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Top 5 Favorite Bronzers

I’m back. I’m sorry I’ve sort of fallen off from the face of the earth but work got crazy hectic. It’s the beginning of the rafting season, which always gets a little crazy, but to top it off they’re changing people’s positions and trying to sell the company at the same time. Needless to say between that and the baby I’m a bit caught up in my own little world. That being said I am back! Hopefully for good, and with a new segment. I’m going to go through my makeup stash and share my favorites in each category. I’m starting with Bronzers because I actually don’t love Bronzers and I only have three of them. Soooo not much to choose from! Let’s get into it.

#3: Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

Everyone has raved about this bronzer so naturally I decided to try it.  The smell is hands down my favorite thing about this bronzer. It smells like coconuts, but that beachy suntan lotion type of coconut. I know lots of people don’t like that but I’ve always loved it. It instantly makes me think of summer.

The bronzer is very smooth and soft. It applies nicely and isn’t muddy at all. Of the three this lowest on the list simply because it is too light. It doesn’t have that orangey color to it that is typically what puts me off from Bronzers but it is just so light it barely shows up on my skin. So for that it is my least favorite of the three I own. I may see if I can find the darker shade somewhere, perhaps that will work better… Or maybe it will be too dark. Who knows. 

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

Butter Bronzer swatch with flash

Butter Bronzer swatch without flash
#2: Colourpop Bronzer in Boy Voyage

The reason I am so reluctant to even use bronzer is because I’m afraid to have that horrible orange oompaloompa face that can happen with warm toned Bronzers. So I tend to stay away in general or use a neutral to cool toned bronzer. 

At first I hated this bronzer but it was because I couldn’t really get it to apply. I just recent bought some new synthetic brushes and have found it much more enjoyable. The formula isn’t easy. You will definitely want a synthetic brush and you will want it to be a bit stiff. I’ve found natural brushes don’t pick the product up and with a brush that is too flexible it tends to stick more to your brush rather than transferring to your face. 

As for the color it works well with my skin tone. I have found a lighter hand is better because it can get a bit muddy, but part of that issue is the horrible lighting in my bathroom, and there is nothing Colourpop can do about that. I like this product enough so I’m actually feeling brave and thinking about picking up another, slightly darker shade. 

Colourpop Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage swatch with flash

Bon Voyage swatch without flash
#1: The Balm Bahama Mama 

How cute is the name of this bronzer? I definitely think The Balm has some of the best names for its products. Anyway this is probably the most “wild” of the three Bronzers I own. It is a bit more cool toned and it is way darker than the other too. I use a very light hand when applying this.

It’s very smooth, very pigmented, and doesn’t look muddy or like I’ve just rubbed dirt all over my face when I apply it. This bronzer just makes me feel good about using Bronzers, and like I’m not a complete fool for trying. It works wonders when I use it to add just a little more demension to my face and gives my cheekbones a more chiseled look.

It is hands down my go to bronzer, and even if I do try others I can’t imagine finding one I like as much as this one. 

The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer

Bahama Mama swatch with flash

Bahama Mama swatch without flash
So those are my favorite, and only, Bronzers. I’m excited to go through my makeup stash and share my favorites with you guys! This post might not be as riveting because I just don’t care for bronzer as much but I’m are you’ll be able to see th excitement when it comes to something like highlighters and lipsticks. Actually I don’t know how I’ll pick just five out of those categories and may need to make subcategories! 

What are your favorite Bronzers? What makeup category would you like me to share my favorites in next? 

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Bronzers

  1. My favorite bronzers are Benefit Hoola and the Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte (which has sadly been discontinued, but I found a full size at Nordstrom Rack last winter so I’m all set as the pan is HUGE).

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