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6 Weeks 1 Day- Prenatal Appointments, The Nutcracker, and The Maine Woods

I am 6 weeks and 1 day today. Symptoms so far are fatigue, hunger (I eat get full then two hours later I’m hungry again), still slight cramping though that has subsided for the most part, and the nausea just started. I had been getting what I call midnight sickness because I would get pretty bad nausea in the middle of night and then it would subside by morning. Last night though I started gagging when the SO was making fish. The smell was nauseating, that was also a first, and then today my stomach has just been rumbly. I’m not complaining though. It means I don’t have to fondle myself nearly as much to ease my worries! I had my first doctors appointment last Friday. There isn’t a whole lot to report there. They drew my blood, did my exam and pap, and we scheduled our first Ultra Sound. That will be the 29th and I will be 7 weeks and 6 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I know after my last experience that that will be a day full of anxiety for me. I’m still cautiously optimistic though, what more can you be? We also went to The Nutcracker on Friday, something I have wanted to do forever but every time I get a chance to go something comes up. I danced for 14 years before going to college and I’m very into dance and theater. Luckily so is the SO, having gone to an art college. It was lovely. The Maria’s and Sugarplum Fairy’s always get all the credit but the guy who played the Nutcracker Prince was phenomenal. I told S (yes I am S and my BF is S. We like to be confusing I guess) during the intermission to watch him because he was awesome. Then during his final dance the music went out. He didn’t even miss a beat and kept on dancing. He was fantastic. Clearly he got a standing ovation and when it was done I looked at S and said “see.” Yeah. I like the last word. Other than a work trip out to the end of the world (or what felt like it. I don’t believe that the doctor would have approved of driving on a snowmobile trail out to a Lake House we are going to start renting but everything seems to be ok. Besides baby was conceived, will be born in, and most likely will grow up in Maine. He/She might as well get used to those backwoods roads!) nothing new is happening in my life. Just mild paranoia and pregnancy symptoms. Until next time! (Which will be some major makeup posts!)

– ❤ S.

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