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3 Months and Some Days

Well here we are at 3 months! There have been some great moments and some bumps. Hopefully though we’ve crossed the biggest bump for now.

Baby Butt has always been on the smaller side with his weight but he’s fairly long. So when he wasn’t gaining weight super fast we thought it was because every time he would go through his growth spurts he would lengthen before the fat could catch up. Apparently that wasn’t the case. 

At our two month check Butt was only weighing in at 9.7lbs. It was a gain from the month before; a small gain at only a pound but a gain none the less. The doctor wasn’t worried yet but did want to keep up on it so she had us schedule a nurse check for a month later.

We went in to our nurse appointment on Monday only to find out he hadn’t gained at all. He was exactly the same at 9.7lbs. Of course this out me into insta-anxiety. Have I ever talked about my anxiety issues? I don’t think so but regardless, this did not help. I instantly felt like the worst mother in the world. My kid has been hungry and I haven’t been able to tell. What mother can’t tell that her kid is hungry?!? In my defense he never cried when he would pop himself off the boob, save for a few occasions, is developing perfectly in every other way, and is a fairly happy baby. 

Anyway, after talking to the doctor she thought maybe I wasn’t producing enough, especially when I told her how little I get on the pump. So we went on an exclusive expressed milk and formula supplementation routine for the next couple days. That way we could make sure he was getting what he needed. 

We went back on Monday and he had gone up to 10.1lbs! The doctor said they usually look for a 32gram increase and he had increased 250grams! I don’t know why they talk at me in the metric system because we’re in America sooo I have no idea how much that equates to but whatever. It’s great progress. Because of this I’ve put aside my goal of breastfeeding exclusively until 6 months and have decided to go about the same routine we are on. I’ll obviously pump and get him as much breastmilk as I can but I feel like it’s more important for him to be healthy than it is for me to reach my goals. I’m also trying not to beat myself up too much but I can’t help doing it a bit. 

Other than that bump though, things have been really good. We have a great night time schedule, he smiles all the time, and he loves to talk. He is a constant talker. He’s also sooo close to rolling from stomach to back but scares himself every time he gets close. He also despises tummy time so he probably doesn’t try as hard as he could because he’s too busy just laying their stubbornly while screaming as hard as he can. 

I’m excited to see how quickly his weight goes up from here on out. I want to see some really chunky baby thighs!  And his mental development too. We seem to be in this great period where things are moving so quickly. I also have some 3 month pictures. I was lazy and just tossed the sticker on top of his Halloween onesie that he is wearing 4 days after Halloween… We might as well get as many uses out of it as we can right?


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