so I decided I would try the Ready, Set, Brow Clear Brow Gel while it was still new. At first when I saw the wand in the store I said “what the fuck” but I decided to give it a whirl anyway and am happy I did. The formula of the gel itself is decent. It doesn’t crunch up like my Anastasia (which I know is a holy grail for a lot of people but I hate it) but it also stays put all day unlike some of the drug store brands I’ve tried. I also prefer clear gel over colors because I feel like gel colors aren’t diverse enough, and they’re more messy. Besides there are some days where I don’t put anything in my brows, I just tame them a bit and I prefer just a clear gel for that.

For me the thing I like most actually ended up being the brush itself. I like that it has a thicker side and a thick side. I will use the thick side on the thicker (duh) portion of my brows (so the front) and then I will use the thin end on the tail to get those more sparse hairs to go in the direction I want them to without getting gel all over the skin in that area like I would typically do with a traditional brush. I also like to use the thin side if I want my brows to have a more feathered look.


Benefit Ready, Set, Brow Clear Brow Gel
Benefit Ready, Set, Brow Clear Brow Gel wand

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Nude Beach ($18)

To preface this one there are things about this lipstick that aren’t my favorite. And no, I’m not talking about Jeffree himself. I could give two shits about Jeffree and his personality. He has a product I enjoy (mosty) so I spend my money on it. End of story. Hate me if you want to, I don’t care. My issue is with the product itself. I find that while the color is gorgeous (the real reason it is a favorite) the formula doesn’t work wonderfully for me. It is almost too thick and hard to work with so it looks plastered on top of my lips like paint yet its too thin, and patchy so I need multiple layers. I will add that not all of the shades from Jeffree’s line do this to me. I have 6 shades and 2 do this, 3 do not and work perfectly, and 1 is on a realm of strangeness all it’s own. If you want reviews on all of them I would be happy to do it. I do find this formula is easier to work with when it has been shaken, or with a lip brush. I know this is a favorites but I just wanted to note the things I don’t like about this lipstick so if you do decide to check them out for yourself you aren’t going in blind and expecting the best thing you’ve ever tried. Lots of people love these and will tell you they’re the best thing ever and don’t seem to have any issue, but this is an issue I have so I’m letting you know.

Anyway lets get into why this is a favorite. The shade!! I have been looking for a more orange nude for awhile and just couldn’t find one that I loved. When I saw Jeffree’s swatch video I knew I needed to have this shade. I knew I wanted all of the summer shades but if I couldn’t get them all then this was the one I NEEDED to have. When applied with a brush it does look much better. Also once these dry down they don’t budge, yet are extremely comfortable. They don’t feel like concrete on your lips. The only thing that makes them move is greasy food, which is typical of all liquid lipsticks in my experience. I got this when they released in July and I have been reaching for it every time I want a nude lip and still am. I especially love it with a simple nude eye with a thick, black wing. I feel like there is something very vintage about it and I can’t get enough.


Nude Beach lip swatch without flash

Nude Beach lip swatch with flash
Nude Beach swatch without flash
Nude Beach swatch with flash

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever ($19.90)

I know, I know I talked about this almost a year ago, but I just love it! As soon as September hit I wanted fall lips and the first thing I reached for was my Miami Fever. First it’s a burnt orange so it instantly has a fall vibe, second I bought it in the fall last year so I just associate it with fall, even though I wear it year round. I actually found the formula easier to use this time. Is that weird? Maybe it’s like mascara and it just needed to dry out a little bit to meet my expectations. I will say this has not happened with all of the OFRA liquid lipsticks though. Too bad. Anyway, yes. This lipstick just personifies fall for me. All of August when I was starting to look forward to fall I would think about what I would want to do for makeup I would instantly think of this lipstick. Which is funny because I don’t really do seasonal makeup. I do to an extent but I also have no problem reaching for out of season colors. Hence dark raspberry lipstick in July, or my recent obsession with super bright eye makeup. Whatever, don’t judge me. Or do, I judge myself a lot.


Miami Fever lip swatch with flash
Miami Fever lip swatch without flash

Miami Fever swatch without flash
Miami Fever swatch with flash

Fortune Cookie Soap Scent Prepare to Die ($6.15-23.95 depending on the product)

When I subscribed to the Fortune Cookie Soap box I was most looking forward to the fall box because I tend to love fall scents. Think apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, and (my favorite) clove. To say I wasn’t disappointed is an understatement. Not only did I love this box but I found a scent that I can’t get enough of so I bought as many products in it as I could. I’m not even joking. The box was a Princess Bride theme, which I have never seen so I can’t tell you anything about it besides that I am pretty sure there is a sword fight at some point and maybe a dude with a moustache? I don’t know.

