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November 2015 BoxyCharm Review

What? A Boxycharm review out in the same month that I received the box? It’s unheard of! I found time somewhere, so why not. 

If you don’t know Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box costing $21 a month. Blah, blah, blah… You all already know right? No. Ok fine. You get five full or travel sized products to try from different brands. The box typically retails at over $100. It’s a great way to try new brands you’ve never heard of or to try different kinds of products, especially if you’re just getting into make. Anyway if you want to check it out you can go here

Beauty Par-Tea



Leave-In Treatment ($14.95)
I’ve only used one leave in conditioner and that was from a box we received this summer. I hated it. So I’m a little iffy about trying this and must admit I haven’t actually done so yet. 

We’ve also received some Coolway products before. I don’t hate them, I don’t love them. I do hate their packaging. What the fuck is up with the people on their? I just feel like it’s really cheesy. It still wouldn’t be great without the models on them but it would definitely be better. 

Like I said I have not tried this yet but it does smell good, but not necessarily something I would put in my hair. It almost smells like fruit loops. It is definitely a fruity smell. Maybe there is coriander in there. Did you know coriander smells just like fruit loops? True story. Go open your spice cabinet and smell it! Do other people have spice cabinets? Is coriander even a spice most people have? I don’t know. I don’t cook but S is a spice freak and can make the craziest flavors. Anyway… I got way off topic. So this smells like fruit. That’s basically all the info I can give you on this. I am not going to rate it either since I have actually tried it yet. 



Concealer Brush #211 ($17)

I received a different Luxie blush in either Boxycharm or Ipsy awhile ago and I love it! It’s one of my two go to brushes for highlight so I was really excited to see this brand. I was disappointed that it was yet another concealer brush. I feel like we get lots of concealer brushes and I don’t use them. But I did see KathleenLights unboxing and she suggested that because of its small size and because its synthetic it is perfect for Colourpop eyeshadow. And you know how I feel about Colourpop! So i gave it a try.

I usually use my finger because you can pack more pigment on but as usual Kathleen is right. This is perfect for Colourpop. It really picks up and packs that pigment on. And it’s small enough you can work it into your crease or outer corner very easily. I am going to give this an A. The minus is solely because I’m afraid to give anything an A but also because even though it worked out; please stop sending us concealer brushes! 



Eye Serum ($65)
I have horrible undereye circles and always have. Even as a kid I had them. So I will try anything, though at this point I almost feel like I would look weird without them. I’ve only been using this for like four days and so far I haven’t seen a difference. It does have a nice cooling feel when you put it on though. I don’t know if that’s doing anything but it makes it feel like it is. This is another product I don’t have a ton of info on. If this does end up working though I promise I’ll post an update. Also for the price it better work!! At this point based on nothing I’m giving it a B- but this has potential to work it may go up. 


Manna Kadar

Lip Lock Stain in Lucky ($24)

Another rosey pink glossy lipstick. I feel like we get this color a lot. It does seem to be a universally flattering color but it’s boring. I’ve also found as I get into lipsticks that I prefer matte lipsticks. Not just because that’s on trend right now but because I find myself playing with my lips more often when it is glossy. If it’s matte I don’t feel like it’s sliding so I just leave it. 

Regardless this product formula does seem nice. It has a thick creamy feel to it and is very opaque. It has your usual doe foot applicator and it is very easy to apply. I didn’t have any issues getting this exactly where I want it on my lips. Overall this isn’t bad. I don’t like the glossiness but even then I wouldn’t have minded it it was at least a different shade. Also I thought this was pretty close to the lipstick they sent last month. It isn’t. It is more rosey while the Beauty For Real lipstick pulls more red. I’ll have competitive swatches below. I will give this a C+. 


Without flash
With flash
Without flash: Manna Kadar on top and Beauty for Real on bottom
With flash: Manna Kadar on top and Beauty for Real on bottom

Studio Makeup

Soft Blend Blush in Wildflower ($12)

I’ve been into trying different brands and shades of blush lately so I was excited to see this. This is a nice pink color that isn’t too bright (like all the other beauty subscription blushes I’ve received) but not too dusty either. I wore this and it’s a really nice, natural flush pink. It also is decently pigmented but not too much so. Sometimes I get frustrated with higher pigmented blushes because they’re just so vibrant and I find them a bit harder to blend out. Not this one. It was very natural right off the bat. 

It is a powder formula but has a nice smooth, creamy feel to it. When I wore it it stayed on all day. Whichbmaybhave been my new primer but still. No complaints here about how long it lasted! 

Also can we talk about the packaging? It is plastic but it is a nice, thick, heavy plastic. I think I looks really nice, especially when you open it. Even more though it felt nice in my hand. I’m giving this an A as well. 


Without flash
With flash
Without flash

With flash. This looks much brighter than it actually is in person.

This box retailed at $132.95! A great value for only having paid $21. I enjoyed this box much more than last months. My favorites are definitely the blush and brush. Least favorite is probably the lipstick based on color along. Overall it does seem like a good product, it just wasn’t a shade for me. As for the conditioner and eye serum the verdict is still out on them but if the serum does what it says it will then that will go on the favorites list too and make me a very happy girl!  


2 thoughts on “November 2015 BoxyCharm Review

    1. Doesn’t seem to do much for my circles, but those are a pretty big battle to tackle. I would say it does reduce puffiness though. Also of you have dry skin it may burn it a little, which makes me think it may do the same with sensitive skin. It hadn’t been burning me at first but after I spent a day outside and my skin was a little more raw it did burn that night. Overall eh. I wouldn’t repurchase.


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