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ColourPop Lippie Stix Haul

I have recently fallen in love with ColourPop which I’ve previously mentioned. The quality of these products can’t be beat. Especially at their price. The lipsticks are $5! That’s 5 single dollar bills! It still blows my mind. Especially since just about everything I’ve used from ColourPop has been extremely pigmented and the lasting power is amazing. I’ve bought a huge amount of products from them in the last month and a half, and figured it’s probably about time I review them. I am going to review the Lippie Stix today and then I’ll have a huge eyeshadow haul later in the week, or early next week.

I know I’ve stated in the past that I’m not a huge lipstick wearer. I’ve really been trying to break out and wear more, get out of my comfort zone. ColourPop has really helped with that because they have such a wide range colour selection and at their price I don’t feel as guilty purchasing a colour that I try and know I won’t wear as I may feel if I were to do that with, say, a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

The lasting power of these babies is amazing. I put one on at 7am before one of my appointments and it lasted until I went to lunch at 1pm. That is 6 hours of pigmentation. And I’m not talking “it wore off and the stain was still there” lasting, no it was full on pigmentation with no need to touch up. I have noticed that some finishes (the matte in particular) last longer than others.


This lippie was curated by Kathleen Lights. For the record, until I bought this and decided to figure out who this Kathleen Lights person was I had no idea who she was. I watch a few Youtube beauty vloggers but it isn’t something I frequent enough to know the big names. I also tend to like finding more of the no name people. However, I checked out Kathleen’s page and um, yes! She is just one of the cutest, most genuine vloggers I’ve seen out there. I’m not addicted to her Youtube and her instagram. I’ve you’re interested check her out here. Also her accent is adorable!

Anyway this colour is described on ColourPops website as a dust mauve. I can get down with that. It is definitely mauve. IOn me it tends to look a little darker than dusty but it is still a nice colour. I would almost say it is more berry like. Definitely a very wearable day colour but it can easily be used as a night shade. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of this on other people though and it looks much more nude on them. I don’t know if it is a difference in skin tone or not, but it definitely isn’t anywhere close to nude on me!



I got two purples with this order (or at least what I expected to be purple). One light and one dark. I’ve never once worn purple and didn’t know if it was even something I would like, so of course I got it in two shades! Fern is the lighter of the two. They describe it as a cool-toned violet. It is definitely cool toned. So much so that it washes all the color out of my face and I look like I just drowned. I can not for the life of me figure out how to wear any other makeup with this. If I wear it with natural, plain eyes it’s almost too much going on with the bottom of my face, but if I wear it with my eyes done up it looks like I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with my face. Needless to say I haven’t worn this out yet. I don’t know if I will. I think I just need to find a better shade of purple for my face and this isn’t it. However, I am going to wear it around the house one day just to freak S out and hear him ask “what is wrong with your face??” He does that a lot, but this time I won’t roll my eyes at him and will agree with him.


Go Fish

This is described as  a vibrant coral red. I don’t think so. I bought it because it does have more of an orange look to it on their website and I’ve been loving the oranges. This is nowhere near coral or orange, at least not on me! This is a bright pink. Like watermelon pink. I do love it, even if it wasn’t what I was expecting. This is a wonderful, bright shade and is perfect for this time of year, through the summer. I’ve been brightening up my look with this a lot lately, especially on the warm, sunny days. Of the colours I got this is one of my favorites.



“Electric coral” they say and again it looked pretty orange on the ColourPop site. Again, I don’t think so. To me it is more of an orange toned red. It has a very classic red look to it when I wear it. I’ve worn it a few times now and typically do it with a neutral eye with a nice dark winged liner and big bold eyebrows. Think Marilyn. This is actually the first red I’ve really felt comfortable wearing in public.



Clique is described as a “vivid true orange” and vivid it is! Also, orange. It’s funny I am loving the orange lip colours but I have yet to really wear this one out! What is up with that? Anyway it is definitely a bright, bold orange. I don’t think I can say much more about it than that. It is orange!



This was the other shade of purple I got and is described as “deep red violet.” It is definitely a warmer purple. I feel like sometimes it looks purple and other times it just looks like an intense shade of magenta. I’m really loving this shade of purple for summer because it does tend to have those crazy pink undertones to it. Again, yet to really wear this one out, probably because the purples scare me, but it is definitely on my list. I will wear it, I just need to grow the balls!



Dalia is a darker, more vampy shade. It probably isn’t a summer shade, no it isn’t at all a summer shade. ColouPop describes it as “deep warm burgundy wine.” It is definitely a wine shade. It looks more red when the flash is used (like in the photo below) and you can see more browns in it without the flash (see arm swatches.) I got the Lippie Liner with this one as well, considering how much I struggled with feathering and staying in my lip lines with the last super dark colors I got. I didn’t find it made a huge difference so I probably won’t purchase any more liners in the future. For some reason I just can’t apply these dark colours in a nice, steady fashion.



This is my least favorite of all the Lippie Stix I have purchased from ColourPop. A “light peachy pink nude,” is what it is listed as. Way to try and hit the entire colour pallet there… I would call it a light, washed out pink. It is like rubbing calamine lotion all over your lips, or what i would imagine that to look like. It completely washed me out. It also has a weird, sweet, scent to it. Almost like vanilla cupcakes. None of the other Lippie’s have a scent to that was also strange, though I didn’t hate it. This colour might work on others but it really washed me out. It is one I won’t be picking up to use any time soon, or probably ever.



Tootsi is a colour I see constantly on Instagram and I keep thinking “I need to check this out.” It is described as a “cool toned grey beige” and I would say that pretty much hits the mark. It is definitely a nude mauve-ish color. I don’t even really know how to describe it. I expected it to wash me out but instead it tends to make me look a bit more tan. This is another one though I can never figure out how I want to wear. With eyes really done up? With natural eyes? With another colour over or under it? I love the way it looks but I feel like when people see it on me they will think “what is happening to her lips” because it isn’t quite nude yet it isn’t quite a color either. I don’t know why I think this because this type of shade seems to be really in right now thanks to a particular Jenner child.



I wasn’t sure if I would like this colour or not. If you’ve noticed I’m not a huge fan of light pinks, or the Barbi pinks as I refer to them. ColourPop got this colour right as well calling it a “light peachy pink.” It is probably more pink than peach but still a pretty accurate description. Of all the lighter shades of  pink this one is my favorite, though it is not my favorite shade over all. I’m actually wearing it right now! This one also has just enough colour to it as to not wash me out.. It tones down my overall skin tone but without completely washing all of the colour in my face out.


Overall I would give ColourPops Lippie Stix two thumbs up. Like I said before you really can’t beat the pigmentation. If you are interested in placing your own ColourPop order you can do so here.

Lippie Sitx Swatches with flash. From top to bottom: Lumiere, Fern, Yasmin, Clique, Flawless, Dalia, Dalia liner, Cupid, Tootsi, Fiesta
Lippie Sitx Swatches without flash. From top to bottom: Lumiere, Fern, Yasmin, Clique, Flawless, Dalia, Dalia liner, Cupid, Tootsi, Fiesta

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