Trying to Conceive

New Cycles, Election Night, and Keeping My Eggs From Getting Drunk

AF showed up on Sunday, which wasn’t too much of a surprise.  It is nice to reset after that crazy cycle and now I have an idea of when I ovulated, CD13. Just like TCOYF said. I guess I should have just listened to them. I’m actually not down about this at all, which is unusual. Even when I’m expecting AF and am not surprised when she shows, I still tend to get more down about it then I expected. So this is definitely a nice change. Besides, I’m feeling good about this month. I have no real reason, probably just because it is new, but still. It’s one more way to stay positive. Also, we will be going away (not far just a few hours but a mini-vacation is better than none) and it will be around my O date. It’s always nice to be away and relaxed. Getting away from work and home can release the stress and that can only be a good thing.

I spent my Tuesday night drinking copious amounts of wine because I knew I could, and watched election coverage with the BF. He loves politics the way I love baseball. Election night for him is the equivalent of the World Series for me. So I drank and listened to him go on about the different politicians in each state and why they were and weren’t good. Then he went on historical rants. As unattractive as that may sound I love it when he goes on his political and historical rants. I could listen to him for hours (and sometimes do.) It’s a completely nerdy turn on. It also helps that he doesn’t necessarily prefer one party over the other. Sure he tends to lean one way slightly more than the other (and it happens to be the opposite of the way I lean) but he is a very pragmatic person and can look at an overall picture and take all of the opinions into account.

Tonight on CD5 I plan on drinking more wine. Lots more while watching crappy tv in my pajamas because it’s my day off and I can. Also I need to finish the wine so it won’t be around next week when I’m in my fertile plan. I don’t usually give it up completely but I find it easier to just not have it around at all. Then I won’t decide I want a glass, which leads to thinking “well that was good another can’t hurt,” to “whoa how did I down that entire bottle so fast?” Because I don’t really need my eggs to be drunk when I’m trying to get them fertilized. I’m pretty sure when they’re drunk they get confused and forget what they’re supposed to do. On a serious note I know that the studies seem to have mixed conclusions on whether or not drinking decreases a woman’s fertility, but why take the chance? No wine for these eggs!

I don’t really have anything exciting planned for the rest of the week. Tomorrow has potential to be a bad/sad day and I’m sure I will talk about that at another time. I just don’t have it in me to do it today. Monday will start OPKs for this cycle, Friday we are off to UMaine, my Alma mater, for a hockey game and to meet up with some of my college friends, and then I should be Oing over that weekend. We’ll see how my cycle looks this time. It seems to be a little more consistent so far, but again that is only 5 temps. Time will tell!

Until next time!

– ❤ S.

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