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February 2016 Boxycharm Review

I’m late! I blame Boxycharm though because I got my box later than usual and February is a short month. It always messes me up! Let’s not make excuses though and jump right into the review! 

For anyone new Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box costing $21 per month. It typically holds 5 full size products and retails around $100. If you would like to check out Boxycharm you can do so here

Rush to Relax


Shray face mask not pictured


Perfume Travel Sprayer  ($12.99)

I know about Realtree because I’m from Maine and come from a long line of hunters. So to me Realtree is where you go to get camo goods. Tree blinds, camo pants (real hunting camo pants not “trendy” camo pants), etc. It is not where you get beauty supplies. Except perfume, apparently.

I’m not a huge fan of perfume samples in boxes mostly because I just don’t wear them that often. Even when I like them intend to set them aside and forget about them, still always reaching for my go to scents. I like this, it is a nice clean smell, but I don’t love it. I’ll wear it, when I remember to. I’m going to give this a C+. 



Boxycharm Limited Edition Ms. Amazing Face Mask ($12)

I do like sheet masks though I always wish they came with a couple more, maybe three, to get a better read on if it’s working for you or not. Based on my one use though I really liked this mask. It was supposed to help moisturize skin, something I always need around this time of year. It seemed to work, though I think the price point is high. They do have a set of 5 for $30, which seems a bit more reasonable to me. I am giving this a B-. 


Freeze 24-7

Anti Aging Eye Serum ($58)

You know how I feel about my undereye circles and lines, I’ll try anything even though I know nothing is going to get rid of these panda circles. If it did though, I would be willing to pay a $58 price tag. I like that this left my undereyes feeling a little cool. I feel like it helped with puffiness but not with the circles or fine lines. I’m going to keep trying it though and then I’m going post a comparison on 3 or 4 different eye serums I’ve tried in the last few months. I didn’t hate this but didn’t love it. I would give it a C. 



Body Wash Buffer and Polish ($15)

When I first saw this I thought “that’s an awesome idea I can’t wait to try it!” Nope! Nope, nope, nope! It is a great idea and I think there is a lot of potential here. I liked the scent and I liked the body wash in the product but I DO NOT like the sponge. It was so hard and rough on my skin that I felt like I was peeling layers off, and that’s not even the blighting side! Don’t get me stated on that. This was like washing with a legit dish sponge. I just can’t even. If it were softer I fee like this would be a really awesome product but I just can’t get behind it. This is an easy F for me. 



Pressed Banana Powder Pan ($12)

I love getting OFRA products. Besides a few occasions they don’t typically disappoint. Again, anything that will help the undereye circles makes me happy and I’ve heard great things about this banana powder. I didn’t find it worked well for me. I could be doing it wrong but it just kind of made my undereyes look not only blue but yellow (duh) and sickly. It stuck into my fine lines, but no matter what powder I try they all seem to do that so that’s not a huge deal to me. I haven’t tried it as a setting powder yet though so maybe it will work ok that way. Or even as a shadow. I also can see it being a decent brown one highlighter so even though it didn’t work under my eyes I’m excited to try it other ways. 

I also saw a lot of people complain about getting the pan instead of the compact. I loved that we got the pan because I can throw it right into my Z Palette with my highlighters and other face products. The full compact would have been too much product for someone like me who probably isn’t going to be reaching for it as often since it doesn’t completely work with my skin tone. Overall I would give this a B-. 


With flash
Without flash
Baking with banana powder with flash
Baking with banana powder without flash

Beauty for Real

Blush and Glo ($24)

I like the idea of this product as well even though I’m not big on cream blush. It’s great to throw in your bag and travel with. The blush blends out really nicely and doesn’t feel sticky once it is blended out. The highlight is too deep for me. Put it on just to see and for the sake of pictures for comparison but I won’t really use it. Maybe as a highlight base. Overall I would give this a B+. 


With flash
Without flash
I’ve always used my blush to accent my cheek bones and sort of contour my round face. This is the blush before its blended out.
Blush blended out
Highlight swiped on before blending
Highlight blended out

Overall the retail value of this box was $133.99. Not too shabby! Clearly this wasn’t my favorite box. I didn’t hate it and really wanted to like most of the products I just felt like they fell short. It was a mediocre box for me but you can’t win them all and I will end up using most of the stuff in some way or another so I definitely didn’t lose out! I’ve already seen a sneak peak for the March box and I’m really excited and can’t wait to review it for you guys! 

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