Trying to Conceive

Some Days Are Darker

It is O day! Besides that I can’t say there is much to catch up on. I’m just crossing my fingers that the BDing we did over the weekend on our mini-vacation is enough and that he isn’t too tired tonight. I can’t say I’m too worried about it though. I’m still feeling pretty positive this month, whether it is our month or not.

We had a great weekend on our mini-vacation, which I plan on posting about tomorrow. On a not so nice note, we did have a friend lose their newly renovated house in a fire early yesterday morning. Luckily they were in Canada so they weren’t hurt. Unluckily they lost everything, including the home they were planning on retiring in and all of his medals and honors from the Marines. The BF and I spent yesterday morning making coffee and filling a jug of water for the firefighters and gathering goods together that they may need in the next few weeks while they are getting back on their feet. The house next to hers was lost as well, and part of the post office. I was going to do an Ipsy post this month but with my bag having been at the Post Office, that may not happen. We’ll see. I am just wishing them the best of luck at this point and doing whatever I can to help.

I also lost the woman who was practically my grandmother yesterday morning as well. I’m dealing with that fairly well though. She had pancreatic cancer and they were taking it day by day, so it wasn’t really unexpected. I also was able to get to see her and have her meet my BF last week, which definitely made the passing easier. I am sad that if we are able to have children that they will never be able to meet her, or her late husband who passed away when I was still in high school. So is life though. What can you do? Deal with it and move on knowing that low days mean eventually there are high ones to come.

As for the rest of my cycle I’m going to try not to POAS until AF is late. Lets be real though… you know I’ll do it on 9DPO even though I wouldn’t be able to see something even if it was there. I’m also going to continue to be extremely thankful that I am with someone who loves me unconditionally, and that we have jobs and a place to live. When things get down I always try to remind myself of these things. There are definitely times where this is harder than others, but yesterday was just one more reminder of how important these things really are and how we don’t appreciate them enough. I need to learn to set aside a little bit of time each day to remind myself of all the good things I do have going, even when I think I don’t.

Onto the Two Week Wait!

– <3S.

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