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10 Weeks 6 Days

How far along? 10 weeks and 6 days. We’re getting there! Tomorrow will mark being a quarter of the way done.

Weight Gain: I actually lost 10 pounds between my last two appointments and I don’t have a scale so I won’t know until my next appointment what I’ve lost or gained. The weight loss was healthy weight loss from cutting out wine and eating regular, healthy meals. I am also overweight so it is a good thing for now. I don’t feel like I’ve gained but I don’t feel like I’ve lost either. Perhaps just maintained. I will find out during my next appointment on the 29th though.

Gender: Instincts say girl and the old wives tales are mixed about half and half so who knows.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, and I’m feeling way less bloated this week but I ordered some belly bands for when the bloat comes back.

Stretch Marks: Bitch please. I’ve had stretch marks on my breasts since I was 12 and my stomach has gained non-baby related stretch marks for the last year and a half. I call the my wine marks. I’ve had stretch marks for as long as I can remember, there is no use getting vain about it at this point and no use in blaming the baby. These things were caused by own self indulgence.

Sleep: I’m always restless but I have never been a good sleeper. And heartburn. Eugh that always pops up in the middle of the night.

Best Moment This Week: Baby wise hitting the 10 week mark is really nice even though I still worry. All. The. Time.  Non-Baby wise would be S’s promotion at work. It will be nice to see him doing something he enjoys and is proud of.

Movement: Not yet, it’s still early!

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular but I will see commercials on tv and I will really want whatever I saw for like three hours. So I guess I have like mini-cravings. The IHOP commercial keeps killing me. That stack of pancakes looks perfect!

Anything making you queasy?: Nothing in particular. I’m actually fairly lucky in this department as I really only had a few days of bad morning sickness. I’ve had a couple days this week that I woke up nauseous but typically it goes away once I eat.

Baby Bump?: None yet, again still early. However I am feeling some pressure at night when I’m sleeping and this ball like feeling just above my pelvis when I lay on my side. I’m assuming this is my uterus and can’t wait for that thing to get bigger and higher.

Symptoms: Light nausea in the mornings on occasion, slight breast tenderness, and heartburn. Almost everything else has gone and even the three I listed are way better than they were. Again, it’s freaking me out. I know I should enjoy this time when I’m feeling good but I don’t like not having something to lean on to make me feel like everything is ok. I don’t think the 4 weeks between appointments help. I don’t have any way of knowing something is wrong until I go back at the end of the month. This staying positive thing is proving much harder than I thought. I can’t wait until I can feel the baby move so I can have something a little more consistent to hold on to.

Labor Signs?: No.

Belly Button In or Out?: In.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: I had mostly been happy but I was a bit moody at work this week. Everyone was pissing me off. Also, I am finding it harder and harder to deal with our customers. When I once could smile, nod my head, and fake my way through painful conversations; now I have a hard time not rolling my eyes at or hanging up on customers when they’re asking simple, normal questions. We’ll see how I’m feeling in August.

Miss Anything?: I wanted a margarita this week but it’s definitely worth not having. Other than that I’ve been pretty good.

Looking forward to?: I’m looking forward to the 29th so I can hear the babies heartbeat and get a little relief from all the nerves I’ve had this past week or so. I’m also looking forward to hitting that 12 week mark so I can breathe slightly easier, though I doubt that I actually will. Also I will finally feel like I can announce on facebook and will be able to let my father and mother start telling people. I know they’re looking forward to it.

– ❤ Sonja

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