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Appointment Update and Falling in Love With My Doctor

I went to my appointment yesterday at 16 weeks 5 days and everything looked great. My uterus was at 16 inches and the babies heartbeat was in the 150’s again. It was much easier to hear this time, though mine tends to cover it up a bit.

At the practice I go to there are 2 nurse practitioners and 3 OBGYNs. They make you rotate through them when you go in, in order to get to know each of them. When it comes to give birth you will have whoever is on call. As I have said many times before I’ve loved everyone I’ve met at the practice. Yesterday I met one of the OBGYNs and was a bit nervous going into it, as it was going to be my first time meeting with a male doctor. I know lots of people who have male doctors and love them, however I know quite a few who have male doctors and feel like they just don’t connect the same way they do with a female doctor. I get that. No matter how much you learn in school or how good you are, I’m sure as a man there are just some things you won’t quite understand. Needless to say I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having a male doctor.

I absolutely fell in love with him. Everyone at the practice makes me feel at ease but it was much more instant with this doctor. I must say I let out a huge sigh of relief. I have one more OBGYN to meet but I’m quite sure after I do I will request this particular doctor as often as I can. I would not be the least bit upset with a male staring at my vagina while I push a baby through it if it is him. Actually, I’m sure that is the last thing you are thinking about when you are giving birth, but I don’t know that for sure as this will be a new experience. I just feel like there must be so many other things going through your head.

He did tell me when he listened to the heartbeat that old wives tales would say that a heartbeat in the 150s would be a girl. I laughed and said “there are a lot of old wives tales.” He did tell me that of all the wives tales the one that has had the most studies that show some bit of accuracy is the one that if you have a lot of morning sickness in the first trimester it’s a girl and if you don’t have much it’s a boy. So far that is correct for my Sister In Law and Best Friend, but I just told him “we’ll see,” which he laughed at.

I also lost more weight. I have now lost a total of 14 pounds throughout this pregnancy. This is good because I was overweight and I should only be gaining 10-15 pounds anyway, but at this point it makes me a little nervous. He told me I shouldn’t be because the uterus felt perfect and the heartbeat sounded great. At this point as long as the baby is healthy and the uterus is growing properly then everything is going well. Still losing 4 pounds since my last appointment a month ago seems like a lot of weight in a month. I haven’t been eating less and though it is healthier than I ate pre-pregnancy, it isn’t crazy healthy. I just can’t figure out how I did it.

Other than the few worries though everything is moving along splendidly. We set up our anatomy scan for March 23rd. Once that comes and we know we have four beautiful, healthy, working heart chambers and find out what we are going to be having the real planning can begin! I’m not super enthralled to find out the sex, as I don’t care either way, but I’m sure once that day is here I’ll be ecstatic, especially once  I do find out what we are having.

– ❤ Sonja

One thought on “Appointment Update and Falling in Love With My Doctor

  1. Aww. This was so fun to read. I loved being pregnant and going through the whole process. I’m glad that you’re clicking with the care providers at your office!! That’s so important. Take care and rest well! XO


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