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November & December 2014 Ipsy Review

Remember that November Ipsy bag that was in The Great Post Office Fire of 2014? Yeah, I finally got that. So this month’s Ipsy review will be for both November and December. A double whammy!

Ipsy is a beauty subscription box bag that costs $10 a month including shipping. You get 5 sample sized makeup products to try and usually there is at least 1 full sized product, as well as a cute makeup bag! If you would like to join Ipsy you can do so here.


November 2014 Ipsy Bag

I threw away the cards so I don’t remember the exact names of the monthly themes but November’s was along the lines of sparkle and shine, or glimmer, or glitz, or glitter. Something shiny like that. When I saw this month’s bag online (yes I can’t help it. I look at my GlamRoom before I get my bags. I try not to but I have no self control. You know that. You’ve seen all the sticks I pee on!) I wasn’t loving it but wasn’t hating it. I actually thought it was going to be a glittery fabric bag, like glittery thread, but it is actually a plasticy material. I don’t love it to death but I definitely prefer it to some of the more recent bags.








Marc Anthony True Professional

Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray

I’m not a hairspray person. Typically I just straighten my hair and that’s it. Sometimes I’ll use it on special occasions (for example I’ll probably use it New Years Eve to keep the straight, well, straight.) but other than that, it isn’t something I’ll use. So needless to say I can’t give you a good review on this. However, it smells phenomenal. Kind of tropical like.  Anyway, I’m not rating this one as it really isn’t fair for me to rate something I haven’t used.



IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

Ipsy Code: Ipsy

This is a really heavy concealer. I’m not big on it. The formula is super goopy and sticky. However, a little bit goes a long way, so even though this is a small sample it will definitely last a while. It definitely covered up new scar on my nose (long story) but it didn’t last all day and by the end of the day even had a greasy sheen to it. I would give this a 2 out of 5.


Concealer swatch on the left… obviously.



Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion

Ipsy Code: searxipsy

Ok so I haven’t tried this one either (this is turning into a pretty shitty review!) but I have a good reason. It clearly states on this product not to use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Naturally, I am not taking any chances, especially if the people who make it are going to tell me not to! However I smelled it and it smells nice. Kind of fresh and nature like. I also love the idea of it being made with birch sap so I’m a bit disappointed. I do plan on doing a give away in the next week or so with one of my BoxyCharm items and I think I’m going to through this in as well. So be on the lookout for that! Again, I’m not going to review something I can’t try but I do think that I would have really liked this product, and you know I’m not usually a big fan of lotions.



J. Cat Beauty

Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter

Ipsy Code: 25jcat

This was hands down the product I was most excited to try. I love, love stains. Especially lip stains because they tend to last longer. Usually you can also get just a nice hint of color without it being too much. Well let me to tell you, this stain gives you some color! I was shocked at how pigmented this product was. It’s a little goopy at first but it dries up quickly. I’m not a huge fan of the color, it is a little too magenta for me, but if I can usually spread it out enough to make it work for me. I would give this a 4.5 out of 5 for sure. Did I also mention that it lasts for the whole day? Oh yeah, it does.


This is just a tiny, itty, bitty dot of the lip stain.
This is just a tiny, itty, bitty dot of the lip stain.
And this is that same tiny dot blended out! A little certainly goes a long way.













Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive

Ipsy Code: ipsy

I did a review on this same product but in a different shade for my October BoxyCharm Review. I feel basically the same way about it, though I did like that this liner color is a bit darker. The gold color is nice and I may try it out for New Years, but I’m not sure yet. Still nice and creamy, still long lasting, and still better as a shadow base than a liner. Still 3.5 out of 5 stars.




December 2014 Ipsy Bag

This month’s theme was something along the holiday’s. Jingle balls or something. I don’t know. Finally though a bag that I love instead of just kind of like. This is a satiny black oblong bag with a plastic heart that says Ipsy. Yes the heart is cheesy and could probably go down a few notches in size but the bag itself is great! It is right up my ally. Simple, black, elegant.



Bumble & Bumble

Straight Blow Dry

I’m starting with this one to get the “things I won’t use” products out of the way. I absolutely have no use for this. I do not straighten my hair but twice a year and during those two times it is when I absolutely do not have time to let it air dry. I hate the way my hair feels when I blow dry it, all straw like and damaged. Therefor I opt to air dry and then I straighten it. Straightening it is bad enough, no need to add more heat with the blow dryer. So I have no rating for this product.



Crown Brush

Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Ipsy Code: Ipsy30

I will tell you right away, I’m not in love with this brush. It is not that soft and I don’t like the dual ends. It applies okay, but it isn’t anything exceptional. I definitely wouldn’t be running out to buy another one. It’s just eh to me. 2 out of 5.




Butter Lip Balm in Lady Fingers

Ipsy Code: nyxglitz

I’m really disappointed because I lost this somewhere on my trip to the end of the world. Sad face. Which means I also didn’t get my own pictures of it or a swatch. Second sad face. I loved this lip balm. It went on smooth, wasn’t sticky at all, had a great minty taste/scent to it, and had great long lasting color. It was a pinkish shade but it was like a nice pink sheen, not too pigmented. I wish I could figure out where the hell I put it because it was awesome and I really did enjoy it. 4 out of 5.




Just Mineral Eye Polish in Orchid

Ipsy Code: ipsycailyn

I love this packaging and I love that they call it Eye Polish because if you didn’t know, based on the packaging, you would think it was a nail polish. It’s a cute little play on words and design there. I also love, love, love this color. I’m pretty sure this is one of those colors that looks awesome on any eye color. Its a gorgeous rose gold/copper color and it makes my green eyes pop! I was a little wary about the brush at first because I wasn’t getting much product on it but once I swished it around and knocked the container on the counter to loosen the powder a bit we were good to go! I am giving this a 4.5 out of 5!





Deluxe Lights, Camera, Action 4-in-1 Mascara

Ipsy Code: ipsydec

I have not opened this and I will not open this because this product is for sure going in the giveaway I’m going to do later this week. Not because I don’t want to try it, but I don’t want to dry it out before I give it away to someone. I have a mascara I love so I don’t see a need to try this one. However, I have heard awesome things about this product and have read numerous good reviews. I also saw the brush and it looks like a nice, traditional brush, which are my favorite kind. Whoever wins the give away I do can feel free to give me your own review and I will be happy to update and place it here! (Sorry in advance that the picture blows!)





So those are my two Ipsy bags. I would say December is probably one of the best bags I have received in a few months, and the two together are really nice. I’m definitely not disappointed with either.

Keep your eyes peeled for a BoxyCharm review, the BoxyCharm/Ipsy Product Giveaway, and one more pregnancy update before the ultra sound on Monday (fingers crossed). I’m super excited about the giveaway guys. I think you will LOVE the BoxyCharm product I am throwing in it! That should be coming in the next few days. Until then!


– ❤ S.

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