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Christmas in Connecticut and Some Thoughts on 2015

How crazy is it that a whole year has gone by? I feel like just yesterday it was November 2014 and I was finding out I was pregnant again, now I have a chunky little 5 (almost) month old! 

Like I mentioned before we went down to Connecticut for two weeks to visit S’s family. Besides his father and step-mother I had never met any of them. He had warned me that they could be pretty intense and that they had made every other girlfriend who had met them cry. I have a trump card though, two actually. The first one is that his dad really likes me and being the patriarch of the family he holds most, if not almost all, of the respect. The other is my little Baby Butt. He’s a trump card because he is the first boy to carry on the family name to come along in 30 years. Everyone else has had girls. The last boy… His father. So I automatically gain some ground having birthed him.

Anyway, they were definitely intense but I loved them! Which is a big deal because things just become so much easier when you and your significant other can get along with each others families. You don’t have to worry about the added tension. Also Baby Butt was a hit overwhelmed but overall he did awesome meeting so many new people, and even better than I would have expected with the five hour drive down and back.

Connecticut itself is a no go for me though. Coming from a very tiny town in Maine I can’t understand why people would want to live one on top of another like that. Also, in general, people from Maine are pretty laid back, almost too laid back at times. People in Connecticut appeared to be super high strung. Ain’t no one got time for that!! Just calm down and breathe people. Other than that though the area we were in was quite pretty. Lots of farm houses, yet close to the ocean.

Oh and it was 70 degrees out on Christmas Day. It in no way felt like Christmas. We ate dinner out on an uninsulated porch! It was nice but very, very strange. I was also starting to worry because I knew we still hadn’t gotten snow in Maine and my job depends on snow. I am supposed to start back at work next week. Luckily the night we got home it started snowing and since we have gotten about a foot and a half! 

Now as we are near the end of the year I just keep thinking about how I can easily say this has been the most stressful, yet most rewarding year of my life. We made it to 12 weeks pregnant and thought we could breathe some only to find out I had a short cervix. Then we spent months worrying that I was going to give birth at any time only to go on to 39 weeks! I had an easy birth by most people’s sense of the word yet I think it blew. I still haven’t forgotten that pain and don’t think I ever will. I don’t care what anyone says. But from it I got the best gift I’ve ever received. My little blue eyed, blonde boy. Who started out super colicky, which ended up being reflux, and now is a pretty happy, easy going baby. There were just so many ups and downs. It’s crazy to think we’ve made it to where we have.

About that little boy he is still not rolling over from back to front. He will get on his side and I have absolutely no doubt he could do it if he wanted to but he doesn’t want to. He laughs when he sees us, loves his toes, and likes looking at himself in the mirror. When I put him on his stomach he’s already pushing no himself up and trying to go but he doesn’t quite get it yet. Maybe we’ll forgo rolling and go straight over to crawling. He is entirely my whole world and hands down the best part of my 2015. In sure he’ll be the best part of my 2016 and beyond as well.



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