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Colourpop Haul & Review

Any of you who have been following me for a bit know I am in love with Colourpop. To the point where I may be a bit addicted. I’m constantly wasting money I don’t really have. So naturally when they said they were coming out with Creme Gel and Creme Gel Liners I knew I would have to place an order, besides I had been wanting to try their highlights anyway.

Unlike with the Ultra Matte Lipsticks they did not give us a release date. I actually saw On Kathleenlights Instagram that they had gone live 15 minutes after she posted it. I was lucky with the Lipsticks to be able to actually place an order when they went live the first time but it took me about 3 hours to do so because the site kept crashing. Because of that debacle I wasn’t sure how fast the liners would sell so I instantly hopped over to their site and frantically started placing the few that I had designated as my “must haves” into my cart. I only picked up a couple and figured I would go back later for other colors I might like once I had tried these. Apparently I didn’t need to rush quite so much because these didn’t sell nearly as quickly as the lipsticks.

So needless to say I have a haul for you that includes highlights, lipsticks, and both types of liners. I already own a ton of the lipsticks and meant to do a review months ago but never got to it, so I’ll share my two newest colors and let you know what I think of those, as well as the overall product. Lets just say Colourpop hasn’t really disappointed me yet!

Super Shock Highlighters ($8)

Like their cheek and eye colors these highlighters come in the signature Colourpop creamy/moussey formula. I would say that the highlighters are less cream to powder though and lean more on just the cream side. Definitely make sure your put the tops back on nice and tight or these babies will lose there magestic powers!

They also last all. Day. Long! I’m not joking. You do not need to touch these up. I usually do because I’m insane and just feel like I want more highlight even though I haven’t lost any, but you really don’t need to. Like most Colourpop products you get the best coverage when you use your fingers to apply these. If I’m going for a softer look I’ll apply them with my fingers then blend them out with a large synthetic stipple brush.

I talked about this highlighter a bit in my October favorites. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I got it. It is described as a golden champagne with a gold duo chrome finish. It is gold! Like the perfect gold, in my opinion. It’s a gold that would look great on all skin tones, but I’m sure this is super super gorgeous on darker skin tones. As for the duo chrome… What are you talking about Colourpop? I don’t see anything duo chrome about this. Just gorgeous, gorgeous gold. And that is A ok with me!


Without flash

With flash.
Lunch Money

I didn’t even read the discription online when buying this one but apparently it is a light gold with a golden duo chrome finish. Again, I don’t see the duo chrome but that isn’t important to me anyway. I bought this after seeing it in tutorial after tutorial online. It’s just so gorgeous. When I got it and saw it in the pot I thought “oh shit that’s gold!” I was afraid I got a highlighter that looked exactly like Wisp but luckily that wasn’t the case. This is a much lighter gold, almost silver on my skin tone. I don’t feel like this one has quite the same effect as Wisp, it’s much more subtle, but it is still electric in its own way. I love this one just as much!

Without flash
With flash

Ultra Matte Lipsticks ($6)

These are currently the only liquid matte lipsticks I own (I have some Kat Von D ones shipping as we speak) so I don’t have a lot to compare them to but I love them. They dry down fairly quickly, I would say it takes about a minute, and stay on forever. When I say forever I mean forever! I went to a wedding and even after I ate the color was still going strong save for a few spots here and there. They are also very kiss proof.

One of The negatives are their messiness. I have such a hard time getting these babies on. Partly because they do dry so quickly and partly because I myself am a fucking disaster when it comes to apply things like this. You’ll see what a disaster I am in the More Better lip swatches. I do find if I put a fine, thin layer around the edges of my lips like a lip liner then fill them in I do much better. Some colors definitely layer better than others. They also have a standard doe foot applicator.

The other negative for some people will be the way they wear. They dry down to a pretty heavy, cement like feel. There is no moisture getting through them to your lips. So if you don’t like that heavy matte feeling you won’t like these. You can just put a balm or Chapstick under it and that should help, or if you’re like me it just won’t bother you regardless. Overall though I am enjoying these lipsticks.

More Better
On the website this is described as a deep violet wine. I would say that pretty much hits the nail on the head. I am absolutely obsessed with this color even though it’s one of the harder ones for me to apply. This was the color I wore to the wedding and it lasted the whole night. My biggest issue is that when I do mess up the application on this and try to take it off the pink smudges all over my face causing a bigger mess. Again, I’m sure this is more a me issue than a product issue because I am a sloppy mess. Also it has major staining abilities. You’ll see.

This color is perfect for fall and holiday time, but because of the pinkiness in it I would say it could be worn anytime. I also don’t adhere to seasonal rules though and do what I want so maybe don’t listen to me when it comes to stuff like that. I will say I got so many compliments on my lip color when I wore this to the wedding. I feel like I get lots of compliments when I wear Colourpop makeup though and people probably get sick of me saying “it’s Colourpop, you need to try it!!”

