No this is not a Bowie memorial article, though his passing is sad. I’m just going to toss this out there right now.
What this is though is just a little update on this blog and where I’m thinking about going with it. When I started this it was all about trying to conceive after a loss and my pregnancy ride. This was a great way for me to vent and the pregnancy loss community was, and always will be, so supportive and strong. Then came the pregnancy, which was supposed to be a beacon after the loss but became a bit more complicated and scary. I found that the woman going through issues with their pregnancies were also so super supportive. I’ve loved talking about our little Baby Butt and updating everyone on where he is.
However… Yes there is a a however. However, I’ve had some major anxiety lately about talking about the baby and sharing his photos. I’m not sure where this anxiety is coming from but I just feel like I need to keep him more private. It’s funny because I feel like it’s a little crazy and clingy, and clingy definitely isn’t my parenting style. 
That being said, I have really enjoyed doing the makeup stuff. Especially since I have an obsession with buying it. No joke. And I really enjoy doing the blog so I’m thinking about just doing that and going in a beauty blog direction. I would still updated on the baby here and there of course it just wouldn’t be as often or the main focus. I can’t completely stop talking about him though, he’s my whole life! 
This also means a blog revamp. A new name (though everything will still be right here), a new layout, just a whole new look. So that’s the plan. A whole blog overhaul. Which will probably happen in the next couple of weeks. I kind of want it done soon but being back to work doesn’t give me as much time as I had when I was home with the baby all of the time. So if you notice a blog of a different name and wonder where it came from, it’s just this one with a new look. 

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