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October 2015 Boxycharm Review

I know I suck, I missed September. I’m back though with October. I am late with this but this time it isn’t my fault. I had changed my shipping address with Boxycharm back in July but for some reason they only sent it here once and then started sending it to my old address again. Luckily that is my work address so S has just brought it home from there the last couple times it happened. Well he was so occupied with making sure everything was perfect for Em’s wedding (he was catering) that he kept forgetting it there. Finally one of my other friends dropped it off because she got sick of seeing it sitting on his desk and knew I would want it. Good story Sonja… anyway. Now that you have that useless information lets jump in!

Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box costing $21 a month. There are 4-5 full size beauty products ranging from face and hair products, to makeup. More often than not Boxycharm retails at over $100, the lowest retailing box I have received I believe may have been around $89. That is still 4 times what you paid for the box! I would say that is a pretty awesome deal. And, like in life, sometimes the boxes are awesome and sometimes they’re just ok. This, of course, boils down to personal preference. A month I may not have loved as much may end up being someone else’s favorite month yet. If any of you are interested in getting your own Boxycharm subscription you can do so here.

Faces of the Moon



Beauty for Real

True Color Lip Cream in Always There ($22)

Look familiar? Yup that is because back in January I got this exact lip cream. In the Exact. Same. Color. What the fuck Boxycharm? At least send a different shade! I’m actually really disappointed in this. To the point where this kind of ruins this entire box for me (not that it is my all time favorite box anyway.) I don’t mind trying the same product it’s just that I would rather have a different shade. The real kicker is that there were like 4 different items that we could have received and I haven’t tried any of the other ones.

Even though my initial reaction back in January was to like this product I rarely ever find myself reaching for it. Because it is such a standard shade I leave it in my purse so I always have a lip shade with me. It is creamy. It is ok as far as how long it lasts. It has the cute light. Whatever. As a product I would give this a B but Boxycharm gets a big fat F for sending me the same product twice. Am I being too hard on them? I think I am. It is a nice color though.


Without flash
Without flash
With flash
With flash
Without flash
Without flash
With flash
With flash


Palmetto Derma

Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask ($64)

I was excited to get a new mask to try, and holy the price! This is three times the amount I paid for the box! Anyway, this is a thick, creamy, oatmeal mask. It actually was easier than I had expected to apply a thin layer, and it went on really smooth. It does say it has a cooling effect and as soon as I had the mask on my face started tingling. Unfortunately “cooling effects” don’t usually go well with my skin. It tends to make it become itchy and break out. Even though it felt like I might have an allergic reaction I left it on because I’m smart like that. It definitely made my face itchy, and it was very, very red when I washed it off. Once I washed it off though the tingling stopped and my face definitely felt more stiff (again that could be the allergic reaction). I went to bed thinking that this would be a fail and that I would have a fucked up face the next day. However my skin was so soft and smooth!! I was actually pleasantly surprised. I definitely will not be using this regularly but maybe before big occasions or once every couple of weeks. I think if I used it often it could become an issue, and I washed it off after ten minutes rather than the recommended 15-20. I am giving this product an A-.




Lord and Berry

Line/Shade Eyeliner in Dark Black ($18)

I know most people are disappointed when they receive a black liner but I can’t get enough of them. The only color I like better is purple. I actually am starting to run out of good black liners so when I swatched this I became very happy. It is a nice, soft, smooth formula and it is definitely dark black. Exactly what I look for in a liner. The only thing missing is waterproof. This liner dried down fairly quickly so it will definitely work well for fine lines, but was initially soft enough to easily smudge for a smokey eye. I haven’t tried this on my eyes yet so I’m not sure how it will work on my waterline, which is very important to me as I almost always wear black on my waterline and tight line, but I’ve read some really great things. This is getting a B+ with the potential to go up to an A- if it does last long on my waterline.





Cheek and Lip Stain in Coral ($19.99)

We’ve received some Bellapierre loose pigmenta in the past so I was excited to try this. I need different blush shades too, so this was great. As far as lips go it was definitely too light for my complexion. It also was a bit sticky but no worse than your average lipgloss. As for on the cheeks the color is really pretty coral, pink. It isn’t super pigmented but it wasn’t hard to build up either. It blended out well. I used my fingers though, not a brush so I’m not sure how it works that way. My only complaint is that it’s kind of damp and sticky and it stayed that way all day. I didn’t like that at all. I’ll definitely try this again and may use it on my lips over a lipstick to change the shade. Overall I would give this a C+.


Without flash
With flash



Nail Polish in Boneyard ($12)
I really liked this color, especially for fall. I love greys; I think they’re a great neutral, especially when using a brighter accent color. I was not impressed with this polish though. It went on really thin; I needed 4 coats for it to completely cover the nail. It also didn’t last over 5 hours without chipping so you’ll definitely need a good topcoat with it. It did dry really fast so I’ll give it that. Considering it needed a million coats though it better dry fast. This product was a D+, which is too bad because they have some really awesome colors on their website. I’m not going to shell out $12 for them though if they’re anything like this.


One coat
Three coats

The retail value of this box was $135.99! Pretty awesome for only paying $21. I liked that there were mostly makeup products in here, as I’m not big on the face and hair stuff, but they weren’t the best products I’ve ever received either. I’ll give the stain another go, love the liner, and will periodically use the mask. I won’t even gift the polish and may just toss it, and in still bitter about the lip stick though hopefully I’ll start teaching for it more since I do like the product overall. This was on ok month for me. I was hoping since it was October that it would have some more intense colors but overall it was fairly tame. Bring on November Boxycharm!

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