Baby · Rainbow Baby

Giggles and Teeth

We’re meeting even more milestones over here! Good ones like rolling and ones that may not be considered bad but definitely aren’t fun, like teething.

We have a child who hates tummy time. Do any babies like it or is that just a lie put it there into the world like “you’ll be able to sleep when the baby sleeps”? He isn’t one of those babies who just falls asleep. Now, he screams and screams and screams. He has great head control and has for quite awhile so he does what he’s supposed to. He lifts his head as high as he can, stares you straight in the eyes, and screams some more. About three weeks ago he rolled over. He did it, I saw him, I swear. And then he refused to ever do it again so his father didn’t believe me. I barely believed me!! Then last week he looked at me and did it again like he’d been doing it his whole life. This time I was prepared though and got a video of it. Since then he had gone back to not rolling. Whatever I’m sure he’ll do it more in time. Besides we need to work on back to front now anyway.

Baby Butt also started giggling. Well he had been giggling for awhile. Those small, cute giggles but he finally had his first really big, I find-what-you’re-doing-hillarious, giggle. He won’t ever do it for S and I but he loves laughing at my mother. She just makes weird noises and he thinks it’s hillarious. I could make the same noise and he just looks at me like I’m the most ridiculous human being he has ever seen. Luckily I got a video of this too because S wasn’t around for that either. 

That’s the shitty thing about being a full time working parent. You miss a lot. I’m looking forward to going back to work and being around adults but I also know that because of this I’ll likely miss first crawls, first steps, and fist words. That doesn’t mean that the first time I personally see him doing them won’t be any less special but it makes seeing him roll for his very first time and giggling like a mad man even more special. 

On the not so fun side I’m quite sure he’s starting to teeth. His drool had decreased until the last week to week and a half where it has ramped right up. He is also constantly rubbing his cheek, but especially when he is sleeping. Oh and the cough. I know he’s not sick so where is the cough coming from? All that excess drool. Lastly, when I feel in his mouth I can’t feel anything yet but he chimps down and starts chewing like a mad man. I feel bad because he seems uncomfortable but there isn’t a whole lot I can do. I could give him Tylenol but I’m holding off at this point until it gets worse. He hasn’t been cranky from it yet so it doesn’t appear as though it’s a huge pain for him, it seems more annoying than anything. I wish he could tell me though because it’s so hard to gauge. 

Other than that though we are coming up on four months. In some ways it seems so quick like I was pregnant just yesterday but in other ways it seems like a life time. I can’t wait to see what else he is going to learn in a month! 


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