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January 2016 Boxycharm Review

It’s Boxycharm time! I always put off doing my review for a couple of weeks but I like being able to try the products and let you guys know what I like, or dislike, about them. This month though I’m at least getting it up in its proper month! 

Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box costing $21 per month. It typically holds 5 full size products and retails around $100. If you would like to check out Boxycharm you can do so here
Eyes on 2016



Mascara in Black  ($26)

I had never heard of tubing mascara before but apparently this is one. Tubing mascaras are supposed to create “tubes” around each lash. These tubes are supposed to be waterproof, smudge proof, and clump proof. I’ll give them three of those four. My mascara definitely clumped. It wasn’t as bad as your typical mascara but it was just enough to annoy me. Overall though the application process was a good one though. My biggest grip with it would be that the actual applicator at the end of the wand is huge! If you have small eyes you’re going to get that shit all over the place.

As for the mascara itself it was definitely lengthening. Really lengthening actually but it didn’t give me the volume I like. This does tend to be my overall experience wth mascaras though so maybe I just have unrealistic expectations when it comes to volume. At also lasted all day long, and through dance class, without any noticeable wear and tear. 

The removal process is one of the more interesting aspects of this mascara. You just take a cloth with warm water and wipe down on your lashes. The mascara wipes right off! Being a waterproof mascara girl I’ve gotten used to either losing lashes when trying to get mascara off or still having some risidual product left on when I go to bed. That didn’t happen with this product. The tubes slipped right off and left my lashes free to breathe through the night, and let me tell you my lashes could use breathing through the night!! So even though I think this is a weird conception I do like it. I would give this an A- and am actually contemplating repurchasing when I use the tube up, if I’m willing to give up my dream of more voluminous lashes. 

Ardency Inn

Modster Eyeliner in True Blue  ($20)
I haven’t worn this yet (I know I know the whole point in waiting to do the review is so I can review the product…) but can we talk about the color??  How gorgeous is this crazy bright sky blue shade? I’m saving it for spring/summer but I can’t wait to try it. 

I did swatch it (obviously) and it was really creamy. I’m going to guess it has some strong staying/staining power too because when I took it off with my makeup wipe there was definitely some left behind. I’m excited to really test this out! For now I’m not going to rate this but once I wear it for real I’ll update you guys! 

With flash
Without flash

Royal and Langnickle

Royal Brush Set ($23.97)
This set isn’t actually sold on the Royal and Langnickle website so the link will take you to the Royal collection instead where you can buy individual brushes. It appears this set was made exclusively for Boxycharm. 

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about these brushes. The blending brush was a little more flexible and less stiff than I prefer but now that I’ve worked with it a bit and have gotten use to it I really like it. I love the pencil liner brush. It’s perfect for getting precise corner details and putting color into the crease. The fluff brush is pretty much just a standard fluff brush. I would give these a B+.

Coastal Scents 

Revealed Smoky Palette ($19.99)

I love Coastal Scents. I think they’re eyeshadow is pretty damn good for the price point, though it isn’t the best I’ve ever used. So I’m always excited when we get their products in these subscriptions. However I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the Revealed 3 Palette so I wasn’t expecting much from this. Besides it isn’t made up of colors I generally get excited about so I never planned on purchasing it. 

However, I love receiving these in boxes and I have really loved this Revealed palette. I don’t know if they reformulated but these shadows are creamier than past Revealed Palette shadows. Especially the matte shadows. Coastal Scents matte shadows in particular are notoriously chalky and hard to blend. These still weren’t some of the best matte shadows I’ve ever used but they were a huge improvement and definitely have me thinking about purchasing some of their single pan mattes (something I had never done because of the quality of the mattes in the Revealed palettes.) 

The colors are also really pretty. Much prettier in person than they were when I looked at them online. That bottom blue color especially. That isn’t typically a color I would go for but for some reason it is calling my name. I haven’t figured out how I want to use it yet but I’m desperately searching for a way!! 

Overall I was impressed with this palette and it definitely has the potential to become my favorite palette of the Revealed palettes. I am going to give this an A-. 


With flash
Without flash

The overall total of this box was $89.96. It only had four items in it but one of those is a full size palette and another was a set of three brushes, so I am not complaining. I will use every item in this box which is pretty amazing. Usually there is one item that I am just not really fond of, but not in this box. I think this was a great start to 2016 and hopefully it will keep up! 

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