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Looxi Beauty Aurora Highlighter Review 

I have a slight highlighter addiction. And by slight I mean it’s becoming ridiculous. So of course when I saw pre-swatches of indie brand Looxi Beauty’s duochrome highlighters on Trendmood1’s Instagram I knew I had to have them, and in hindsite I should have grabbed all of them. They’re gorgeous, but I’ll get into that later.

After buying these I also thought “why don’t I buy more indie makeup?” And though I don’t do New Years resolutions I bought these highlighters on the 1st and decided my resolution would be to buy more indie brands. I know some people consider Colourpop and Makeupgeek indie brands simply because they aren’t sold in Sephora but I don’t. I consider indie brands to be more along the lines of not being sold in Sephora and not being as well known. Like Fyrinnea. They’re known and beauty bloggers and youtubers will talk about them but they aren’t blowing up all over the place. They’re what Colourpop and Makeupgeek started at before they blew up. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you consider indie makeup?

I digress though, let’s get back to Looxi. There isn’t a lot on the site but what she does have is gorgeous and I will definitely be placing another order. She has the colored highlighters that seem to be popping up more and more, single on shadows, and really gorgeous duochrome/metallic shadows. And everything is priced really fairly.

The highlighters I picked up were Pandora, Tragic, and Wicked. They’re a little more bold than anything I’ve worn before, especially Wicked, so I was worried they would just look ridiculous. When I got them and swatched them on my arm though… Oh. My. God. They were so pretty I didn’t even care if I was going to look ridiculous wearing them. Luckily they’re just as gorgeous on. They have the gorgeous color and duochrome to them yet they’re subtle enough to not look like I just layered random blue shit on my cheek bones. However I will warn you that the photos really don’t do them justice.

As far as formula goes they are really creamy. They go on nice and subtle so you don’t look crazy, yet they are easy to buildup if you do want a more intense color. They wear really well. The first day I wore them for about 8 hours with absenting spray, but that was through a 45 minute sweaty tap dance class and there was very minimal fading. Then I wore them for a whole day from 8am to 11pm without a setting spray and again there was barely any breakdown. Overall I can’t even come up with a bad thing to say about them!

I guess the only negative thing is that they have a slight vanilla smell in the on. That doesn’t bother me at all but I know some people are picky about scents. You can’t smell it at all when its on your face though.


Of the three highlighters I picked up I got this one in the compact. I did this because this was the most subtle of the three and the one I was least afraid of, so I figured it would end up being the one I would wear the most. Now I’m not so sure about that. Not because it isn’t great, it is, but because the others are way less scary than I had anticipated.
I have a really hard time explaining the shift in some duochromes. This looks golden with some green/silver shift in the pan but on it looks more silvery with a pink shift. Of the three this is definitely the most subtle and “normal” looking highlight shade.


With flash


Without flash



In the pan this highlight looks pink with gold inflections at times and other times it looks like purple with blue. On the skin it is a much more purpley blue. I thought this would be much more subtle than Wicked but it isn’t. It’s a pretty intense purple. I think this may actually end up being my go to of the three.

With flash


Without flash


This was the highlighter I was most scared of. It is blue with pink shimmer. Lord help me how am I supposed to wear a blue highlighter?? I needed to reach into Jeffree Star’s soul and take some radiance from him to figure it out. Needless to say I learned you wear it just like any other highlighter and it looks great. Like your cheek bones have been kissed by Fairies and their dust was left behind. I definitely feel in love with colored highlighters after putting this one on. I wish I could get a picture of them on so you could see it but it just doesn’t look the same. Trust me though this shade is really something.


With flash


Without flash


Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and am excited to get into both the colored highlighter and the indie makeup game. If you want to purchase some of these for yourself head over to Looxi Beauty!


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