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An Update on my Cervix, Because Everyone Loves to Hear About Someone Else’s Cervix!

It was off to the doctor for me yesterday and after a long, stressful morning we have results and a game plan.

The first thing I did when we got there was get another ultra sound. The tech took a ton of pictures of baby’s heart that they weren’t able to get the other day and his legs were spread wide open, confirming that he is actually a little dude. I had no doubt about that though, it’s just fun to see him again. As usual he was wiggling all over the place. That also wasn’t surprising as he seems to start around 8:30 every morning and the ultra sound was at 8:45. He’s getting so much stronger he’s even woken me up a couple of mornings when I’ve had the chance to sleep in. Apparently he wanted to get up.

After we got all of those and she confirmed that he is still looking great we did a trans-vaginal ultra sound to get a good clear look at the cervix from all the angles. I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking at on these. Honestly it just looked like blobs so I couldn’t venture a guess at whether things were looking good or bad. She took some quick shots and then it was off to one of the offices to wait to see a doctor.

At first the doctor seemed to think I was only there to have my blood pressure checked and a routine ultra sound. I did need to get it checked because it had been high at my appointment on Monday and that worried the nurse practitioner. Especially since it has been nearly perfect at every other appointment. She had recommended a retake at my next ultra sound just to confirm that it was that day’s events causing it to be high and not a recurring issue. When I told him no, it wasn’t a routine ultra sound and that they thought I might have a funneling cervix his eyes got big and he said “ok well let me look at the scans and I’ll be back.” Commence 20 more minutes of waiting. At this point I was irritated. This guy, Dr. K. was the last doctor I had to meet in the practice and he was already killing my trend of liking all the doctors, though he did end up growing on me later.

When he came back he looked a bit worried and said he noticed some funneling in these scans as well so he had sent them down to Portland. Luckily they work very closely with the Portland office so he wasn’t expecting it too take too long for the results to come back However, he was thinking they were going to want to send me down to Portland (another hour and a half drive on top of the already hour and a half drive I’d taken to get to my doctor) to have them take a personal look since they are much more schooled in this area. While we waited though he wanted to do a cervical exam and a swab to see if there were any fluids to show premature labor.

After the exam, during which he said I was not dilated; we went back to the waiting room to see what was going to happen from there and to away the results of the swab and Portland tech’s opinions. We weren’t even there for 15 minutes, just long enough for me to call S at work and give him the update on what was happening, before they called us back in. Dr K said that yes my cervix is definitely thinner than they want but it isn’t too thin yet and there weren’t any fluids to indicate preterm labor at this point. Also the tech’s in Portland aren’t worried about the funneling at this point and said “don’t bother making her drive all the way down here, these pictures gave us exactly what we needed to see.”

The game plan from there is for me to take a progesterone suppository nightly. I am also on light bed rest. He wants me sitting or laying when I can to take pressure off from my cervix but he doesn’t want me on complete bed rest. No strenuous activities, runs, sex, snowmobiling, etc. He also said to put off our trip to Connecticut which we were supposed to leave for on Monday, and that he wants me back for a follow up ultra sound and exam on Thursday. From there they will see if the progesterone is working properly and decide how often they will be seeing me from here on out. It is likely to be biweekly ultra sounds if everything is looking good. They aren’t terribly worried at this point but they want to stay ahead of the game, especially since I’m full of red flags between my early miscarriage last time and my mother’s history of preterm labor.

So at the end of the day it isn’t as bad as it could be, especially because we caught it early on and have a game plan in place. It doesn’t make the worrying any easier. Now I find myself going back to constantly checking my underwear for fluids/water breaking. Very reminiscent of my first trimester where I was constantly watching for blood. I also keep telling him to please “not kick my cervix” when it seems like he is kicking really low. If he could just stay away from that area I think we would both appreciate it. I promised him if he did then when he decides to use my ribs as a soccer ball later on when he’s up higher I wouldn’t complain.

I have also been the person who makes sure everyone else in my life is happy, so messing up the Connecticut plans makes me feel guilty even though I know I shouldn’t. Especially since S’s dad has been sick. Of course they all think I’m crazy for worrying about them and not myself. All of them (S, his dad, and his stepmother) keep telling me not to worry about it. We post pone the trip. Go a week later if the ultra sound looks good on Thursday or at the end of the month, and if we can’t go at all because of this then that’s fine too. We’ll find time after the baby is born to take him down to visit. I need to focus on me and the baby. I am focusing on us, I’m just trying to focus on everyone else as well.

Now that I have a bunch of time on my hands I need to spend less time worrying and I suppose I should do something useful with it. I need to finish my registries and I’ve been looking for cheap furniture because I think we finally found a place to move into before the baby comes. That could be difficult too because it may mean S doing most of the work. Luckily we don’t have much stuff as we are both minimalists. I also have a fucking PILE of books on my bed stand I need to get through, though I’ve been enjoying rereading the Harry Potter series out loud to the baby recently (I’m a huuuuge Potter nerd and I’ve read the books probably 50 times already.) This also give me more time to write, which I’m behind on. So expect more from me in the coming days!

– ❤ S.

2 thoughts on “An Update on my Cervix, Because Everyone Loves to Hear About Someone Else’s Cervix!

  1. I’m glad you got some answers and that they aren’t too worried. I am sorry for the added stress though. It sounds like a good plan even though it’s stressful. I’m sorry to hear that you’re on light bed rest and you’ll have to reschedule your trip. Thinking of you and yours. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! It is stressful but I keep telling myself that it could be a lot worse. I’m definitely doing better today worry wise so in sure once I’ve had a few days to adjust I’ll be even better. 🙂

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