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April 2015 Boxycharm Review

It’s time for my April Boxycharm review! As I’ve said before BoxyCharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $21 a month. You get 4-5 full size products and it retails at much, much more than the $21 a month. I think every box I’ve received, except for 1, retailed at over $100. If you would like to subscribe to your own BoxyCharm box you can do so here.

April Bloom



SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss in Rosie ($16)

When I first pulled this gloss out of the package my initial thought was “whoa!” It looked so bright! I have been experimenting more with my lips though and have been pulling out some really strange and bold colors (much to my boyfriends dismay. He doesn’t get makeup at all!) though so I wasn’t too worried, just shocked. Then I noticed it looked rather translucent so I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bright. It wasn’t. It is actually a very, very sheer pink. Almost unnoticeable.

I’m also not a huge gloss fan. They just tend to be way too sticky and goopy for me. It feels like I have wads of glue all over my lips. This gloss wasn’t like that though. As far as glosses go the ModelCo gloss felt really light on my lips. Very wearable for someone like me who doesn’t like a heavy gloss. It smells like fruit punch but doesn’t taste that way. It has one of those strange makeup, floral tastes to it, just not as strong as some other products do. It also didn’t last very long. An hour, maybe two at most. Overall I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. 3 out of 5.






Smoothing Lotion (24.95)

This is supposed to be a smoothing serum for your hair. It takes frizz and helps straighten apparently. I’ve only tried it once and it seemed to work well enough. My hair wasn’t frizzy, but my hair isn’t typically frizzy this time of year so I’m not sure if it was the serum or not. I’ll try it again in July when my hair frizzes out like crazy and let you know. However, even though I haven’t really used this but the one time I can tell you it smells fucking phenomenal. It is kind of beachy and citrusy at the same time. Yum! For now, until I use it more, I’m giving it a 3 out of 5.


Harvey Prince

Roller Ball Perfume in Signature ($21)

I love the idea of a roller ball perfume because they have a good amount of product but they are mini so they’re the perfect size to just throw in your purse and take with. I like to buy my perfumes in a large size to put on in the morning and then a roller ball to keep in my purse to touch up later if need be.

That being said I did not like the scent of Signature. It’s not me at all. It is kind of old lady like, but not quite at the same time. I figured I might like it better on me than out of the bottle because perfumes always smell a little different once you get them on. I still didn’t like it. Luckily it also didn’t last too long. Good for me because I hated the smell, bad for people who do like it because that means they’ll constantly need to touch it up. If I, a pregnant woman with a crazy nose, can’t smell the perfume after a couple of hours then I don’t know how a regular nosed person would. I’m giving this a 2 out of 5, and really the 2 is just because I like the roller ball style.



Blush Strips- Illuminating ($35)

I saw the sneak peaks for April and was hoping that of the two OFRA highlighting products they were sending I would get the blush strips. I lucked out! This product is just too beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it! I love that it is one product with multiple uses. It can be a highlighter or a an eyeshadow and you get 4 different shades! I have used all of the shades but the gold/bronze one, which I plan on trying on my cheeks tomorrow.

It’s funny when I started this blog I really didn’t like highlighters but as I’ve used more I find myself falling more and more in love with them. I’m guessing because I’ve learned how to use them better and now can see how they really can accentuate your features. I must say though of all the highlighters I have received this one is hands down my favorite. I’m really starting to fall in love with the OFRA brand! Hands down this is a 5 out of 5!



Coastal Scents

Revealed 2 Eye Palette ($39.95)

Like I said, I saw the sneak peaks for April. Even more than the highlighter though I was pumped for this palette. I have said it a million times and I’m sure I’ll say it a million more but I absolutely adore Coastal Scents eye products!! I have been eying this palette for a while now and almost bought it last month so I’m happy I didn’t. This palette is full of puple/mauve, shimmery pink/champagne, and gold hues. Perfect for my green eyes! Like the other Coastal Scents shadows I have used this is super, super pigmented and lasts a very long time (all day with an eye primer) and doesn’t crease very often. I’ve never used any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes but everything I’ve read is calling this a dupe for the Naked 3 palette (and it does look it.) I have been using this every day and am absolutely loving it. If I ever do a favorites post I’m sure it will be included. So like the OFRA product it is getting a 5 out of 5 for me. I really can’t say anything bad about it!




Overall this box retailed at $136.90 which is over 6 times the $21 I paid for it! The highlighter and eye shadow palette completely made this box for me. I haven’t stopped using them since I received them. I will also use the lip gloss, though not often. Overall this was a really good box for me!

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