Without flash
With flash
Without flash
With flash

This is the stain left behind after removing the lipsticks with makeup remover and washing my hands with soap and water…

This is probably one of the more frustrating colors for me. Beeper is described as a warm mid-tone taupe, but on me it always seems to have more cool grey in it. Yes Taupe is basically greige so this is totally my fault but still. It dries down darker on me than it seems to on others, much like Lumierre and Bumble do. I wear it when I’m going for a grungier 90s pale lip look or that Kylie Jenner look but eugh!! I don’t know. I look at pictures of this on Instagram and it just looks like such a gorgeous pinky nude on everyone. Even the people it dries darker on it has a warmer tone to it. I just don’t feel like it does that for me. Of course it looks warmer in the lip swatches below but it doesn’t look like that on my whole face. I think it must have something to do with the tone of my lips changing it or the tone of my skin just not working with it. I will continue to wear this and it is a great color it is just not exactly what I expected. And that’s my bad for expecting something to look the same on me as it does on others. That is not the way the world works Sonja, you know better!


Without flash

With flash


Without flash
With flash

Creme Gel Pots ($6) and Creme Gel Liners ($5)

I have been waiting for Colourpop to come out with eyeliner ever since I found them. Eyeliner is hands down my must have makeup product. Even when I have a makeupless day I still always throw eyeliner on my tightline and waterline. When they announced that they were doing these I just about fell out of my chair with excitement. When I saw all of the amazing colors I did fall out of it! Not really but just about. I don’t know why I didn’t expect such an amazing array of colors. I should have because every time Colourpop does something new they go all out. This was no difference.

So first I’m going to talk about the gel pots. I’ve only really gotten into gel liners but I am loving them, so I was really excited about these. I will say this formula lasts so long! All day. That is hands down one of my favorite things about Colourpop. Everything they do is so long lasting, but I digress. The issue I had with the gel pots is that some of the darker formulas are really dry. They don’t apply all that smooth because of this. This may be a deal breaker for some people but I can work with it. I know now though that I should buy the darker colors in the stick form rather than the pot. My lighter color, Get Paid went on smooth as butter though. So it seems like it’s something in the colors. 

Now the liners in stick form also were very long wearing. I wore the liner pencil in Puppy on Halloween and did that horrible thing people do… I went to bed without washing my face. The liner was still on, albeit less vibrant. So it lasted all afternoon and through the entire night! How awesome is that? Oh and they stay on the waterline all day too without so much as a single smear. That’s very important to me because I always line my tightline and waterline. These aren’t advertised as being waterproof but they do appear to be. 

These are also much creamier when applying than the pots. Because of this though thy do break very easily so don’t push them up too high! Colourpop does warn you about this on the little info cards they give you. My biggest drawback with the liner is that it seems like there isn’t much product in there. Granted you aren’t paying a woke lot for these but I know I’m going to go through these insanely fast so it would be nice if there was a little more product. 


Get Paid
There were two colors I knew I needed to have when I saw swatches for these products. Get Paid was one of them. This is a gorgeous rose gold. I do not own a liner even remotely close to this color. I feel like this would be universally faltering on everyone. I’m in love with it. In especially liking layering it on top of Best O. Of all the gel pots this one had the creamiest formula and was the easiest to apply. 

Without flash
With flash



Without flash
With flash

No Shame
Even more than black I love dark purple liners. They’re my go to. They’re dark enough to look black but have enough purple to make my green eyes pop. Because of this I thought that No Shame was going to be my favorite of the colors I got, the one that would be my go to. It’s not. It is nice but I just ended up liking one of the other colors better for my every day use. This pot was probably the driest of the four colors and the hardest to apply but it is still workable. 


Without flash
With flash


Without flash
With flash



Best O 
I didn’t think I would like this color as much because I thought it would be more brown but this is the color that has turned into my favorite every day color. When I want to spice it up I layer Get Paid over the top of it. This is a much lighter purple than my usual but I know that in going to cruise right through the liner so I may pick up a few more just to have them around. 


Without flash

With flash

Without flash
With flash

Best O eith Get Paid gel pots layered over it on top, Best O liner on the waterline and Get Paid liner below that on the lower lid.


Call Me
I have no idea why I picked this one up because I am not a brown liner fan. I think I just had anxiety and started throwing things in my cart because I was afraid that the site would start crashing like it did when the matte lipsticks released. That did not happen this time though. I only got this in the pot and did not get it in the liner. Which means I’ll probably be even less likely to use it. I just don’t do looks with brown liner. Who knows maybe I’ll try to mix things up just to use this. 


Without flash

With flash
Without flash
With flash


This was the second color I knew I had to have and I am so happy I got it! I have never seen a liner color like this before. It’s such a magnetic orange/salmon color. It is so pretty and it is so much funny owner. I only got this in the liner and I will definitely be purchasing this in the pot. It makes me want to try all the other bright shades out, and by golly I think I will! 


Without flash

With flash

Without flash from top to bottom: Get Paid Gel Pot and Liner, No Shame Gel Pot and Liner, Best O Gel Pot and Liner, Call Me Gel Pot, Puppy Gel Liner.

With flash from top to bottom: Get Paid in Gel Pot and Liner, No Shame in Gel Pot and Liner, Best O in Gel Pot and Liner, Call Me Gel Pot, Puppy Gel Liner.

Overall I would say I’m very happy with these products. I do wish the Creme gel pots had less tugging and were a little less drying. I also wish I wasn’t such a mess when it comes to applying the lipsticks, but I will definitely be purchasing more of these products on different shades. 

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