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December 2015 Boxycharm Review

This is coming a little late because I was in Connecticut when it came in the mail. Excuses, excuses! Also a forewarning, this was a smelly box! As in lots of the products have scents happening. Yeah. I don’t know what is up with that. Anyway… Per the usual Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box costing $21 a month. It typically had 5 full and travel sized products though this months box held 6! It also tends to retail for well over the $21 mark. If you would like to subscribe or check it out you can do so here




Original Aburatorigami ($12)

I’m starting with these because I haven’t actually tried them yet. Apparently they’re face blotting sheets to take the oily sheen off without ruining your makeup. I like the concept I just haven’t had reason to use them. I’m actually I’m not sure I will in the winter but these will come in super handy during the summer. Especially when I’m working the front desk in July and August. If they work and don’t mess up my makeup I’ll repurchase for my job alone. Expect a legitimate review in like 6-7 months! 


Nelson J

Arian Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask ($23)

I’ve been needing a hair mask and was going to pick up a drugstore one but I wasn’t sure what brand to try. Then I saw this on the Boxycharm sneak peek and that solved that issue. This is one of the smelly products, but I like the smell. It’s coconut, like sun tan lotion. Kind of. I love the smell of coconuts, even that artificial scent.

As for how it works… Really, really well. I used it and left it in for the 5 minute mark and it softened my hair right up! I could feel it working as it was in my hair. I swear! I know that sounds exaggerated but I condition my hair and I can tell when a product isn’t going to work even before I rinse it out. And I could tell this one would. When I got out of the shower my brush ran right through my hair, no problem. And the next morning (I shower at night. It helps calm me down before bed.) it was so soft and shiny! I’m kind of in love with this stuff. It is definitely getting an A in my book. 


So Rich Cuticle Oil in Dark Almond ($18)

Another smelly product. I don’t know if they sent out different scents or not (I thought I saw pictures of a purple bottle) but this one has the distinct smell of old ladies who’ve put on too much perfume. It isn’t an overly obnoxious smell but I can’t say it is great either. 

As for the product I was excited because I have really dry cuticles all the time but I would say this is only ok. It does work, for a short amount of time. It is greasy upon first using (obviously it’s an oil) but that goes away fairly quickly once it sinks in. Then I would say it does make your cuticles softer… For maybe half a day. It may just be that I have super dry cuticles too so I may need a lot of extra help. I will use this up but I won’t repurchase it. I’m pretty sure I could just buy Vitamin E and get the same results. I’m giving this product a C+.

Jelly Pong Pong

All Over Glow ($15.95)

Another highlighter! I know lots of people are done with them but I like them quite a bit and am racking up a bit of a collection. I’m not as much of a fan of the liquid ones but I found this is a nice base for my powder highlighters. It would also work well mixed into a foundation for a dewy look.

This has a silvery sheen and it is fairly light weight. Part of my issue with cream highlights is that they do tend to feel heavier but this one wears really well. It is also a pretty thin formula, allowing for more buildup if you want a heavier glow or just a little bit of you want just a sheen. Like I said I’ve been using this under my other highlighters as a base and am liking it. Oh and it smells. Like vanilla. Which isn’t horrible but is odd. I would give this a B-.



The Jelly Pong Pong without anything over it.


Waterproof Gel Lipliner in Cinnamon ($18)

I don’t really use Lipliner. I’m not sure why I just don’t though I probably should. It would definitely help feat gong I get with some lipsticks. Anyway this product color matched pretty well with the lipstick we received. It also matches it’s name, cinnamon, pretty well. I would call it a mauvey brown. It also is a roll up liner not one you need to sharpen. That is nice. Over all this seems like a decent liner but I’m not sure how often I’ll use it. 


With flash
Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash


Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Americano ($19.90)

I’ve been waiting for these to show up. Boxycharm and OFRA seem to have a pretty good relationship and with liquid lipsticks being the rage right now I figured it was only a matter of time. They sent out three colors Americano, Mocha, and Honolulu. I wanted Honolulu but would have been happy with any of the shades. I actually haven’t seen any pictures or reviews with Honolulu in it. Did anyone get this? Or is it a conspiracy? Haha

Anyway Americano is a light brown, I would say it is on the warmer side. It is a much more wearable day brown than a dark, night time brown. On first glance it looks like it could be similar to Miami Feber in shade but it’s a lot more brown, and less orange. I’ll have some comparison swatches below.

 Like the other OFRA liquid lipsticks is has a vanilla scent and a moussey formula. It seemed thinner than Miami Fever but not so thin it isn’t workable. I actually just bought 4 more shades of these lipsticks and think i am going to do a comparison haul/review. This formula is very wearable and comfortable and because of that I’m givingn it an A but I’m not loving the shade so I’m adding a – onto that. A-. 


With Flash
Without Flash
With flash over the Bellapierre lipliner in Cinnamon
Without flash over the Bellapierre lipliner in Cinnamon

With flash

Without flash
With flash next to Miami Fever
Without flash next to Miami Fever

Overall this box retailed at $106.85. It was a decent box. I liked the hair mask, highlighter, and lipstick. I don’t know about the oil papers and am indifferent about the cuticle oil and Lipliner. So there isn’t anything I completely dislike or won’t use, which makes this box a definite win. What a great way to send out the year. Let’s hope they keep it up in 2016!   


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