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OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Haul and Review

I promised this review awhile back and ta finally here! OFRA is one of those brands that isn’t super well known yet if you watch YouTube videos or follow gurus on Instagram you here it pretty frequently. It’s also a brand that I’ve had show up in my Boxycharm fairly frequently and I’ve enjoyed. So when everyone went on and on about them I figured I should to them. Then KathleenLights collabed with them to create Miami Fever and it was such a unique shade that I finally gave in. Then later I bought more. Yeah. 


I won’t lie. I loved gem at first but as I’ve tried different shades my feelings toward them are a little mixed. Sometimes the formula is thick, sometimes it’s thin. Some colors go on like perfection and others are patchy. There are definitely both pros and cons. So let’s get into it!

First off the formula. I would definitely describe these as being more creamy than any liquid lipstick formula I’ve used to date. They have a consistency similar to mousse and most of them are on the thicker side (though some are thicker than others.) 

The creaminess of the formula definitely makes them more comfortable on your lips but it seems like they take quite awhile to dry down, and most of the time it seems like they don’t dry down completely. I don’t know if that is weather or humidity dependent because I’m sure that influences things to an extent but I’ve worn the same shade before and had it dry down completely and then other times it doesn’t dry down well at all. 

Of course when it doesn’t dry completely down it isn’t kiss proof. Poor Baby Butt had lipstick residue on his forehead one day that I could not get off! Also I have a pretty big lower lip and sometimes the bottom edge hits my chain, no joke, so I’ll randomly end up with some transfer onto my chin! 

These do also have a slight vanilla scent to them. That doesn’t bother me but I know it does some people. Also I don’t know if it is just that the batch got more scent but my Americano has a much, much stronger vanilla scent than any of the other shades. It’s almost like cake!! 

Also their site says that the formula doesn’t feather and that’s bull. Maybe it’s just my lips because they do have a lot of lines and lots of lipsticks feather on them, but even if that is it these lipsticks aren’t an exception. I need to wear a primer or Lipliner underneath these to keep everything in place. 

And lastly the pictures on the website… They show photos of the bottles of lipstick but some of them aren’t even close to being true to color. And they don’t have any swatches on any skin tones so in order to figure out what ones I wanted I needed to search for swatches and hope that those were close enough. On the other end though they do have a really wide range of shades so anyone can find something that will work for them! 

Miami Fever

Miami Fever is KathleenLights first collab with OFRA. I would call it a terracota brown shade. It’s definitely one of the more unique (wearably unique not like pulled green straight from the rainbow unique) shades I’ve seen. I knew I needed to have it. This was the first of their liquid lipsticks I bought.

Initially I was impressed with the formula and color. Smooth, creamy, and it pulls a little more orange on me but that’s fine I like the way that looks, but once I tried some of the other colors I realized this shades formula wasn’t doing it for me. 

Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had this lipstick for about a month longer than the others so it’s congealed some or if this is just one of the colors with a thicker formula but the formula is definitely thicker than most of the other shades I have. With one exception but we’ll get to that. 

Now that I have tried the others this thickness definitely makes it much harder to work with. It bunches up on the edges of my mouth and don’t smooth out easily. I’m not sure why some are like this more than others but I think perhaps it has something to do with pigmentation…. I don’t know though. 


With Flash
Without Flash

Havana Nights

I got Havana Nights, KathleenLights second collab, when I made my second purchase at OFRA. I didn’t plan on getting it as I have a lot of other dark, red wine shades but I figured since it is limited addition I might as well have the KathleenLights/OFRA collection. 

I love really vampy dark reds so this is definitely up my alley. I also really like the formula on this shade. It is one of the thinner formulas so it went on much more easily. No bunching up in the corners or on my edges. I do need to put two layers on but I tend to do that anyway. Overall I really like this color. 

With Flash

Without Flash


I received this shade in my December Boxycharm. I would call this a burnt sienna like color. It is a lighter warm brown. It actually reminds me of a color my mother wore a lot when I was growing up. It’s actually somewhere in between Americano and Brooklyn on the brown shade scale. This isn’t a color I would have selected myself but I don’t really have anything else like it so it is nice to have in my collection. 

This is also a thinner formula. Of all of my OFRA lipsticks this one is hands down the easiest to apply and I think has the best formula. No bunching, little feathering, and one coat does it (though I always apply two.)

With Flash

Without Flash


Sunset Beach

This is the brightest shade I bought and the one I was most excited about. I love Colourpop’s Lippiestix in Fancy and have been looking for a liquid to matte lipstick in a similar shade. In other words a bright pink coral. When I saw the swatches for Sunset Beach I knew I had to have it! It is close enough to make me very happy and I have a feeling this will be my go to this summer. I have comparison swatches for you as well. 

As for the formula this was the thinnest of them. But not in a good way like Americano. This color comes off very very patchy because it is so thin. I had to put on three or four layers in order to get everything even and opaque. It was irritating but the color is just so nice I can’t be mad about it! Also this was one of the colors that the packaging picture on the website looked nothing like the color that I received, however all those other swatches I looked up matched really well. 

With Flash

Without Flash
Top left to right: OFRA Sunset Beach and Colourpop Fancy. Bottom left to right: OFRA Havana Nights and Colourpop Avenue with flash.


Top left to right: OFRA Sunset Beach and Colourpop Fancy. Bottom left to right: OFRA Havana Nights and Colourpop Avenue without flash.


This is such a gorgeous, deep purple. It’s so deep that it looks black at times yet when it hits the light it’s really purple. I am so in love with this color. However, I hate the formula. 

Of all the shades this is the hardest to work with. It is so so so thick! It actually tugs when I put it on like some gel eyeliners do. Some color will go on then it will just pull over to another part of your lip. You’ll try to layer it because you didn’t get all over color and when you do it will place color where there wasn’t any but pick up color where there was. It’s almost impossible to get an even layer. The lip swatches I have are some of the better applications but it still isn’t great. 


With flash

Without flash


I think I’ve said before I’ve been looking for a dark brown to try and I am so happy I got this. It’s like milk chocolate was just melted all over my lips! I’m loving the brown lips lately. I feel like you can really play up your eyes with it for a going out glam look or if you want your lips to be the focal point it looks great with a “no makeup” eye. 

This formula was closer to Havana Nights. So somewhere in the middle when it comes to thickness and texture. It was easy enough to use and I don’t really have any complaints with it. 


With flash
Witthout flash

Overall I like the shades, especially Brooklyn, Miami Fever, and Queens if I could get it to apply. I would say I appreciate the overall formula and don’t hate it, but when it comes to individual shades the formula isn’t consistent which becomes irritating when you have some that just don’t work while others are awesome. I doubt I’ll buy more of OFRA’s liquid lipsticks because I won’t know which formula to expect but I do really enjoy the brand itself (my favorite highlighter and eyebrow pencil come from OFRA). That is unless they have a shade that just looks so amazing I can’t help myself! Then I just might need to get it. 


With flash top to bottom: Miami Fever, Americano, Sunset Beach, Brooklyn, Queens, Havana Nights
Without flash top to bottom: Miami Fever, Americano, Sunset Beach, Brooklyn, Queens, Havana Nights

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