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A Little More Than a Month

Somehow our baby has been sleeping long enough for me to get a quick post in. They are few and far between these days but we are starting to get on a semi-routine so I should be able to start getting more posts in, though they may come a bit late at night. I had been using my late night time to get my little bit of work I’ve been doing from home in, but now that the season is essentially done I should be able to use some of that time for the blog. I still have Boxycharm updates and I know I promised Colourpop updates like 3 months ago! They’re coming, I swear!

For now though the little Baby Butt is a month old! Well technically today he is 5 weeks and 2 days. The month just flew right by. We had a doctors appointment today and he was weighing in at 8lb 7oz and 22inches. Definite progress! Which is great because for a little bit there we weren’t sure he was gaining at all. Right after I posted last week we went in for a weight check and he had only gone up an ounce from the week before. Our doctor wasn’t in so they told us to go in the next day to the walk-in clinic and we would be able to get in with a doctor (not ours) to talk about our options. I was pretty disappointed because I felt like we really had the breastfeeding thing down and I really did not want to supplement.

We went in the next day like they said and ended up waiting in the room for about 45 minutes. Come to find out we were waiting so long because our doctor wanted to see us herself since we are her patients instead of having the on-call doctor see us. They weighed the baby and he was up 8 ounces from the day before. There had obviously been an issue with their scale which was a huge relief. After talking to our doctor too she said that supplementing with formula would have been her last recommendation as she likes to see her patients exclusively breastfeed or pump for at least 6 months, so it was also good to know that she is pretty much 100% on board with the breastfeeding.

We were also able to talk to her about his colic and my worries that he may have reflux. After listing his symptoms for her she did say it sounded like he could have reflux but it may simply just be colic. She prescribed an antacid for him and said we would discuss if it worked in two weeks (today) at our one month appointment. Let me tell you, the medicine has done wonders. He still is a grumpy butt and likes to fight sleep, but he isn’t pulling his legs up and screaming in pain. So I consider that a win. At least now, for the most part, I know when he is crying after we’ve gone through the diaper change/feeding/temperature check/cuddle time that there isn’t really anything wrong and he just needs to cry. I still insist on cuddling him when he’s like this because I feel bad but man, oh man does he fight that sometimes!

We’ve also introduced the bottle. He had no problem taking to that. I’ve been pumping and setting aside one bottle. I will feed the baby a last time at night and put him down to sleep. Then when he wakes up around 3-4ish S. will give him the bottle and put him back to sleep. That way I can typically get at least 5-6 straight hours of sleep. Then I take over for the 6-7am one and on. S. is still being a fantastic help. I honestly can not praise him enough! I’m still not pumping a whole lot, though in the last couple of days I’ve tried a few tricks and have seen a slight increase. I’m hoping that will go up more soon.

I think my mother is going to take him for a couple of hours late this week so I can kind of get used to what it is like being away from him, and so we can see how we’re going to do. Especially since I have weddings next month, and S and I have plans for a night at the end of this month. I need to know that I’m not going to be a completely crazy person. I don’t want to be but as S said we have been together for 10 months now. Never apart, so if I am a bit clingy it makes sense. I’ll let you guys know how that goes!

For now though I’ll leave you with some pictures, including my one month Facebook post. I decided instead of being all cute (he loves his binkie, his swing, and being read to while he eats, etc) and went for honest, as you’ll see.


IMG_2666IMG_2769One Month Collage

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