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August 2015 Boxycharm Review

I’m a little late but I  am back with a Boxycharm review for August! Sorry for the couple months of slacking off. It’s hard to keep up when you have a newborn!

As usual Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box with 5 full and travel sized beauty items. This box costs $21 a month but tends to retail for over $100! It really is a great deal if you are obsessed with makeup and want to try something new, but may not necessarily want to spend a ton of money on it. If you would like to subscribe you can do so here.




Nios Shield

Leave-In Conditioner with SPF 15 ($26)

Sure SPF is great but do I really want that in my hair? Nope. I get it. I’ve burned my head where my part is before but I don’t know. I just assumed that this would make my hair greasy and it did. Really greasy. I guess that is fine if I was just going to be throwing it up and going to the beach but not if I wanted just an every day leave-in conditioner. When I applied it just to the ends of my hair like a typical leave-in conditioner it was fine.Nothing any more special than any other conditioner but not worse either. I definitely wouldn’t re-buy this but it isn’t bad to have kicking around for those beach days I suppose. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.



Mica Beauty

Gel Eyeliner in Black ($35)

I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner and have been wanting to. I didn’t feel like purchasing one though because I figured we would be bound to get one eventually. I love this product. It is probably my favorite item in this month’s box. It goes on really easy, creamy, and dark. It sets quickly and lasts all day long. Now if I knew how to do a winged liner look this would be perfect for that, alas I suck at it. Also a little goes a long way so even though this pot seems like it doesn’t have much product I can already tell it is going to last forever. I wouldn’t repurchase just because it seems pretty expensive when I can probably find something that works equally as well, or close to it, for less. I’m giving this 4.5 out of 5.



Eyeliner Brush ($16)

I like the short handle on this brush. It makes me feel like I can get all up in my eye space a bit better. It is a bit stiff, but that makes for good lines for the most part. I do wish it was just a tiny bit more flexible. It also is nice in thin, again making for nice lines. I you are looking for a thicker line though it can easily be used to build the line up. 4 out of 5.



So Susan

Statement Skin Highlighting Crayon ($20)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this at first. If you aren’t into shimmery highlighters than this is definitely not for you. It is a great color and matches the skin tone really well leaving behind a great shimmer. If strobing is your thing then this will be great for it. I wasn’t sure how it would blend out but it does so fairly nicely. However, a little bit goes a long way so don’t just rub a huge patch of the crayon on your face. I also like the chiseled shape of the crayon. Its perfect for getting into small areas, like the cupids bow. I would say I like other highlighters better but this is still a nice product, and great for traveling. You can easily throw this in your purse to take with you wherever you want. 3.5 out of 5.


With flash
With flash

Without flash

Coastal Scents

Revealed 3 Palette ($19.95)

Oh man. You know how I feel about Coastal Scents. I’ve had really great luck with their shadows. They’re typically creamy, rarely crease, and long lasting. Which is great for a brand that I personally think is really affordable. However, I must say I was disappointed with this palette.

I don’t think I’ve every been disappointed with Coastal Scents before. The shadows don’t carry nearly the amount of pigment prior shadows have. They also really didn’t blend well together at all. They were dry, and not the creamy consistency I’m used to with this brand. Actually had this been the first Coastal Scents product I had every tried I probably wouldn’t consider them ever. Which is too bad. I don’t know if I got a faulty palette, if they’ve changed their formula (I hope not!) or if it’s just that the Revealed 3 isn’t as good. I do like the colors and find them very complimentary to one another like the other Revealed palettes. I also love a couple of the matte shades even though they aren’t super pigmented and creamy. They’re perfect for highlighting the brow bone. All in all I am only going to give this palette a 2 out of 5, which makes me really sad. I hope people don’t judge Coastal Scents based off from this product alone because they have some really amazing products. I’m almost always wearing a Coastal Scents shadow and would say they’re one of my go to brands.


Without flash
Without flash

With flash
With flash


Retail Price


This was actually a really great box. It was probably my favorite of the summer, even with the Coastal Scents disappointment and the leave-in conditioner I will barely use. Everything else will definitely be used, even some of the shades in the palette.

Stay tuned guys. My September box should be here in the next couple of days so hopefully I can get that up quickly and get back into the blogging routine.




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