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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review and Swatches

I had no intentions of buying the Sweet Peach Palette but I fell into the trap. The FOMO trap. So I bought. Guilty. Did I need it probably not but I am really happy I decided to get it. I love warm colors, I love peachy colors, and I love purples. Also, the packaging is adorable. Overall I wouldn’t say this is a must have product for everyone but I’m happy I purchased it. Let’s get into the full review though. 


First can we talk about packaging? This thing is adorable! Really though, what Too Faved packaging isn’t? You know when you have a chocolate dessert that is so rich it almost doesn’t taste good but it tastes amazing at the same time? I feel like Too Faced packaging can be like that. It’s so adorable that can’t help but love it but at the same time part of you is saying “this looks like it’s for a little fucking girl.” At least, that’s what goes through my head. 

The palette is contained in a metal casing, unlike the Love Palette (the only other Too Faced palette I own so the one I will be making the most comparisons to) which is housed in plastic casing. I like the metal much better. It feels sturdier and just classier. It also holds shut magnetically. It is slightly thinner than the Love Palette which you will see in the photo below. It feels really nice in my hand. Hefty like it was made durably but not clunky. I really like the packaging. 

Too Faced Love Pallette on top in comparison to the Sweet Peach Palette on the bottom.

Next let’s talk about the scent. I don’t give two iota’s about this thing having a peach scent, but it does. It smells like peach ring candies. It also tastes sweet. Not like peaches per say, just sweet. How do I know? Because yes, I fucking tasted it. All of those YouTube vloggers like to say “oh some accidentally got it only mouth from fallout.” They’re fucking liars, they tasted it too. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had that much fallout that it is going into my mouth enough to taste it, not even with loose pigmenta and they have the mother of all fallout. That being said I also didn’t just like lick my palette. After I swatched one of the shades I stuck my finger on the tip of my tongue. No harm, no foul, just sweet.  

Before I get into the actual quality of the shadows and some of the different shades, let’s talk about variation. It’s a very warm palette so if you already have a lot of warm colors you don’t need it. After seeing duper for the Chocolate Bar palette I would say if you have those you probably don’t need it either. You can find the few peach colors in other forms. If you’re a makeup collector though, or you want more warm colors I would say pick it up. 

The variation is perfect for what I, personally, like. It has the warm brown for my transition, an almost white matte for my brow bown, and pinks, purples, and metallic shimmers to play with on my lid.  It is a peach palette though and it really only has 3 peach shades. It could use more. I feel like at least a third of the shades should have been some sort of peach tone with the rest falling into the other colors needed to create a look. 

Sweet Peach Palette without flash

Sweet Peach Palette with flash

When it comes to quality I love Too Faced. I really haven’t found a product from them that I haven’t liked. This is really no exception. I’ve seen some complaints about the performance of these shadows, especially the peach shades, but I haven’t had any issues. They’re buttery, smooth, blendable, and decently pigmented. 

The two shades with chunky glitters, Candied Peach and Talk Derby To Me, are probably the hardest to work with because of the glitters but they aren’t bad. There is definite fallout with some of the shades, Just Peachy and Ballini to be more specific, but nothing a little brushing off of the under eyes with a fluffy brush can’t fix. The dark, black colors can also be a little chalky but again not horrible. Overall I love the quality and really don’t have any complaints. 

Sweet Peach Palette swatches without flash

Sweet Peach Palette swatches with flash

My final thoughts on the palette are overall positive. I’m very happy I picked it up. Should you? That depends. If you’re a makeup addict and collector, if you don’t have many warm colors and are looking for more, or if you don’t mind having dupes I would say yes. Definitely get it, though I know that’s pretty difficult right now. If you do mind dupes, have other Chocolate Bar Palettes, and are new to makeup I would maybe skip it. It really isn’t anything special unless you are a collector looking to grab a limited edition piece to add to your stock, but the quality is good like most Too Faced products so you shouldn’t really be disappointed if you’re a casual buyer who picks it up either. 

I am posting a tutorial using only this palette in a couple of days so if you do want to see how the colors can work together to make a look then stay tuned! 

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