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December 2015 Favorites & Shit that Sucked

I actually don’t have a whole lot for this month. I’ve been using just about everything that I used in October and November except the Revealed Palette and ELF Foundation,  and with only a few add ons that I’m going to mention this month. 

Eye Makeup Favorites

Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette in Mind ($49)

I’ve been on the hunt for an orangey brown matte shadow and I was kind of wanting a completely matte palette so when I saw this for sale on Ulta for $20 and saw that orange shade (perception) I knew this was a must. I’ve been using this palette every day since I got it. I wouldn’t say the shadows are super creamy but they are smooth and very blendable. I can make complete looks with this or I can just dip into it for a few shades. It really does complete my collection. I’ve used Perception every single day for a transition shade. I absolutely love it! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I hit pan! 

I’m also really liking Brilliance and Genius for the brow bone, Observation and Wit all over the lid, and Thinker and Creativity in the crease. I had kind of stayed away from Stila for no real reason but I’ll definitely be picking up more of their shadows. 




With Flash


Without Flash
Face Makeup Favorites

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in Classic Ivory #120 ($8)

I picked this foundation up thinking I had grabbed #120 but when I got home I realized someone had put a much darker number in the #120 slot. I tried it anyway just to see if I would like the formula and I love it. It is a great matte and light, yet it has pretty good coverage. Really good coverage actually. So I went back and got the shade I meant to. (I’ll mix the darker shade with #120 in the summer when my skin is darker and that should work fine.) I do find that this foundation tends to move around a bit but once I use a primer it stays put. This is definitely my go to daily foundation. I probably wouldn’t use it if I was going for a more done up, night look but it’s perfect for the day time. 

With Flash
Without Flash
With Flash


Without Flash

Lip Favorites 

Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn ($10)
With all the matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing my lips have been pretty dry and damaged. So every night I use this scrub to take off the dry skin. Then I toss in a balm (different ones depending on the night) to hydrate them. The flavor isn’t necessarily awesome. It does not taste like popcorn. It does taste like salt mixed with sugar. Apparently you can lick these off your lips?? I don’t do that but some does get in your mouth so it would be a little better if the flavor was better. Once I use this up I’m sure I’ll try something different. 



That’s it for December favorites! Just the three items. I have some new products coming in though so I’m expecting a few changes come the end of January. New year, new makeup. Right? 


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