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Lush Haul!

Everyone is always talking about the bath and shower products by Lush and how wonderful they are. I had never tried them so I figured why not? Unfortunately the closest Lush store to me is 2 1/2 hours away. ‘Tis the way of the world in rural Maine. So I had to just go online and purchase products without being able to smell them first and hoping I would like them. For the most part I think I lucked out but there were some definite big misses, as well as a some major hits.

I must say taking a bath is quite relaxing, especially as I start to get bigger and find that  I am exhausted more often. Adding the Lush products to it just made it that much better. Also, a disclaimer, I did check with my doctor about baths. I know some women on pelvic rest aren’t allowed to take them because there is a fear of infection. Luckily my doctor told me not to worry about it and that it was just another great way to relax my body so he actually encouraged it! Yay for me! Now on to the products…

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are fun little products you drop into your bath for scents, colors, and other little extras. Some are soothing and leave behind rose petals giving you a more sensual bath, while others have fizzing candies that make them hop, and fizz around in the bath. One of the things I found the most fun about these was seeing if they left anything behind, and if they did what it would be.

Phoenix Rising


Phoenix Rising is a glittery purple bomb. It has a nice cinnamon scent that I really enjoyed. Actually of the three bath bombs I bought this was my favorite scent. I love cinnamon and clove scents so I figured I couldn’t go wrong purchasing this one, and I was right. Unfortunately it did lose a lot of it’s scent in the bath, but this could also be because I used it with one of the bubble bars, which scent did seem to take over. It did leave behind some really fun, swirling glitter though, as well as purple and green colors! Overall this was definitely a hit for me.

This picture doesn’t quite capture the golden glitter that covers this entire bomb.




Dragon’s Egg


I loved the way this bomb looked pre-bath and was really hoping it would have something fun inside. I don’t know what, but something. Alas, nothing. It had a nice orange, citrus scent to it that I enjoyed and was definitely more energizing than some of the others. It was also one of the better citrus scents because it wasn’t completely overwhelming. It did also have some fun little round things that floated around. When I picked them up they were kind of gooey and though I’m not sure what they were I’m assuming they were some sort of moisturizing component. I didn’t hate this one but it definitely wasn’t one of my favorites either.

That red mark is one of the gooey things that floated around


It got lost in the bubbles.
It got lost in the bubbles.





This bath bomb was probably the most fun, though it was my least favorite scent of any of the products I bought. It left the tub swirling in some really fun yellow and blue/green colors, and it had “popping candies” so it literally fizzed and banged around my bath just like it’s name.. I also didn’t realize until I drained my bath that this bath bomb left behind a little surprise. Some fun little papers that said “bang” on them. Very comic book esque! The scent was a citrus lemon scent. I usually like this but it was so overwhelming!! It smelled like lemon pledge or some other sort of lemon cleaning product. I do not want to relax in lemon cleaning products. If the scent was toned down a bit it would be much better. Regardless though the overall experience was a definite hit!






Bubble Bars

Bubble bars are a sold bar you crumble beneath the faucet as water runs into your bath filling it with bubbles. These made the best bubbles I’ve ever had in a bath! Big, thick, beautifully scented, moisturizing, and long lasting. These were by far the stand out product to me and I will for sure be buying more of them in the future.


Sunny Side


This is just a yellowish glitter bubble bar. It isn’t particularly special and of the three bars I purchased it had the smallest bubble outcome. My guess it s that just may have been a slight difference in formula in this single bar but that the other Sunny Side bars have an equally good bubble payoff for others. It also was another citrus scented bar, but much more muted and enjoyable. I also love the ones that leave behind the glitter in the bath!! They just look so fun!






I love the Wizard of Oz so I couldn’t pass up a bar with a rainbow named Dorothy. This bar left the water swirling in a beautiful blue hew with huge bubbles! The bubbles were just outrageous! I can’t for the life of me remember what scent this had or whether I liked it, which leads me to believe that there wasn’t much of one. Like the other bubble bars it left the water feeling silky and moisturizing. This was the first bubble bar I used and it left me absolutely in love with them, regardless of it’s lack of scent.



