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Just Over the Horizon and Baby Robots

I’m finding I have less and less time lately to update the blog, so I must apologize! Work has picked up and is very busy and with about 5 weeks left until the baby comes my days off are consumed with preparing for him. Then I know my days will be spent taking care of him leaving, I expect, little time for updates then. So I’ll also pre-apologize for that. For now though I’ll get down to the baby updates.

I am now at 34 weeks and 5 days! That is a little over 5 weeks to go! I remember saying when we found out that my cervix was short that I would love to make it to 30 weeks. I never expected to make it to almost 35. Full term is becoming a very, very real possibility and is only an arms reach away. I can only hope we can hold out until then. I will also be able to get off from my progesterone at that point. I am starting to wonder what will happen when I actually come off from the progesterone. How long after that until I go into labor? I suppose it doesn’t matter because my body is going to do what my body wants to do with or without the progesterone.

I had my doctors appointment on Tuesday and we are on a weekly schedule from here on out. I’ll have my first cervical check at 36 weeks. I know checking is only an estimate but I would like to know where I stand with dilation considering my cervix is already short. I know it changes constantly and I could be dilated to 3cm for a month before anything actually happens but having general knowledge always makes me feel better. I’ve always been the person who feels more comfortable knowing as much as I possibly can, even if that info can fluctuate greatly.

My baby shower was on Sunday. We decided to do a robot theme for the babies room and that was why my mother and friend chose to do for the shower as well. It was adorable. I actually had a much better turnout at the shower than I would have expected. Maybe 30 people? My mother and brother had both been worried that no one would show. Mostly because I’m not close with my paternal side of the family (I wouldn’t have cared if none of them showed anyway), my maternal side of the family live a decent distance away as well and they just aren’t the kind of people who go to things like showers (which is fine with me because I can be the same way), and a lot of my really close friends live afar. I don’t think either of them really realize how my co-workers are like family to me. Of the 30ish people there I would say around 20 were from work then there were the few family and friends. I did get to see my old college roommate who is one of my best friends in the world. We talk often but hadn’t seen each other in about 2 years. I think we ended up hugging for a good 5 minutes.

I also got just about everything we needed to finish up the nursery. Now we just need to do it. Let me tell you, putting a diaper genie together seems simple enough but nope. Diaper genie’s are assholes. I’m not sure how much we’ll even use it because now that we are in the house and have a washer and dryer we are seriously considering cloth diapering. I’m supposed to be getting more info on that right now but I’m procrastinating with this post.

Hands down one of the best gifts I got were 4 paintings of robots one of my close friends did. She had asked what she could make for the nursery because she wanted to give us something she had personally made for him, along with a standard gift. I told her I would let her know after I talked to S. When I asked him he said “how would you feel about 4 pictures of robots to put on the wall? I’m thinking if she does 4 smaller prints, each of an individual robot that could be placed up as individual paintings or as a collection, that would be nice.” It’s funny he said that because I had been raking through the internet looking for something that he had just described to the T but hadn’t told him I was. It’s amazing how alike we think sometimes. So that is what we asked her to do and they came out wonderfully! I’m absolutely in love with them. There is a shot in the collage below.

Other than that everything else is basically the same. I’m achy often but for the most part I can’t complain. Overall, besides worrying about my cervix, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. We did talk the other night about tubal ligation again and decided that it isn’t something we want to do right now. We also talked about having another child at some point. We are still up in the air about it, mostly because I’m worried about my incompetent cervix, but it’s still always nice to have the conversation so we both know what page the other person stands on. For now though we are just crossing our fingers hoping to make it another week and couple of days with this little man!

Shower Collage
That is actually my sarcastic smile. Robot cake! The robot photos for the nursery came out perfect!


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