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Week 16- Tootsie Rolls Galore

I haven’t had a whole lot to update on, and still don’t really, as nothing much is happening right now. We did just get through the school vacation week at work which was sucking up a bunch of my time. It also sucks up a lot of S’s time too and seems to put us on exact opposite schedules. It feels like I haven’t seen him in a week!

On the baby train things seem to be going well. Still haven’t felt any kicks and even though I know it is completely normal, I’m starting to get anxious. I have an appointment on Thursday though so that will ease any nerves. I am also definitely starting to show. I kind of thought I was but then I thought I was crazy and it was just my fat that I was trying to turn into a bump in my head. However it is hardening and I’ve had multiple people tell me this week that I’m showing. Not in a bad, make-me-feel-fat way, but in an exciting “oh you’re starting to show!” way.

Also I’ve had my first real craving. Tootsie Rolls. I can not stop eating them. I have gone through bag after bag of Tootsie Rolls. I’ve always loved them so it isn’t a huge surprise but usually after a few I get kind of bored with them. Not this time. I am a Tootsie Roll devouring machine. I actually came home from the store the other day and S looked at the groceries and said “you bought MORE Tootsie Rolls?!?!” I had no time to acknowledge these crazy comments. Of course I bought more Tootsie Rolls! What is he, insane??

Other than those few small things though there isn’t really anything new or exciting going on in our lives. We are definitely at a slow part of this whole pregnancy process, which I can’t say I hate. After last week’s craziness we are also going into the slow part of our real live with jobs in such. Now is the time to find a place to move to this Spring, so I’m sure that is about to consume us. For now though I am A-Ok with things going slow. It gives me time to think, breathe, and appreciate. Stuff I don’t always take time to do and should start doing more often.

– ❤ Sonja

2 thoughts on “Week 16- Tootsie Rolls Galore

  1. I felt flutters before weeks 24/25, but these have been the weeks I have really felt kicks. My OB said it was “normal” to feel them between weeks 24-28 (and maybe before then). Hang in there and enjoy those tootsies! 🙂


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