Look at those bubbles!


Bubblegrub Bubbleroon


I originally bought this guy because he has sandalwood in him, which is one of my all time favorite scents. He was also so cute I couldn’t resist! He had a beautiful vanilla and sandalwood scent that left my bath super relaxing. It was my favorite of the scents, which I expected. He made nice, big bubbles, and like some of the bombs left behind a ton of glitter residue. I got a picture of the glitter which was similar to how the glitter looked in the baths with the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb and Sunny Side Bubble Bar. He was one of my favorites and I will buy again. He also left behind his little antennas and eyes, which were little chunks of sandalwood and also smell amazing! He did leave the bath water a weird brownish color which wasn’t necessarily appealing but it wasn’t the end of the world either.I used him with something else (I can’t remember what now) and that made the water more green.




Glitter with a flash
Glitter without a flash!


Solid Shampoo & Conditioners

I had heard some pretty amazing things about these bar shampoos though I was worried they would dry my hair out so I figured “I’ll grab a conditioner too.” These are much longer lasting than your usual, wet shampoo and are easier to work with than you might think if you’ve never used a bar shampoo before.

Honey I Washed My Hair


This bar has an obvious sweet scent. Just like honey, just like the name. Basically you run it along the length of your wet hair and it suds up. Then you use the suds just like a regular shampoo to clean your hair. This bar got super, super sudsy and it happened really fast. The scent is a little too sweet for me but I love how soft it makes my hair feel when I’m done. I can’t use it alone because it dries my hair out and makes it hard to brush after my bath but once it dries it feels sooo soft!




The smell of this shampoo is phenomenal! I will buy this again for the scent alone. It smells like Wrigley’s Big Red gum. Spicy cinnamon and clove. It also suds up really well, though it leaves my hair soo, soo dry. I have to use a liquid conditioner after, which tends to mute some of it’s amazing scent. Apparently this shampoo is also supposed to help your hair grow. I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference with that, but I haven’t paid really close attention to it either. Also I don’t know what happens when you get down to the cinnamon stick, I would think that would end up tangling in your hair but I ‘m not sure. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.




I hated this conditioning bar. I was really looking forward to trying this and was extremely disappointed when I hated it. I tried it a couple times before giving up on it completely, and now it is just sitting in my shower collecting dust in a far away corner. It did not condition. At all. Yes the shampoos dried my hair out but this thing dried it out even more. I even thought “maybe it’s a combination of the two bars and it will work better with a liquid shampoo.” Nope. It still sucked every ounce of moisture out of my hair. I get angry every time I see it in the shower. I’m not really sure whey I haven’t tossed it into the trash yet. The scent is ok but nothing special. It definitely doesn’t make up for it’s shitty hydrating qualities.




Do I need to explain soap? Soap is soap. You use it to clean your body. It comes in a solid bar form. If you haven’t seen it you live in a bigger box than I do!


Porridge Soap


I love this soap. My mother used my shower one day and she fell in love to and ended up ordering her own. This is a very sweet scented soap like molasses and caramel. It also has chunks of oatmeal in it to help exfoliate. It leaves you feeling so soft and smooth, it’s awesome. It also takes my very hard to get off makeup off with no issue what so ever. I will also be buying more of this once mine runs out. Oh, and it has orange juice in it! Weird, huh?


Figs & Leaves Soap


I haven’t used this enough to have a real opinion, as I’m waiting for the Porridge Soap to run out. I do like the earthy scent it gives off though and the layers look pretty cool. Other than that, I don’t have much to add about it.




Overall I would say that my Lush experience was a good one. Besides my hatred for the conditioner, there were really only a few things I would change or could do without. I will definitely be purchasing more of the bubble bars because they gave the best bubble baths ever and trying some new bath bombs just to see what kind of crazy surprises they may hide inside.



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    1. Haha I sure did. Relaxing research! These baths were not taken all at once, they’re over the course of a month. And I used a few products together.


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