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Mini Sephora Haul (Kat Von D & Too Faced)

I recently picked up a couple products from Sephora. The Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo and Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara. Both are great. I know the mascara isn’t anything new but I’ve been on the search for the perfect mascara, or at least one I like a decent amount. As for the lipsticks what better way to try out The Kat Von D formula, especially the cult favorite Lolita? This seemed like a good way to me! 


Too Faced 

Better Than Sex Mascara ($23)

This mascara has been around for awhile and is undoubtedly not new to anyone. I’ve heard it hyped up so much I needed to try it. That and I can’t ever seem to find a mascara that gives my lashes good volume. So I bit the bullet and bought it, and I love it! 

First off, the packaging. You know how sometimes makeup comes in packaging that looks like metal but you pick it up and it’s really cheap feeling plastic? That is not this. This has really nice, heavy, metal packaging. I really liked the way it felt in my hands. I’m not a fan of pink but it is certainly true to Too Faced and their cutesy packaging. 

I also love the brush. It’s an odd shape but what I really love is that it isn’t one of those silicon applicators. I am not a fan of those at all. This is a much more old school type bristle. 

It is a great dark black, really dark. It gives me length, which I don’t care about quite as much but of course is a plus. And the volume! The only thing that has given me this kind of volume is the Younique Fiber Lash Mascara and I just don’t have time for that shit, even if it is really good. My lashes almost look like in wearing false lashes (from afar, not up close) but I’m not because let’s face it, I can’t figure those out. 

The only con I have with this is that it can be clumping. I have to apply it fairly carefully in order to stop that. Also why is it the second eye always applies better than the first? Anyway if I use my makeup mirror on the magnified side and go really slow then the mascara won’t clump, but if you don’t feel like taking the extra minute to apply this carefully it might be enough of a con to pass it up. It isn’t for me though. This instantly became a Holy Grail for me, and I’m not sure I’ve had a Holy Grail makeup product before! 


Kat Von D 

Lolita Lip Duo ($20)

 I’m going to start with this is anLimited Edition package. Lolita is part of the permanent collection, though it is often sold or so you have to act fast, and Lolita II will be part of the permanent collection sometime next year (date tba.) I got mine at Sephora during their second stock but it has since sold out. I’m guessing completely because they’ve pulled it from the site completely. However you can find it currently at the newly released Kat Von D beauty website, which I’ve linked above. If you want it I would buy it quickly as it is going fast.

Everyone knows the Lolita story right? People fell in love with this color and it sold out. They reformulated and repackaged the liquid lipsticks and when they did they messed up the color, releasing the second and browner “bad batch” of Lolita. Then they “corrected” the color and released this, which was still a darker color than the original but much closer. This is now the “original” Lolita. This third color is the Lolita we have in the duo. However Lolita II; which is described as a terracota shade of Lolita, looks much closer to the actual original Lolita. 


This is not my photo. It belongs to, and will link you to, the DupeThat girls. If you love swatches and looking for dupes check out their site and definitely add them on Instagram.
These come in clear tubes with that swirly flower tattoo pattern on the cap. It has the traditional doe foot applicator, and for some reason there is a spring force that pops the cap up. So you twist it open and then the cap/applicator pop up. I don’t know why that’s needed but it’s there. The packaging isn’t anything special but it isn’t bad either. 

As for the formula these do dry slightly tacky. If you hate the Colourpop formula and how drying it can be you’ll probably love these. I’m not a huge fan myself. Because they stay semi tacky I feel like I’m more aware of them on my mouth and that I feel like I need to be more careful because they will wipe off. That’s just in my head though because these are long wearing. I wore mine for 7 to 8 hours and didn’t need to touch them up until I ate. My food did take them off completely, so don’t expect there to be much left when you’re done eating. 

Now to the individual colors…


I did feel like the original Lolita formula was thicker than the Lolita II. One swipe and I had plenty of color on my lips. It also goes on with ease. These aren’t messy at all, which is great for someone like me who is a mess herself. I was really impressed with the application process. 

As for the color I do like it but as usual it pulls darker on me than others. This isn’t horrible though. I still really like the color I just feel like because it pulls dark it makes it more of a night time/going out/dressing up type color for me. I’m definitely glad I tried it but Lolita isn’t something I’m going to run out and buy a full size of when I’m out of this. 


Without flash.


With flash.
Without flash.
With flash.

Lolita II

 Now this formula felt thinner to me. I actually thought the first layer went on a bit patchy but once I put on the second layer it evened up and looked great. Again, super easy to apply. 
The color. Oh man, I am in love with this color. This has been one of my two go-to colors this month! It is a warm orange pink. This was much more day time wearable for me. It did darken a little on me but not outrageously. I just am in love with it. I will be purchasing a full size once it is out next year, that is if it doesn’t sell out before I can get to it!


Withot flash.
With flash.
Withot flash.
With flash.

Overall I’m really happy with both of these purchases. I’ve found a mascara that is going to become a staple in my collection and a lip color that is perfection. How could I be disappointed? I couldn’t. Expect to see these show up in my favorites, probably month after month. 

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