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A Watched Boob Wont Boil

My baby is 3 weeks old today! I’ve been so busy with all the new mom stuff that I can’t seem to find time for myself, let alone this blog. I have a few quick updates though that I’m hoping I can get in while he naps.


I hate breastfeeding and love it both at the same time. It is a colossal pain in the ass to be your child’s only source of food and to have to get up multiple times throughout the night. I feel like I have a constant baby boob tassel. My baby is a sucker too so he likes to comfort feed. He is always stuck on me.

The benefits completely outweigh the cons though. I have never done anything more rewarding in my life. To know that I am giving my child exactly what he needs and I am the only person who can do that is quite the boost of confidence. Besides there is nothing more precious than watching him as content as can be when he is eating.


I have been pumping to freeze so when we start bottle feeding we will at least have a little stash. I’m hoping I can grow it significantly before I go back to work in January. I have a decent supply though some days are definitely better than others and I don’t want to pump too much and then have an over supply. I’ve been really lucky and haven’t had engorgement issues or consistent leaking, and I really don’t want to. I have learned though that when pumping a watched boob is like a watched pot of water, it won’t boil. If I get distracted by the tv or something and am not paying attention to what I’m getting when I pump, I get a lot more.


While I’ve been lucky with the breastfeeding stuff I have not been lucky with the sleeping stuff. We have a very colicky baby. He is up constantly and when he is he is crying. To the point where I’m quite sure there is something wrong (we have an appointment tomorrow) and I’m pretty sure that something is gas. Possibly silent reflux.

The kid fights sleep like no other. Once he gets to sleep it is usually a nice, deep, decent sleep but getting him there is one hell of a ride. Today is actually a good day. For the first time in the last three days he has had episodes of content alertness rather than crying/upset alertness. It makes me feel better to see him feeling better. I was starting to get very anxious about all of the bad days, so the good day is a nice change of pace.


Who knew there could be so many different choices and things that work for one baby may not work at all for the next, or what works for one parent on the same baby the other parent may hate. For example my mother loves Huggies. I despise everything about their diapers (love the wipes.) I feel like he is constantly having pee blowouts in them. I love Luvs. They feel cheap but I haven’t had a single blowout with them yet. There is still time though.

Significant Others/Husbands

I totally got the lucky end of the deal here. I talk to my new mom friends and it seems like they’re constantly pissed off at something their significant other has done. Sometimes warranted, sometimes not. Often times it has to do with how they feel like they don’t help out enough, they’ll come home from work and will play with the baby then go to bed. They won’t feed, change, etc.

S comes home after working a 10-12 hour shift and the first thing he does (besides changing out of his greasy kitchen clothes) is take the baby so I can shower and have 5-30 minutes to myself. Then I will feed the baby and he will typically force me into going to bed so I can get some actual sleep before the baby needs to be fed again and he will take care of everything else. He would take him longer but with the breastfeeding thing he can’t really. Not until he starts bottle feeding too.

I can’t sing him enough praises for doing this. It makes a huge difference to be able to get me time and some real rest. It’s easier on me and on the baby. Also I fall in love with him a little more every time I see him with the baby. People say having a new baby can tear couples apart but I feel like we are even closer than we were before.


Those are all the updates I have for now so I will leave you with some photos of adorableness!

IMG_2607 IMG_2686 IMG_2707 11887956_10102569956872679_5463576336346711985_n

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