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November Favorites and Shit That Sucked

I’m back with some of my favorite beauty and baby related products from the month of November, along with a few that I wasn’t keen on for one reason or another. There are a lot actually. Im hoping that in the future there won’t be quite so many if I’m doing this regularly. I’m also going to try to organize everything a little better than last time so let’s see how this goes! 

Favorite Face/Skin Care Products

I am only just getting into skin care because I’ve always been really lazy about it. I know that isn’t good and I’m learning more and more all the time about how bad it really is. So my couple of face products are a little more expensive because they came in beauty subscription boxes. I haven’t actually gone out and bought any face care products on my own but as I get into it and start experimenting more I’m sure some more affordable options will come up. 

Previse Nutrify Tonic Level 1-6 ($48)

This has been just sitting on my shelf for awhile now so I decided to pick it up a few weeks ago and give it a try. It goes on really smooth and is definitely not oily. Once it dries my face feels a little tighter but not in that “I’m so allergic my entire face is extremely dry and tight” way but in a nice, “things have cleared off my face” kind of way. Yeah. That’s a horribleexplanation. Anyway this also, in combination with my other face product, make my face feel so soft! I also feel like the color is much better after using this. Like it brings life to my face and clears out any dullness. 


Previse Hydromilk Hydrating Lotion ($48)

Again this also came in a subscription box. Also I’m not sure it would work as well without the Tonic but together they leave my face feeling awesome. My cheeks have been so dry with the cold weather recently and this puts the moisture right back into them. I was my face, put on the tonic, brush my teeth while it dries, and then put on the milk lotion right before bed. When I wake up my face feels so smooth. I’m still amazed at what a difference taking care of your skin will do! 


Eye Makeup Favorites

I am still using the Colourpop Shadows and dipping into that Revealed Two Palette that I mentioned in my October Favorites, but I’ve switched the eyeliners up a bit and have a mascara to add on. 

Colourpop Creme Gel ($6)

Yup. Colourpop. Again. I am loving these liners but specifically in Get Paid and Best O. A combination of the two is also awesome. They do tug a bit when you’re putting them on and you have to work fast because they dry fast, but the staying power is all day long. All. Day. Long! I’m not even exaggerating. I have also been doing more winged liner looks and gel liners are perfect for them. If you want a more in depth review on these liners or their stick ones (which will be mentioned below) you can check out my review here. 


Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in No Shame ($5)

I did say I was expecting to love this color but fell in love with Best O instead. However, I’m loving this for tightlining and putting it on my waterline. It is still dark enough to fill everything in but it gives the look just a little something extra. I’ve tossed the black liner and am solely sticking with the purples! 


Better Than Sex Mascara ($23)

I told you this would show up on the favorites. My new holy grail mascara. This lengthens, adds volume, and is the prefect shade of intense black! The only thing is that it isn’t waterproof, which is usually a must with me. I haven’t noticed any running with it yet though. However I haven’t put it to my usual waterproof mascara test and won’t be able to until the summer. Whitewater rafting. Yup, if my mascara can make it through a day of crazy rapid on the upper half of the river, and intense drinking on the slower, lower portion of the river then it is a winner. For now though it is still number one in my book! 


Lipstick and Lipbalm Favorites

I’ve pretty much tossed the dark red wine shades I was wearing in October in favor of these two colors. I tend to switch off between the two but in November I was constantly wearing one or the other. 

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II from the Lolita Lip Duo ($20)

I wrote an in depth review on this kit, as well as this shade, in the same post I wrote about the mascara (which is linked above if you’re interested.) This is currently a limited edition set though Lolita is part of the permanent collection and at some point in 2016 Lolita II will be added to it.

As I edit this I’ve found out that Lolita II is now available on Sephora online for VIB and VIB Rouge and will be out in stores and for regular customers later this month! 

Lolita II is such a pretty, soft, rosey, orange shade. I absolutely love it. It pulls dark on me but is still a nice, soft shade regardless. I feel like I could dress it up or wear it down, but I tend to wear it down. I can’t get enough of this shade. 


