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Drugstore Haul: Maybelline, Covergirl, and Revlon

I have a small drugstore haul for you guys. We went shopping recently and I dragged S through the makeup aisles. He actually seemed to dig it and asked a bunch of questions about how it all works and ended up picking out an item for me. 



Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

I’ve been looking for a decent concealer for awhile now, and finding one was the real reason I went on this makeup hunt to begin with. Well that and my ridiculous makeup addiction. I had seen the instant age featured in a lot of drugstore YouTube videos and people really seemed to love it but I kept passing it up. Mostly because I thought I would absolutely hate that weird sponge tip. It seemed to large to be of any use. However I’ve really enjoyed this concealer.

I got it in the shade Fair. It actually does a decent job on my undereye circles. It doesn’t cover them completely, I’m quite sure nothing ever will, but it does a decent job. It does sink into my fine lines but I don’t feel like it accentuates them a ton, at least not as much as some others. This is also really good to coverup any acne. I am not super prone to break outs but I have found I get them more now that I’m back to work and on the phone all the time. I wipe my phone down with disinfectant wipes all the time but the mouthpiece is still such cesspool for bacteria. 


With flash
Without flash

Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

I thought I may like this considering I do tend to use my concealer to highlight some areas but when I swatched it it was so pink it scared me. I didn’t touch it for at least a week. It’s too bad though because when I did I fell in love. I may actually like this better than the Instant Age Rewind. When I blended the concealer out it didn’t look pink at all. The pink actually worked miracles on my undereyes. I was so shocked at how well it covered my circles that I could barely believe it. It doesn’t sink into my lines too much either. 

However, there is only .05oz of product in here. It seems like such a tiny amount. And I hate the applicator. I feel like I use more product than needed with the twist top because I don’t really have any control over how much comes out. It’s also not great at covering up breakouts. But undereye circles, man can it take care of those!! 


With flash


Lip Studio Color Blur in Partner in Crimson

This was the product S picked out. He liked the red. He actually said “I like those blood red lips,” and I thought at the time “hmmmm this is a little bright for that,” and wasn’t thinking about the fact that he appears to be slightly color blind based on many color arguments we’ve had but I went with it. Besides I don’t have a good matte red so this was a good pick. 

Come to find out it was brighter than he was thinking (Havana Nights is more along that line) and it is not matte like it says. Well ok it says cream matte so shame on me for thinking that just meant the formula would be creamy (which it is.) Unless it is a liquid to matte lipstick a creamy formula probably isn’t going to dry matte. 

Other than it not being matte though I liked the color. It had a decent wear time of about 4 hours without eating. It was also very comfortable to wear. It was light but didn’t feel like it was slipping of my lips or pooling up in the corners of my mouth. I don’t get the blur thing though. I blurred it when I swatched but when I do that on lips it literally just moves the product around. That’s all. I may just not know how to use it. I probably won’t purchase another one but I don’t hate having this in my collection either. 

Without flash
With flash
Without flash
With flash


Powder Blush in Classy Coral

Yup I am still on a blush kick! This one was just so pretty and fun I couldn’t help myself!! It is a beautiful coral shade but it is packed in tight! I had a hard time swatching or getting a great color payoff at first because it is so hard. Once I broke up the top layer with my brush a bit though things went well. It isn’t over pigmented so you won’t get clown face but once you break it up it isn’t so transparent that you have to put on a lot of layers. 

I do feel like the lasting power is pretty poor though. It makes it through half of my work day, maybe. So 4-5 hours depending on what shifts we are doing. I’m talking an office job here; not some crazy job that’s going to have me sweating and touching my face all the time. If I set it, it does tend to last most of the day though so if you plan on using this brand I would definitely recommend using some type of setting spray. 

Without flash
With flash


Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette in Roses

I’ve seen mixed reviews on these palettes so I thought I would give them a try myself. I grabbed the roses over the nudes just because that is more my color scheme. I actually like these a lot. I tend to be pretty snobby when it comes to drugstore eye shadows because I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with them but I am really enjoying this palette. I find myself reaching for it quite often since I bought it. 

My favorite part is that it has everything to make a full look (though I personally prefer warm toned browns as my transition shades so I tend to dig into other stuff for that). It has a brow highlight, a mauvey transition shade, light shimmery shades and dark shades. You can definitely make an every day look or a smokey eye from this. It’s also small enough to throw into your purse (I always carry a makeup bag in my purse) to travel with or if you do decide to go out after work and want to spice up your look. My only complaint about the colors is that there is no completely matte shade and I prefer a matte brow highlight. The ones that look matte actually have some shimmer to them, though it isn’t a whole lot so I haven’t completely minded using them under my brow.

The makeup itself is so soft! It blends really well and has good color payoff. I haven’t had any issues with fading or creasing. I would say these are probably the best drugstore eyeshades I’ve used but remember that might not mean much coming from me since I don’t use drugstore eyeshadow all that often so I don’t have a huge comparison range. They do have some fallout issues but if you tap your brush and clean up under your eyes after applying you should be good. The fallout stops there and doesn’t continue throughout the whole day. I will say I will definitely be picking up the other palettes in this collection! 

Without flash
With flash


Overall it wasn’t a bad haul. I didn’t end up hating any of the things that I bought, I got to teach S about makeup, I found some great new shadows, and possibly even a forever undereye concealer! 

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