Makeup Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

My first makeup tutorial! It isn’t anything super exciting but I thought maybe I would show you the look I’m going to be doing for Valentine’s Fay tomorrow. We don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day, we both think it’s ridiculous and that we don’t need a special day to tell each other that we love each other. We do that every day. Maybe not on super romantic gestures but we do make sure the other person know that they’re loved, appreciated, and respected. However Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to pull out some fun makeup!

I was going to do a softer look and then a fun anti-Valentine’s Day vibrant look but the baby has been sick and taking up a lot of my time wanting to cuddle. Which I will definitely not say no to!! So instead I just have the one look, but I added some glitter to give it a little more fun feeling! Let’s jump into it!

First Off I just got out of the shower so my face is far more red than usual. This is the canvas I am working with. Also most of the pictures are without flash but I couldn’t get good close ups of my eyes without it so I did turn the flash on for those photos.


Before any makeup


I have been starting off all of my makeup by prepping and priming my face with the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm in Sensitive. I put a dollop on my fingers and work it into my skin until it’s tacky.

Next I go in with my Real Techniques Sponge and apply my foundation.  I used the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Porcelain. I applied this all over “bouncing” the sponge all over my face until everything was even and covered up.


Foundation has been applied


Next I applied concealer to my under eyes, center of my nose, chin, and Cupid’s bow. I used Covergirl Smoothers Concealer in Fair. I blended this out with my Glamierre Flat Top Concealer Brush. I can’t remember where I got this brush but I think it was in a Boxycharm or Ipsy bag. I know a lot of people use their beauty sponges to blend out concealer but I feel like it pulls it off. I don’t have a great brush for blending concealer out but this one does the trick until I decide to spend the money on something better.

I then used the light half of the Wet N Wild Mega Glow Contouring Palette to set my foundation.


Pre-blended concealer



Then I moved to the eyes. First I did my brows. I don’t draw any extra arch or anything like that on my brows I always just go with the natural shape. I use the darkest shade in my Bodyography Essential Brow Trio and my Dual Ended Bodyography Brow Brush to fill in any empty spots in my brows and to darken and even out the color a bit.

After that I primed my lids with the Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Primer. I have a love hate with this primer. It is definitely sticky and helps hold your shadows and make them pop but sometimes that tackiness makes it hard to blend shadows on. I didn’t have that issue this time but this was also the first time I’ve used my Too Faced shadows with this primer. I can tell you my Stila ones hate it and will not blend no matter what I do when I use this primer.



For a Valentine’s Day look I figured I had to use my Too Faced Love Palette. I mean it’s called the Love Palette and it’s supposed to have been inspired by love letters. It only seems appropriate.




I only used the middle quint for this look. First I went into Romance with my Morphe M200 Deluxe Crease Brush and applied it as my transition shade into and above the crease.


Then I took my Sephora Large Shadow Brush and place Sweet Pie all over my lid.



Then I went in with my Sephora Smudge Brush and applied Passion to my crease and outer V. I used my Morphe M412 Delixe Pointed Blender Brush to blend out and buff in the color. Depending on what you prefer you can go back in and add more for a deeper color. I usually go in without crease color two or three times to deepen it.


Before Passion has been blended


Before Passion has been blended


After Passion has been blended


After Passion has been blended


Finally in the Too Faced palette I applied Smitten to my brow bone using my Morphe M174 Badger Oval Shadow Brush. I am not a huge fan of brow highlighting shades that have glitter or shine but there aren’t any light matte colors in this palette so I settled for this.



Quint 2


You could probably stop here and just have a nice soft romantic eye but I decided to go one step further and add some glitter. It makes it just a little more fun.

First I applied more of the Wet N Wild eye primer to the lid on the inner corner and center over Sweet Pie. Then I used a mini brush that I believe came with my ELF Under Eye Brightening Powder (the brush was the only good thing about this product) to place Impulse Cosmetics Glitter in Fierce all over the primer. I will give this primer all the credit in the world when it comes to glitter. It does really well holding it on all day!




To finish my eyes I put Colourpop’s Eyeliner in No Shame on my tightline and water line, curled my lashes, and applied Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara to my top and bottom lashes.
Usually while I’m lining my eyes I will put my eyelash curler under my boob to hear it up, which creates a better curl. I suppose that can only be done with boobs over a certain size but for my bustier chicks out there that’s a little trick for you!

After I’m finished with my eyes I brush off any fallout with whatever fluffy brush I have laying around.

Eyes are finished


After I finish my eyes I always go back to my face. I recently picked up the Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani Blush Palette so I definitely wanted to use that. I’m loving this palette and am planning a full review on it. Anyway I used my Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply Easy to my cheek bones.

Cheeks without blush or highlight



Blush in Easy from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette


After that I took my Morphe M601 Soft Fan Brush and Looxi Beauty Aurora Highlighter in Wicked and added it all over my upper cheek bones, the bride and tip of my nose, the inner corners of my eyes, and my Cupid’s bow. I actually use my fingers for my inner eyes and cuspids bow.


Blush and highlight beithout flash



Blush and highlight with flash


Finally I did my lips. I wanted a more subtle lip since I wanted the glitter in my eye look to be the focus with this look. I decided on a neutral, earthy pink and went with Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II. This is definitely my go to, every day, casual shade.



I finished the whole look with my Urban Decay Setting Spray and that, my friends, is my Valentine’s Day makeup look!


Without flash


With flash


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