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Happy Little Heartbeats

Today was ultra sound day and though I was a bundle of nerves all last night and through the morning it was so worth it to see that tiny little heart beating. It was quite the experience to leave an ultra sound with tears of happiness rather than tears of sadness, like the last time. I met with my nurse practitioner afterwards to go over it and she seemed almost as excited as I was. Everything looked good. There was a nice heart beat of 162 beats per minute and everything is looking good. I thought I was at 7 weeks 6 days today but the baby measured at 8 weeks 2 days, changing my due date from August 11th to August 8th. Even though it’s only a couple of days knocking a few off and getting even closer to the end is a bit of a weight lifting as well. Not that I want to cruise through this experience but I know once I get to 12 weeks I’ll feel a little better, then 20 weeks, and so on. Knocking off a couple days is just a couple days closer to the end goal, a happy, healthy baby.

I did have a little spotting last week after intercourse, which made me super nervous even though I knew it was normal. It was only that night and only a little blood but after everything last time I couldn’t help but worry. I groped my boobs the next few days though and things were good. I also took my last digital test and was still at 3+ weeks, which also helped ease my mind. I know I could have called the doctor but I also knew they would tell me that I was probably fine but to not have sex until after they could look at the ultra sound, which is what I did on my own. Then I talked to the doctor about it today and she said because everything on the ultra sound looked good then I shouldn’t worry if it happens again unless it lasts longer than a day. All and all we seem to be on a good path so far.

In symptom news the nausea really hit yesterday and today. Yesterday I was so sick at work I dry heaved into the wastebasket next to my desk. TMI but I am an instant puker, so if vomit comes up I’m not going to be able to make it to the bathroom fast enough. I don’t know how the hell that will work when I’m at the front desk checking in customers but we’ll see. Luckily it’s mostly been gagging/dry heaving. Anyway everyone in the office already knows because the president of the company accidentally got my package with my “Eating for Pregnancy” book in it. Both of our names start with S so she had just glanced at the address really quickly and thought it was her name. Needless to say she was shocked and couldn’t figure out why she had ordered a pregnancy book until she decided to look at the address again and saw it was for me. No harm, now foul. It’s easier with everyone in the office knowing. We’re a small group, 5 people, and fairly close. The people at my job, especially the owner, are like a second family. They’re all keeping quite until we decide to actually announce.

Now it’s just a waiting game for the most part, so that’s what I’m doing. And holding on to the lovely photos of my little rainbow!


– ❤ S.


On a side note. The false lashes giveaway ends tomorrow so if you want in be sure to comment on this post!! So far there is only one person who has commented so it isn’t much of a contest. =P Just post that you’re interested, or something as simple as your username, and your qualified. Or don’t, maybe you are like me and you just can’t fucking get fake lashes to work. Believe me, I get it. That shit is hard!


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