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All the Advice You’ll Ever Need and Never Want

Today I got my first bit of pregnancy advice. This is not something I’ve been looking forward to for the most part. I understand advice is given with good intentions, most of the time. That doesn’t mean I want the menial tidbits. I do appreciate the “breast feeding was hard for me but I found that _____ helped ease the pain…” or “sucking on jolly ranchers made my nausea a bit better, maybe you could try that…” I can’t stand the “you should not ___” or “you can’t eat ____” or “____ is the only way to ____.”

Can you see where this is going? I don’t mind people giving me ideas or letting me know what worked for them to try, but I don’t like it when they tell me their way is the right way. That is basically what I got today and of course it started with the age old “I’m not trying to offend you…” Well if you aren’t trying to offend me then shut your fucking face.

Here it is. “Can I tell you something without offending you?” In my head I was saying “nope” but my mouth said “sure.” The lady (whom I work with) looked at me and said, “hair dye.” That was all she said. Okkkk. So I looked at her puzzled and she goes “oh. You can’t use hair dye while you’re pregnant.” Ok. At this point I was irritated. Not only have you pointed out that my roots are showing and made me feel fucking disgusting because I decided against dying my hair in the first trimester, but you’re also trying to tell me what I should do. So I ended up telling her that “actually it isn’t proven that hair dye will harm the baby and my doctor told me I would be fine to dye my hair.” Which is true. I asked her at my last appointment and she was fine with it, especially since I was waiting until after the first trimester to do it.

I planned on dying my hair next week. With high school basketball tournaments coming up ( a huge deal in Maine) I am going to end up seeing kids I went to high school with. I already feel fat and like I look gross and not at all pregnant, there is no way I’m going to let my hair and face fall apart too. I’m curious to see what she has to say when  I come in with decent hair next week.

Ok. I’m done ranting. I knew these bits of advice were coming, I guess I just thought they would roll off my back and that I wouldn’t take them seriously. I suppose I didn’t take hormones into account either though.

pregnancy advice

On a completely unrelated note; I joined Bloglovin today! If you have, or want to join Bloglovin, you can follow me here.

– ❤ Sonja

2 thoughts on “All the Advice You’ll Ever Need and Never Want

  1. I’m dreading those encounters too! I’ve been so outspoken already (which is completely not like me) that I’m afraid lol

    However, I don’t know how you are with the nausea lately, but my friend did suggest sour candy helped her and I’ve actually found that to help me too. I’ve been sucking on sprees all day lol


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