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June 2015 BoxyCharm Review

Boxycharm time!! Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box. It is $21 a month and you receive 4-5 full and travel sized beauty items. The box generally tends to retail around $90-$120 dollars depending on the month. That’s a great deal for beauty products!! If you are interested in subscribing you can do so here.

Sea LaVie


NCLA Nudes

Nail Polish in Volume IV ($16)

This is a nude (duh) nail polish. It has a bit of a mauvey/pinkish/purple undertone that the photos don’t really pick up well. Think similar to calamine lotion but with a bit more brown/tan in it. I do like the color a lot, however I was disappointed that the shade was so similar to the one I received in my May box. It did chip the second day on one nail but I think that was some faulty painting on my part because all the other nails lasted a good 4 days before chipping. That one nail was actually good too once I “patched in” the chip. I did like that it was fairly fast drying as well, but didn’t get too gloopy as it dried. Besides the color (which again I do really like, I just wish it wasn’t so close to last months) this was a nice win for me. 4 out of 5.

with flash
with flash


without flash
without flash
with flash
with flash. Decals from Hail the Nails.
without flash. Decals from Hail the Nails.



Kabuki Brush ($29.99)

Honestly, I’m still new to makeup so there are times when I get an item and I’m just llike “ok.” So when I saw this I thought “what the fuck is a kabuki brush, why is this so small, and what do I do with this.” I also keep thinking of a particular term used in pornography starting with a “B” that sounds kind of similar and also involves faces. Those are pretty much where the similarities end… I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway apparently this brush is used to apply mineral foundation. I do have mineral powder foundation but the shade I have doesn’t match my skin tone right now because I’m just slightly tan but not really so I’m at a weird in-between shade that I don’t have in mineral powder. Besides I’ve been using liquid lately, for whatever reason, and really liking it. So once I truly use it I can update you on it. It is a very, very soft brush though! I like that. I also like that it is synthetic. I’m sure once I go back to powder I’ll use this quite often, but I don’t feel like it is fair for me to rate it without having truly used it yet.



The Beauty Crop

Highlighting Cream in I Love You so Matcha (£24.50 = $38.58)

I wasn’t sure how I would like this creamy highlighter because I thought it would be hard to apply and I would get too much in one place. Especially because it is kind of runny. However, it applies fairly easily and evenly with a brush. It is also a golden/rose gold color that I really like. The smell reminds me of high school. Like something I used to wear but I can’t quite figure out what. I think maybe Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion but I’m not positive. It is a nice smell, it just seems young to me because it brings me right back to being a Junior in 2005. Overall though I enjoyed this highlighter. 3.5 out of 5.


with flash
with flash
without flash
without flash



Click Click Lipstick in 813 ($24)

I was excited for another lipstick because I’ve bee so into them lately. Again, I was disappointed with the color. Not because it is purple but because it is another purple when I got one in May’s box. Sure they’re fairly different shades of purple, but still… the same color? What is up with that? Two products similar to what I got just a month ago? This one is a more muted purple (though it looks more mauve and doesn’t really catch the purple in the photos) and I did feel a little more comfortable wearing it out because of that, however it is still a pinky/purple color. The formula was nice and smooth but it didn’t last long when I put it on (I’ve also been spoiled with my ColourPop lippies so I can’t help it.) I think it would be nice with a good lip liner under it for a more lasting look. It does have some staining but it is a more pink stain than purple.

On the bright side I love the packaging. The click property is pretty awesome and will stop the cap from just popping off in your purse, leaving the stick to roll around staining everything while getting smooshed. The packaging alone is a 4 out of 5 but overall I think I would give it a 2.5 out of 5. The color, again being so close to my lipstick from May, was just really disappointing for me, though I will wear it.

clicked into the cap
clicked into the cap
unclicked from the cap


with flash
with flash
without flash
without flash
with flash
without flash
without flash



Chlorophyll Lifting Mask ($38)

This is very, very green! It looks like lime jello! That was my initial reaction. I suppose chlorophyll should be green though. It also has a chemical smell to it. I liked that it dries very fast when you put it on. I always get impatient waiting for masks to dry so this was right up my alley when I realized it was drying right away. No impatience with this baby! It did however leave my face slightly irritated right after I washed the mask off. I wasn’t really surprised by this though because I have fairly sensitive skin, also it is a lifting mask. I just feel like it is probably going to cause some slight irritation if its tightening. However, the next day my face felt nice, soft, and smooth. I haven’t necessarily noticed it reducing any lines, but I can’t say I have a tone yet for it to reduce. I would give this a 3 out of 5.




The overall value of the June box is $146.57! That’s a great value. Overall this really is a very good box, but I must say I can’t quite help letting my disappointment at another nude polish and purple lipstick get in the way. The nail polish is great quality though so it’s probably not fair for me to be disappointed. I also really liked the highlighter. Looking at the big picture this was a great box, just not up my alley as much as past boxes have been.

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