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32 + 4: Look How Far We’ve Come!

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looked great. The baby is head down and set to go when it is time. He is measuring about a week ahead, which of course is an estimate so it could be off but I would rather have him measuring ahead than behind. I haven’t had any pre-term labor signs. I have started to lose little pieces of my mucus plug but they’re so small neither my doctor or I are worried about it. Not to mention this is a pretty normal happening. So everything is looking good so far!

I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far. I’m amazed every day when I wake up and my water still hasn’t broke. I expected to be this far along and be ready for this boy to come out but over all I can’t complain. There are definite days when the aches and pains are worse and times when I wonder what it will be like to not have to pee every five minutes but for the most part I’m happy. I’m all about keeping that boy in there for 8 more weeks and don’t feel like it would be a big deal if I do. The pain is relatively minimal in comparison to other women I’ve talked to and also in relation to having a nice strong baby I can take home with me, rather than have to leave in the NICU. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait until the next 8 weeks are done but not because I’m tired of being pregnant (actually regardless of the shit we’ve been through that has made it hard I’ve really enjoyed it) but because I am just ready to see, and hold, and kiss my baby!

How far along? 32 weeks and 4 days

Weight Gain: Down 6 pounds but we’re slowly adding on. I should be seeing a decent accent in the next few weeks as he starts growing faster.

Sex: Male!

Maternity Clothes: They’re pretty much the only thing I wear. Except when I’m home. Then it’s baggy sweatpants all the time.

Stretch Marks: All over everywhere.

Sleep: Depends on the night. It seems that I’ll have 2 or 3 really bad nights, my hips ache awful when I’m sleeping and some nights my back does too. For those 2 or 3 bad nights though I’ll have 1 or 2 good nights where I sleep a few hours soundly, get up and pee, then sleep a few more sound hours. Overall it could be a lot worse I think!

Best Moment This Week: We got our combo car seat and stroller this week and have it all set up. We’re also getting our crib tonight. These little things just make it feel much more real. It’s starting to get very exciting now!

Movement: He is very specific with his times but he is much stronger now. He likes to stretch out and punch me in the pelvic bone while kicking my stomach. I will never get sick of feeling him moving around in there!

Food Cravings: Nothing as of right now.

Anything making you queasy?: No

Baby Bump?: Oh yeah. I feel like I am gigantic and will never look normal again. S laughs at me because I can barely get up off the couch!

Symptoms:  Constant urination, constipation, pelvic bone/hip aches, back aches, inability to bend over… pretty much everything it seems like now.

Labor Signs?: We are doing well at keeping those at bay. Lets hope it stays that way!

Belly Button In or Out?: In still. It definitely isn’t as deep as it once was but I still don’t think it will pop.

Wedding Rings on or off?: Still on most of the time though it seems like they’re coming off about twice a week at night now. My feet are swelling at the end of the day to. Not a whole lot, just enough for me to notice.

Happy or Moody?: I feel like I’m constantly going back and forth. It’s like I was dumped right back into the first trimester. Most of the time though I would say that I’m happy but I run the gamut. I am also finding myself very anxious, very excited, and very scared lately. Mostly scared that I’m wrong and I won’t be ale to do this. I think this is a normal first time mom thought, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Miss Anything?: Play runs on the river, beer, normal summer things that I’ve always been able to partake in in the past. This baby is so worth giving all of that up though.

Looking forward to?: Baby related: my shower next weekend. I’m not supposed to know when my shower is but I didn’t really want it to be a surprise so I got a friend to cave and tell me when it would be. Then I’ll also be able to look nice for it. Un-baby related: pizza night tonight. This will be one of the last time I’m going to be able to really go out with the girls and guide for awhile. I won’t be able to drink but I will get pizza. 2 for 1! It was like it was made for a pregnant lady! And I’ll be able to spend quality time with my work friends outside of work, something I haven’t done yet this summer.


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