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I Speak For The Trees- Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Box 2016

I’ve been thinking about joining the Fortune Cookie Soap Box bandwagon for awhile now and kept deciding not to. When I saw they were doing a Lorax themed spring box though I figured now was as good a time as any to jump on board! 

I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan and the Lorax is my second favorite Seuss book. It is runner up to The Butter Battle Book if you were interested. I read Seuss books to Butt all the time and he seems to really like the Lorax and Oh The Places You Go but I think it’s the vibrant colors he’s actually enjoying. Anyway, I am not as big a fan of the movie, which it seems is actually what the box is actually based after. That’s ok though. I’ll take a Lorax box based off from either version! 

For those who don’t know the Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a box full of bath and body goodies, including their signature soap shaped like a fortune cookie! It is seasonal, coming out four times throughout the year, and costs $20 per season. If you would like to subscribe you can do so Here. They are currently taking orders for their summer box. They do only offer a limited supply so if you think this is something you would like to join I would jump at it soon. 



Fortune Cookie Soap

Guardian of the Forest

The first thing in the box is their signature fortune cookie shaped soap that comes with an actual fortune in it. The fortunes do seem to variate but are references to the boxes overall theme, which I thought was cute. This was one of the things I was looking forward to the most since it is their big product. The soap itself is much larger than I had expected.  

I wasn’t big on the scent. It is supposed to smell like sprig flowers with Meyer lemon. It just smelled like… Soap. Like bar soap. Nothing special. But this one is granulated so it has a nice little exfoliating add on to it. 

I did like the scent name. A reference to The Lorax himself, the guardian of the forest. He speaks for the trees!


OCD Hand Sanitizer 

This Thing

I’m not entirely sure where this reference comes from, as I said I wasn’t a huge movie fan so I can’t remember. I am not a huge sanitizer fan, as I feel they do more damage than good. I like a good ‘ol hand washing myself. However having hand sanitizer at the front desk at work can be ve bandy, especially since we are touching money all the time, and scented ones are even better. 

Again I didn’t love this scent, but I didn’t hate it either. It’s supposed to smell like orange and vanilla with bits of citrus. That is not what I got. On first sniff I could only smell the sanitizer but once applied and rubbed in it smelled flowery and powdery. Kind of like old ladies… I’ll definitely be putting this at the front desk thought because some of the other ladies might like it. 


Whipped Cream

Disco Tree

The name is another movie reference. Something about a mechanical tree that has all the seasons… Spring, summer, fall, and disco! I loved this scent! Hands down my favorite scent of all of the scents. This is said to smell like berries, lily of the valley, and sandalwood. I love sandalwood. It is easily one of my favorite, if not my favorite, scent. When I first smelled this I knew I liked it but I didn’t smell the sandalwood. I could smell the berries. It smells sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Like berries but deeper. I actually used my coupon code and bought a bath bomb and body wash in this scent when the line launched! 

As for the hand cream itself the name whipped cream is perfect. It is definitely a thicker consistency than whipped cream but you can definitely tell it is whipped. Maybe I would say it’s more moussey. It only left a little greasy residue behind on my hands that went away in a decent amount of time, the scent lasts a really long time, and it left my hands nice and moisturized. I like this product a lot and can’t wait to try more scents! 




“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.” My favorite Lorax quote. Not my favorite scent. This is supposed to smell like algae, hyacinth, water lily, earthy woods, and resin. It is very earthy. Very, very earthy. I didn’t hate it but it wouldn’t be a scent I would choose. My mother loved it though. As for the pedi-bomb itself I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll have to get back to you on that!

Shampoo Bar

Oh Hair

I think someone in the movie is called O’hare. Idk. Maybe. This reference is lost on me. This is a peach nectar, grapefruit, and thyme. Again, too citrusy for me but the shampoo bar itself was a huge win. Especially after my disappointment with Lush’s shampoo bar. 
This shampoo bar lathered up really nicely, didn’t leave my hair crazy dry feeling, and my hair was so shiny after it dried! I loved it. In the showe before I conditioned it felt slightly dry by nothing like the Lush bar, and after I got out I could run my brush through it with ease. I will definitely be picking more of these up but in different scents. 

Cuticle Oil

One C

I’m assuming this scent’s name is a play on words with Onceler, the person telling the story of The Lorax. I expected to hate this scent. It is warm woods, patchouli, and vanilla. In my experience patchouli is a very over powering scent and it isn’t one I’m fond of. It makes me think of hippies and dirt. Somehow though the patchouli in this is very toned down. I would say it is almost perry. It’s so subtle yet it’s there. I loves this scent. It was warm and sultry yet sweet at the same time. A perfect way of summing up some of my favorite scents. I ordered this in a bath bomb as well. 

The cuticle oil itself seems to work. I’ve only used it a couple of times, more often using it as perfume. My cuticles felt softer and didn’t crack as often but I would say I need to try it a bit longer before giving it a completely glowing review. 

Petal Perfume

Paradise Found

This is exactly what it sounds like. A roller ball perfume with petals in it. I was expecting this to smell really rosey or floral, probably because of the petals. It’s described as freesia, rose petals, mango, strawberries, and tonka. I was surprised at how sweet it was but not so sweet you feel like your rubbing cupcakes all over yourself. I enjoyed this scent. 
I also thought the lasting power of the perfume was pretty good. Mine lasted at least 6 hours. Usually I get my perfume scents to stick by misting some into my hair but just a few dabs of this went miles without being too overwhelmingly strong.


Shower Steamer


I think I had user error with this one. Your supposed to toss it into the back of your shower so you can have a nice, relaxing, scented steam shower. I tossed it in before I got in not realizing how quickly it would break down and got barely any scented steam. I think had I waited until I got in it would have lasted longer because I would have blocked the direct stream of water from hitting right on the steamer. That is my bad.

This was supposed to smell like lemon and parsley. I couldn’t smell anything too crazy in the packaging though I would say it smelled fresh and because I fucked up the steaming process… Wel I didn’t smell much in the showe either. I didn’t hate it though! 

Overall I loved this box. I know it doesn’t always sound that way because I wasn’t head over heels with all the scents but scents are so personal that it’s hard to really write a review on them. Just because I didn’t like one doesn’t mean other people won’t. The products themselves were amazing though. I loved it so much I went and purchased their special edition Easter box Pure Imagination, a Willy Wonka themed box!!  Hopefully that is just as awesome as the spring box. 

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