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March 2016 Boxycharm Review

It’s Boxycharm time again! For those who don’t know Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box containing 4-6 full and delux sized items. It costs $21 per month and often retails at over $100. If you are interested in checking it out you can do so here.

I have also started doing initial unboxings on snapchat. If you are interested in seeing my reaction as soon as I get the box my username is BakedInBeauty. I’ve also been showing new makeup before I do the hauls on here complete with swatches. I typically give a heads up on my Instagram before starting the unboxings. So head on over and add me! 

For now though lets get on to my review of this months products! 

Sugar is Sweet but This Box is Sweeter! 


Clark’s Botanical

Anti-Puff Eye Cream ($87)

First off, they didn’t do items and prices on the back of the cards this month so that gets an automatic F! Because of that when I looked up the price of this eye cream my eyes just about fell out of my head. Boxycharm is known for having expensive products, especially face/skincare products so I expected this to be on the higher end but I didn’t expect over 4 times the price of the box expensive! So thank you for that Boxycharm! 

As for how this product works it’s ok. It doesn’t burn my skin like other eye products have. It does seem to help my puffiness but again, not so much with the undereye circles. It also appears to have reduced my fine lines but I’m not completely convinced I’m not just seeing things. It also rather greasy, which I don’t like. For now this is getting a C but I have quite the little collection of eye serums now so I plan on posting a full comparison review after I try each of them for a long period of time. 


Eyebrow Color Pencil in Tantalizing Taupe ($18)

I was excited to get a new eyebrow pencil to try. Taupe is a nice neutral color that gave me a very natural look. It was slightly lighter than what I usually use but that’s fine because I’ll just pull it out when I’m looking for something less dramatic. It was fairly stuff, which was also nice. The only thing missing is a spooley. I have one but it’s nice to have one right on the eyebrow pencil itself, especially if you’re going to toss it in your bag or travel with it. Overall though I would give this a B+. 

Without flash
With flash

Catherine Malandrino

Style de Paris Perfume ($20)

This is a travel size item but given that we technically got 6 items and 1 of them was hella expensive I am not complaining. I am going to complain slightly about getting another perfume because you know I’m not huge on getting them in boxes. If you saw my unboxing on snapchat you’ll know I initially didn’t like the scent. I also described it as “spicy, followed by floral, and clean” and then questioned how it could be all of those. It can because it has all of those scents in it. It has patchouli, grapefruit, pear, orange blossom, gardenia, ocean breeze, and violet. That is a lot going on. 

After letting it settle on my skin though I really really liked it. Probably not enough to purchase it when this is gone but definitely enough to actually use the whole thing, something I don’t do often with perfume samples. They usually end up sitting around until I throw them out. This is also getting a B+.



Blush Brush ($29)

I’ve received this before. So let’s get that it of the way. That makes three products in I believe 5 months that are repeats. Blah Boxycharm. On the bright side the other Vadanti Blush Brush I own has been my go to lately, so I don’t actually mind having a backup. A backup brush really is useful. This is synthetic, soft, and works really well with my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette. My natural brushes were blending the blush out fairly patchy but this brush has been amazing. So even though it’s a repeat I am giving it an A-. 

Makeup Geek

Duochrome Eyeshadow in I’m Peachless and Matte Eyeshadow in Cocoa Bear ($6 each)

I saw that we would be receiving these in an Instagram sneakpeek and was really excited. People rave about these eye shadows and I’ve wanted to purchase them for awhile but just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. It was on my list of must have products to purchase and review on this blog this year. So receiving them here is even better! And they gave us two! 

Again, if you saw snapchat I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first. They were drier than I expected and swatched a bit patchy. Then I used them on my eyes and I realized why people like them. The color payoff is awesome. A little really goes a long way. They also blended out really well. 

When I used them without a primer they lasted all day long. They had a slight transfer from my lid to slightly above my crease but it wasn’t really bad and I’m quite sure I was the only one who noticed, as I had to get quite close to the mirror to see it. Being able to wear an eyeshadow without primer and not having it crease is a big deal for me so the fact that these do that makes them an automatic win. Actually, I preferred the way they worked without the primer, though I have only used them with one kind so that could change. 

The colors are also great. Cocoa Bear is exactly the kind of shade I love for my transition and I’m Peachless is a beautiful pinky/silvery/peach shift that I believe would look good on just about anyone. The shift is very strong in it too! They are a definite A for me. 

Without flash
With flash
Without flash
With flash

This was a great box! The overall value was $166, with one product making up almost half of that! Crazy! I love the shadows, perfume, and eyebrow brush. I like the brush though wasn’t happy with the repeat, and could take or leave the eye serum though it is nice to have another one to try out. After this I can’t wait to see what we get next month! 

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