OFRA Long Lasting Lipstick Collaboration With KathleenLights in Miami Fever ($20)

I will have a full review up on this shade in a few days but for now just look at how lovely this is! I can’t say I’ve seen any other lipstick in this shade (not that I’ve truely looked.) It’s a gorgeous burnt orange, brown color and it is universally flattering. It pulls different shades on different people. It is a darker orange on me, which I’m loving. It was perfect for fall and I don’t care if it isn’t a winter color; I’m going to keep on rocking it. The OFRA formula is very moussey and easy to wear, though it is not kiss proof! It is also fairly long lasting, though not through food. Regardless I am interested in purchasing more OFRA lipsticks but for now this is a definite go to. This is limited edition though so once it is gone, it’s gone.


Face Makeup Favorites

I’m still loving Wisp from Colourpop but I kept finding myself reaching for my OFRA Illuminizing Blush Stripes so when I saw this particular highlighter was being offered as a refill I had to snag it. I also finally found a blush I enjoy, though I am still sticking with the E.L.F. Foundation. 

Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm ($6)

Nikkitutorials on YouTube has been suggesting for awhile now that this is the best makeup primer you could use so considering the price I decided to give it a try. Worst case situation if it didn’t work for my makeup I would at least have a shave balm for my legs and bikini line, or S could use it if he ever decides to shave off his gigantic beard.

It works pretty well for makeup though. It works better than any high end primer I’ve received in a beauty box and I am still not even going to talk about that E.L.F. Primer! It does have a “man” scent to it, a very traditional after shave scent but it goes away by the time you’ve finished applying all your foundation. I would say it’s worked for at least five hours without any sliding or wear but I haven’t worn it for longer than that yet. 


OFRA Highlight Collaboration with the DupeThat Girls in You Dew You ($15-$24)

This highlighter. I just can’t say enough good things about it. It is just so gorgeous. When you look at it in the pan it has a beautiful champagne/rose gold/gold duochrome look. On your cheeks it is the most gorgeous champagne gold. I am just so in love. I bought it in the refill to try it but I will definitely be picking up the full size. The refill is 4grams and the full size is 10grams, so there is quite a difference there. Also this is a pretty extreme highlighter, just how I like them, though it can be blended out to be a bit more subtle. The lasting time on it is about 5 hours without a setting spray and has lasted up to 7 hours on me with a setting spray. 


Miami Fever on my lips and You Dew You as the highlight. My eyes are lined in Colourpop’s Get Paid.

Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush in Wildflower ($17)

We received this in the October Boxycharm and it seems to be what I’ve been looking for. It’s a nice, natural shade of pink without being too dusty or too bright. It is smooth, blendable, long lasting, and just pigmented enough without being overboard. I’m constantly reaching for this blush. 


Makeup Tool Favorites

These are the brushes and makeup tools I can’t seem to stop reaching for. Obviously I use more than just these few but these are the tools that I’ve been especially enjoying this past month.

Morphe Soft Fan Brush in M601 ($5)

A heads up to any vegans out there this is made from badger. I’m quite sure they don’t hurt the badger in the process of making these but I can’t guarantee that. They do have a line of synthetic brushes and specifically vegan brushes if you’re interested, but I figured I would throw this out there before I began my review, as the use of animal fur of any type can be a very strong dissuader for some people.

That being said this is my go to highlight brush. It holds a fairly large amount of product and is just the right shape and size for applying it onto my upper cheekbones. I actually purchased a whole set of Morphe brushes off from Hautelook this summer specifically looking for a good fan brush for highlighting. I can say I successfully found one! 


Morphe Tapered Blush Brush M105 ($5)

Again this is a sable brush so it is made with real fur. I also received this in the same set as the fan brush from Hautelook. I had used it when I first got it but didn’t find it to be anything too special. So when I picked it up reverently I was pleasantly surprised at the product it picked up and the very natural look it left once I used it to apply the brush. Goodbye synthetic and hello natural fibers! I can’t imagine picking up another synthetic blush brush after using this. Like I said it is much more natural. It does not leave clown face and it blends the blush really well. I’m happy I decided to give this a second chance. 


