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Colour Pop Eyeshadow & Lippie Haul

After seeing some reviews and swatches of the Colour Pop cosmetics line I knew I needed to try them. Especially at $5 apiece! So on to the website I went and I may have gone a little overboard. I ended up ordering 7 eye shadows and 4 lippies, all of which I have reviewed for you below. I’ve fallen in love with this brand and can easily say I will be buying many more products, so expect more reviews!

Lets start with the eye shadows. They are a strange formula, very cream to powder, and are more easily applied with your finger than a brush. This can make it a bit hard to blend colors but I have pretty small fingers so I haven’t had a huge issue with this. The pigmentation is just down right silly, it’s so good! And the wear, oh my god the wear! It stays on all fucking day with no creasing or need to reapply. My biggest gripe is the fallout. There is definite fall out, especially with the shimmery shades, but it’s easily cleaned up and not as much as other shadows I’ve used. Okay lets see the colors!

So Quiche


This is a hard color to explain. It is green and gold and brown all mixed into one shimmery shade. It’s a gorgeous color and the pictures really don’t do it justice. Were you to see it in person you would definitely notice more gold/yellow shimmer than you can see here or in my swatch below.



I have no idea what this color has to do with crickets. When I think of crickets I think of black but hey, that’s just me. This is one of my favorite colors out of the shades I is a shimmery purple/grey color. I’ve been using it all over my lids with accents of Hustle. I also used this as an outer edge shade with So Quiche that looked good once I got the blending right.



Another one that I love, this is a more purple/mauve color. It isn’t as shimmery as the others and I’ve mostly been using it as a liner. It really makes my green eyes pop. I’ve also used it with Cricket as an accent color. When lining you do obviously need to use a brush. You can see the indent in the pot giving you more of an idea of what kind of texture this formula is.



This one came a bit jumbled in it’s pot but because of the way the formula is that’s no big deal. It wasn’t like there was product falling out all over, it was just a bit bunched in one area. This is a great shimmery copper color and looks awesome as an accent with Amaze. These two together are the kind of color that can really work with any eye color.



I know I said that I loved Cricket & Hustle but Amaze was my favorite of all of the shades. It is probably the most versatile, as in it can work well with a bunch of other shades. It is a perfect base shade because it is light. It is a nice, sheer gold shade.

Tea Party


Tea Party was probably the hardest of all the shades to work with because it is so sheer. It is also my least favorite of all of the shades. I thought I would love it but because it is sheer I’m not a huge fan. It took three layers to get the swatch below. It’s a simple champagne/shimmery tan color and I’ve used it as a base a few times and to lighten other shades a few times. This is the most likely of all the shadows to just end up sitting in my collection unused.



Okay so Animal is the most vibrant of the colors I selected. When you look at the swatches you will definitely think “one of these things is not like the others.” It has been a fun accent shade to Tea Party and Amaze though and I wanted to try at least one color that was a little more vibrant and fun. This is the least shimmery of the bunch, closer to a matte shade. It looks a bit chalky in the swatch but doesn’t have that appearance on your lid.

Swatches from Top to Bottom (yeah I got a little off center when swatching them! haha): Animal, Tea Party, Amaze, Sequin, Hustle, Cricket & So Quiche

Now the lippies. I am still getting into lipsticks so I know I won’t use these as often as the shadows because I’m still not super confident when I wear bold lips. I have fallen in love with shades of orange though and am slowly coming out of my lipstick closet so I know in time I will use these. Unlike the eye shadows I didn’t love all of my lippies. I had two that went on easy and smooth and two that were harder to apply. This could be my lack of lipstick knowledge though. They all had a great wear time. I went out with Chi-Chi the other day and swear it only needed to be touched up once and that was with eating a meal! Before we jump in here are what my lips look like without any color on them so you can get an idea of what I’m working with:





This was the least intimidating of the lippie colors I chose and is most likely to get the most use because it has a better day look than a couple of the others. Fancy was easy to apply, lasted long, and has a pretty light pink/coral color.




This isn’t the best picture but this is my favorite of the four colors I bought, though a bit bold for me. This is easily the color that is going to help me come out of my bold lipstick shell. I am absolutely loving the orange shade. It does have more hints of red in it than I would like but still a gorgeous color. This went on easy as well and like I said the wear time was amazing!




This is a gorgeous wine shade. This is where my application issues begin (as you can see.) I have a hard time with this color running out of the lines of my lips. Maybe it’s because I am still a newbie at lipstick application, maybe it would be easier with a liner. I don’t know but I know it was hard for me to work with and when I go to wipe off the excess on the outer edges it ends up smudging on my face. Not fun. I kept getting super frustrated with it, which is too bad because I do love this color. I plan on trying to wear this to my friends wedding in October if I can get the hang of applying it.




In this picture Lady looks more mauve but in real life it has a darker quality and much more brown to it. I had the same problem with applying this as I did with Ellarie though I did do this one with a liner, which made it a lot easier. This color will end up just sitting around because it just isn’t me. I love the shade, but not on my skin tone.

Overall my Colour Pop experience has been a very good one. I’ve already had a few different people ask what brand of eyeshadow I was wearing because they’ve been looking for something similar. When I tell them the price it blows their minds. You really can’t beat it, especially for the amazing quality of the product. Oh, and did I mention they package them with a hand written note?! How awesome is that?? If anyone is interested in purchasing their own Colour Pop products you can do so here.

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