Anyway, the scent Prepare to Die was my favorite scent. I instantly fell in love with it. FCS describes it as “cookie dough spiced with clove and saffron.” I don’t know how they can claim cookie dough because then I ask what kind of cookie dough? Chocolate chip, gingerbread, sugar cookie?? They all smell different! Anyway you can definitely smell the clove, which I absolutely love. It is sweet, and sultry. It smells like Halloween threw up in my bathroom and I am so ok with that!

When FCS does their releases stuff sells out so crazy fast and I was an hour late to the launch so a bunch of things were gone already. I knew I wanted hair products because I’ve found that if you want a scent to stay on you for a long time, you put it in your hair. So I picked up both the shampoo bar and the deep conditioner. Before I go on raving about the scent can I stop and rave about these products? A year or so ago I tried a Lush shampoo bar and didn’t love it so I’ve always been wary of trying more. I LOVE this shampoo bar. Absolutely love it. It only took a little bit to lather up (which means it should last awhile as well) and it didnt dry my hair out at all! On the days when my hair is drier I just use the conditioner to get the moisture back in there!

I also picked up two of the bath bombs. I’ve used one and I plan on using the other tonight. I forgot to take a picture so once I do that I will insert a photo, and maybe a video of the bomb. It leaves my whole bathroom smelling like Prepare to Die for days, which makes me very happy every time I walk into my bathroom. I also picked up the travel gift set because almost everything else was sold out and this gave me a little bit of everything. In it I got a Mist Me? body mist, Body Wash, a Whipped Cream, another OCD hand sanitizer (I received on in the subscription box), and shower oil. I use at least one of these products every day. I just can not get enough of them!

Shit That Sucks

Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20)

Eugh, I know. People love this eye primer but it just wasn’t for me. I expected to love it, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, but I don’t like it. I didn’t feel like it intensified my shadows at all, even though it claims it does. I also thought it was greasy. I even shook it up thinking maybe the product had just separated but it was still greasy. I thought it would make my shadow crease because that is what oil does, but luckily it didn’t. Is it the worst thing I’ve ever tried? No but I think it is way over priced for what it is. I just can’t imagine paying a full $20 (mine is a luxury sample size received with my Nikkie Tutorials set so I’m assuming I didn’t pay the full $20 for it when all is said and done) for a product that doesn’t enhance your shadow and feels like a bucket of greasy chicken was dumped on your eyeball when you can find really good drugstore primers. I will definitely not repurchase this.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere ($4.49)

This is another product I know people love but I can’t get into. I wanted to love it, I really did but I just don’t. I received this in my summer BeautyCon BFF Box curated by Kandee Johnson and was excited to see it because I’ve heard great things. Mostly I’ve heard about how great they are as shadow bases. No, just no. The color is gorgeous, which makes this even more disappointing. This shadow creases like a bitch. Even with primer it creased. I could feel it sitting on my lid all greasy, all day long and it just left rivulets of grease inside canyons of product across my lids. It was a disaster. I tried it a couple of times too thinking maybe I wasn’t doing something right but no matter how I used it, it creased. It wasn’t just a little creasing either and it happened well within 30 minutes of putting it on (though it lasted closer to two hours with primer). Maybe it is just my lid type but I found this product to be horrendous.

Cashmere swatch with flash

Cashmere swatch without flash

Cashmere on the lid without primer

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99)

Lastly I also received this sample pack of the Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes in the Beautycon BFF fall box currated by MakeupShayla and Angel. I haven’t reviewed the box on here because I just am so disappointed in it that I get angry every time I start to take photos. Anyway, we received this sample size of the wipes that claim to remove makeup, including waterproof mascara. That’s funny because they don’t even remove my foundation, let alone my mascara that isn’t waterproof. They aren’t too rough, which is nice, but they are useless. I would get better results if I used my sons baby wipes. I have used baby wipes in a pinch so I can say with certainty that they work better (at least the Pampers do anyway). I will stick to my Equate brand remover wipes (which are also a dupe for the Neutrogena) and never, ever purchase these with my own money.



Okay those are all of my favorites and the shit that I thought sucked for September! If you guys agree, or disagree, go ahead and leave feedback. I know my opinions aren’t the only ones on these products and people have differing views so it’s nice to share. Especially when people have different skin tones and shades. That way people get full feedback and can figure out what may work for them because just because I love something (like the eyeliner) doesn’t mean you will! Makeup is fun like that.

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