Real Techniques Miracle Correction Sponge ($6)

I won’t lie. I haven’t tried the Beauty Blender and after using this I won’t be. I did have a really just craptastic, random beauty sponge. This clearly blows that out of the water. It’s so soft and it deposits foundation in a nice natural way. However you can also pick up a lot of makeup and really cake it on if that’s what you’re going for. In other words, play around with it because you can really get a number of different results. I also like that it has a flat end and then the pointed tip for getting in around the eyes and edges of the nose. 


Baby Favorites

Honest Formula Dispenser($7)

I didn’t buy this, I probably wouldn’t have bought this to be honest. I received it at my baby shower and thought I would never use it. Now that I am formula feeding it has really come in handy. If we are just making a trip to get groceries at the closest Hannaford it is a 45 minute trip one way so it’s great to have this with us instead of a whole can of formula. It’s also great at night. I leave it beside the bed then I don’t have to run downstairs to make the bottles! 


Phillips Avent 9oz Glass Bottles 3 Pack($29)

We needed to up the size of our bottles because Butt is a little piggy and can often eat 5-6 ounces in a sitting. Besides, I like the bigger bottles regardless. I love glass and refuse to use plastic. Not because I’m afraid of cancer from the plastic; I think the cancer scare tactic is way overused, but because I hate that the smell gets stuck in plastic and that if we wash them with at the same time as anything that had red sauce in them they get stained orange. Gross. And I like my Tommee Tippees but the one plastic Avent we have fit better in S’s hands so I compromised with him and we did glass Avents. I’m actually loving them. Maybe even a little more than the Tommees. 


Miscellaneous Favorites

I don’t think I really need to explain this category. It’s anything not makeup or baby related… Obviously. 

Diablo II($20-40)

Yup. I’m not a gamer but S and the other guys that work for him in the kitchen are. Recently they all decided they were going to start playing Diablo II again together and somehow I got roped into it. I can’t complain though I am completely obsessed. I don’t know anything about the story so don’t ask but I can tell you I am obsessively running mate around killing things for loot and, honestly, it’s pretty awesome. I’m happy they got me to do it. It’s just one more way for S and I to hang out when the baby goes to bed. Instead of me watching tv or reading while he plays video games, we can play together! 


Shit That Sucked

Lush Herbalism Cleanser ($33)

Mine actually wasn’t as expensive, thankfully, because they had the smaller size available. First off this smells horrible. Even if this did work (which it doesn’t but I’ll get to that) I wouldn’t use it just because of the smell. It’s like grass but wet, gross, weird grass. Mixed with weed and some sort of nutty smell. I don’t know but it isn’t good. It is really rough on my face. I come away feeling like I just scratched the shit out of it. I also come away feeling like there is a weird film left over my face. Which there appears to be. Something in this just doesn’t wash off, which really makes the cleansing part pointless. Mine finally expired so I will be tossing that right into the trash. 


Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier Anti-Redness BB Cream($11)

I picked this up this summer when I had red, patchy skin when I was pregnant. I only tried it once and didn’t really care for it but I kept it. This fall I picked it up again thinking maybe I could cover up some of the red that is appearing more now that it’s winter and my skin is drying. I still hate it. It is pretty thick coverage for a BB cream, which isn’t an issue. The issue is that it turns an orange shade. Not at first. At first it just looks like a nude or buff shade but after a few minutes it turns orange. And it turns my whole face orange even when I use it under my concealer. The pictures really don’t show it well but trust me, it happens, and apparently I’m not the only one it has happened to. 


I think that’s it for favorites and shit that sucks. I know it’s a little late but this time of year has become crazy! I have a few other posts to get up but they’ll probably be slow in coming as we will be in Connecticut for a few weeks for Christmas. If I’m not back before I hope everyone has a great holiday season and New Year! 

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