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Too Faced Love Palette

I’ve been wanting to buy an eye shadow palette for awhile but I really can’t every justify paying the price for them. Even more I’ve wanted to try a Too Faced palette. People rave about their products. Finally I caved and just did it. It took a little bit to decide which one I wanted. Everyone talks so highly of the chocolate bar palettes but for some reason neither of them scream my name. So when I came across the Love Palette that came out back in June I knew that was what I wanted. With the beautiful purples and the golds and champagnes I knew they were colors I would wear consistently. So I broke down and spent money I shouldn’t be spending on even more makeup that, in all honesty, I really don’t need.



The Too Faced Love palette comes with 15 shadows influenced by love letters and a black waterproof eyeliner. It retails at $49 and can be found at Too Faced, Sephora, and Ulta. The palette is a hard plastic case that includes a mirror, and three cards with day and night look using each quint, so 6 different looks. There is also a picture of a palette on the back indicating the name of each shadow.

Now, from what I’ve read, there are people who don’t like the formula in this as much as other Too Faced products, like the Chocolate Bar Palette. I, however, have no Too Faced products to compare it too. I instantly knew I had made a good choice when I stuck my finger in the pan to swatch a color. It was buttery, creamy, and the pigmentation was wonderful (I have found some are better than others as you will see in the swatches.) I couldn’t wait to dive into this and see how well everything blended together after feeling the smooth product on my finger. I wasn’t disappointed with that either. They blended together wonderfully and, obviously, the colors in each quint compliment each other wonderfully but I like mixing the 3 quints together just as well. I can easily see why people are in love with Too Faced and I will certainly be purchasing more of their products.

There aren’t many matte shadows. A total of 2, or 3 if you want to count Smitten, though I am not sure I would. The rest of the shadows are glittery and shimmery, so if you prefer matte shadows this palette definitely won’t be for you. If you love shimmer shades, like I do, then you’ll love this. However, like most shimmer shadows, there is fall out. I find that it isn’t nearly as bad as some shimmer shadows I’ve used, but it is there. So you will definitely want to tap your brush before applying and be ready to dust the shimmer off from beneath your eyes. The wear time on these is great. I just through the shadows on the day I got the palette without any primer and in the middle of a very humid heat wave. The shadows didn’t crease and lasted over 7 hours. They have even better wear with primer, and the primer makes them pop more.

The waterproof eyeliner is also nice.  It is a fairly standard liner, but it did last all day. I’ve been using it for my tightline and waterline and getting good, long lasting coverage.

Quint 1

Quint 1

There were 2 colors in this palette that sold me on it for sure, and 1 that I definitely wanted to check out. 1 of those 2 colors was Adore, a beautiful peachy, orange color, and it was as gorgeous swatched as it is in the pan. I actually find myself gravitating to this color over and over again. I also love Deareast. Amorous is one of the two matte shadows in the palette. This quint was very easy to work with and blend, though Adore, Dearest, and Cherish have definite fall out, the worst of the three being Cherish.

Quint 1 No Flash
Quint 1 without flash
Quint 1 Flash
Quint 1 with flash. Look at how gorgeous Adore is!


Quint 2

Quint 2


The other of the 2 colors I knew I would love was Passion, a golden purple. I love purples. I love golden purples like Passion even more. Sadly this quint was the hardest to work with and the least blendable of the three. I found Smitten to be a bit patchy, and Passion and Obsessed just didn’t blend very well. They are still great compared to other brands, but compared to the other colors in the palette they don’t quite hold a candle. Romance is the other of the 2 matte shades. I suppose Smitten could be considered matte but as you can see in the pan, and the swatches, it definitely has some glitter in it. I didn’t have as much fallout with this quint.

Quint 2 No Flash
Quint 2 without flash
Quint 2 Flash
Quint 2 with flash


Quint 3

Quint 3

This quint, like the first one, I found to be quite blendable and easy to work with. Darling was the 3rd color I was curious about. I feel like you don’t see many green shades and when you do they aren’t necessarily super wearable but this colors is really nice. It is a great shade that isn’t too muted or too bright, and can easily be used to make a night look or a casual day look but with a bit of color. It does have a bit of fall out, as did Xoxo, and Devotion probably had the most fall out in this set.

Quint 3 No Flash
Quint 3 without flash
Quint 3 Flash
Quint 3 with flash

Lastly here is a picture of a quick look I created using the 1st quint in the palette on the day I received it. I also used the eyeliner on my waterline and tightline.


Overall I’m very happy with this palette and the choice I made. I keep finding myself grabbing it when I do my makeup. The formula is nice, the colors are beautiful, and I can make numerous looks. I’ve definitely been converted to a Too Faced lover, which could do some real damage to my wallet!!


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