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Long Legs and Other Anatomy Scan Revelations

Yesterday we went to our anatomy scan. I must say even though the baby had been kicking like crazy on our drive down to the hospital, I was very nervous. I couldn’t stop running through every possible thing that could go wrong. It also doesn’t help that they only have one ultra sound room in the practice, the same room I found out I had lost my angle in. I get tunnel vision every time I’m about to enter it. Typically once I’m laying down the anxiety goes away, but that 30 seconds up until the calm is horrific.

Once I had laid down and calmed down we started the process. I loved my tech, Jill. She went over every little thing we were looking at on the screen, why she was looking at it, and whether things looked as they should or not. By the end of the process she told us everything looked “perfect” and was matching up exactly to the 20 weeks and 2 days we were supposed to be measuring at. She doesn’t get the final say on how things look but it was reassuring to know that she isn’t seeing anything major popping up. Apparently my practice sends all of their scans down to the hospital in Portland, Maine where they go over them with a fine tooth comb. Because of this my practice is one of the top in the country for finding defects while the baby is still in utero. I didn’t realize this but it is a slight relief to know that the likelihood that we will have a surprise defect show up on the day of birth is slimmer. I do have to go back down in 2 1/2 weeks for second ultra sound because the baby wouldn’t cooperate and flip over for them to get some good straight on shots of the heart. They might decide the side views are good enough but because they do like to go over them so carefully in Portland, the tech is expecting them to want a few more.

The baby was also measuring at 13 ounces, which is in the 60th percentile. This was also a relief. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve lost a decent amount of weight. When I went in yesterday I had stayed the same weight as I was in February. At least I hadn’t lost, but I was nervous that I hadn’t gained either. I know I’ve been eating properly and plenty but in my head I had myself convinced that I was starving my baby and that it would be malnourished and undersized at the anatomy scan. Luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m sure I won’t stop worrying but it has definitely eased my mind. I think it also eased S’s. He was worried about the weight loss as well and how it could have been affecting the baby. Turns out baby is just sucking in everything it needs just the way it is supposed to.

The only thing the tech noticed that was “abnormal” (and this term is being used very loosely here) was that the baby had long legs! This wasn’t a huge shock to me, even though I stand at 5’3″. S is 6 feet tall, my father is over 6 feet, and my mother’s brothers (all 5 of them) are all between 5’11”-6’4″. So besides the women (my mom is 4’11”) long legs aren’t unheard of in the family.

Lastly we found out the sex, and have completely started reconsidering our names. I had originally thought that I was having a girl and was stuck on that for months. Then in the last two weeks I became extremely unsure and in my head I had been calling the baby a he. Needless to say when I went into the scan yesterday I was clueless as to which way it was going to go. When the baby finally uncrossed it’s legs we found out we having a long legged little boy! I am very excited and very nervous. If he’s anything like his father I will definitely have my work cut out for me!

IMG_1004 IMG_1007

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