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24 Weeks- We’ve Reached Viability!

How far along? 24 weeks exactly!

Weight Gain: I’m not sure. I should be weighed at my appointment on Tuesday and will know then.

Sex: Male!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. I need to get some new shirts and some shorts because I only have winter/fall/spring clothes and it will start getting warmer here soon. Besides, I’m always hot.

Stretch Marks: We’ve gone past just the old ones at this point and I definitely have many, many new ones. Mostly on my stomach.

Sleep: In general I’m still sleeping fairly well but I slept horribly the last two nights. It seems to go through 2-3 day spurts, where I will sleep horribly then go back to decent sleep again.

Best Moment This Week: Today. Making viability is such a big hurdle for us! I know that still doesn’t give us a high percentage rate if I were to go into labor but just knowing that the doctors would do all they could makes me feel better.

Movement: He is throwing a constant party in there. I did have a couple of slow days last week and then I swear my bump grew right after, so I guess he was going through a growth spurt. For the most part though he’s always on the move. I can only imagine what he is going to be like when he can walk!

He’s still being stubborn though and S. still hasn’t felt him move, even though I can feel him on the outside all the time.

Food Cravings: Still not too much. I wanted mashed potatoes the other day but now they just sound eh to me. I wouldn’t hate someone if they showed up with raspberries but I also don’t feel like I’m going to lose my shit if I don’t get them. I don’t know, the craving thing hasn’t been a really big deal to me. Besides those tootsie rolls. God those were good!

Anything making you queasy?: Still just brushing my teeth early in the morning. For whatever reason it doesn’t do it later on in the morning if I’ve slept in.

Baby Bump?: Oh yeah, it’s there!


Symptoms:  Constant urination, stretching, Braxton Hicks, and round ligament pain.

Labor Signs?: Besides my thinning cervix, no. Though I know find myself constantly on the lookout for them still. The Braxton Hicks make me nervous but I’ve never had any consistently, just one here and there every few days.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On. I’ve found my hands fall asleep at night though (I will be asking the doctor about that on Tuesday) so I’ve been taking them off at night just in case they swell and I can’t feel it.

Happy or Moody?: Mostly happy though I’ve been fairly anxious this whole month. Still we’ve made it a month with my short cervix so I’m crossing my fingers for another one!

Miss Anything?: I have definitely wanted a glass of wine lately. Mostly when I start getting really anxious. Other than that I don’t miss much.

Looking forward to?: Our appointment on Tuesday. I will finally meet the MFM and I’m hoping that my cervix will have staid the same. I guess we’ll see. I pushed myself a little more this week than I should have (hence the higher anxiety level) with the packing to move and everything.

That’s another thing I’m excited about. We should be in the new house by the end of next week, likely at the beginning. I can’t wait for windows!

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